Author's Note:

Hey everyone, sorry it is taking me so long but I am going to try a rewrite of 'A Grand Design' but I could use some help. I need help in selecting an era of Star Wars to use. I'm just having a lot of trouble choosing or should I put it further in the future? Also if I do place this fic during or after New Jedi Order I will need a brief synopsis of how that turned out, I apologize for having to ask this but I haven't been able to catch up on my reading.

What I need in the era are the following:

Availability of the Sith,

Jedi in sufficient number to justify a team of four to six knights (possibly with an Antarian Ranger and/or Wookiee martial artist for backup) forming,

And a Separatist-style droid army.

Thanks for all your support; I hope that my muse will stay with me to see this through because I am having some incredible ideas.

BTW: How in the Nine Hells do I keep different fonts and my section dividers no now?