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Summary: AU. Kagome hates Inuyasha. Inuyasha hates Kagome. What happens when the sexy playboy and fiery schoolgirl are forced to undergo holy matrimony? Will past issues hinder any possibilities of love occurring a second time?

The Call

"What are we going to do?" Kagome yawned stretched out on the beach, soaking in the rays of the afternoon sun. "It's summer. We have no jobs. We are officially graduates of high school as of yesterday. And we have absolutely nothing to do."

"I was thinking that after we go to Miami for a couple of days, we could go skiing in the Swiss Alps," Sango suggested stirring her raspberry iced tea with her index finger, "My grandfather has a lodge up there we could stay in."

"But won't he say something about a bunch of teenagers crashing there unannounced?" Ayame inquired, giving her a sidelong glance from overtop of her magazine.

"What he doesn't know won't hurt him," Sango replied smiling slyly. "Besides, he never goes up there anyway. And it'll be a chance for us to enjoy our womanhood before we go off to college."

Kagome groaned, dragging her fingers through her hair in agitation. "Please don't mention that word to me. I'm not in the mood to hear about more school, especially when I'm relaxing."

"No need to fret Kag, you could always bring Kouga along for the ride," Sango proposed grinning, her eyebrows waggling suggestively.

Kagome smiled at the name of her long time boyfriend. "I guess I could."

Ayame averted her gaze to the ocean, not wanting them to notice the pain that flashed through her eyes. "So when do you two plan on getting married?" she asked casually.

She shrugged, masking her excitement by means of indifference. "Whenever he asks I suppose. And I have a feeling it will be soon. He's been dropping a lot of hints lately."

"Well its about damn time. You two have been together for how many years?"

"Three years, five months, and twenty two days," Kagome replied proudly.

"I wish I could have a boyfriend that would last that long," Ayame said wistfully, envisioning her long time crush by her side. She shook thoughts of Kouga from her thoughts. 'No, he's never looked at me the way he looks at Kagome.' she thought sadly. And it would be wrong to even think of him as mine when they obviously love each other so much.'

"Well if you stop being so bossy and demanding all of the time I bet you could hook a fine man, err, …youkai," Sango teased childishly licking out her tongue, playfully mocking the girl's misfortune.

Ayame bared her fangs, her emerald green eyes flashing with irritation. "It's not my fault there are no guys out there that can meet my standards."

"You mean there are no guys out there willing to get their heads bitten off every time they do something wrong," Kagome translated with a grin.

She and Sango laughed as Ayame growled, muttering about weak and stupid men were under her breath.

Their giggles were cut short when the 'Milkshake' song rang from Kagome's purse. A little more than somewhat annoyed that someone was intruding upon her relaxing excursion, she retrieved her cell phone and answered it. "Yes?"

Her friends watched as her face converged from annoyed to anxious and concerned within a matter of seconds.

"What's wrong?" they both asked simultaneously as Kagome closed the phone and tucked it back into her purse.

"It's my father," she replied standing up, a hint of worry tingeing her words. "He needs me at home right away and won't tell me what's going on."

"I hope it's nothing too serious," Ayame said as she gathered her things.

"Whatever it is it sounds urgent." Kagome put her towel and purse into her bag. "I'll see you guys later. Call me and we'll talk more about the trip."


The silver haired hanyou ignored the intruder and continued necking on…he couldn't remember the chick's name, but he'd be lying if he'd said she didn't taste good. "Go away, can't you see that I'm busy," he growled and grazed his fangs across her neck slowly, eliciting a moan from the blonde that sat in his lap.

"Inuyasha," Miroku repeated urgently, irritation seeping into his tone. "Your father wishes to speak with you as soon as possible."

"Your point?" He trailed a claw down her neckline and began to toy with the buttons on her blouse, giving her a taste of what was to come in due time.

"He says it's important. It's about the company." Miroku smirked in satisfaction when the hanyou suddenly froze. "Well whenever you're done here, you will be able to find your father at the Higurashi estate."

Inuyasha bristled at the name that had been a constant pain in his ass since day one, his golden eyes narrowing in disdain. He cursed and came to his feet abruptly, disregarding the girl had been previously occupying his lap and who landed in an unceremonious heap on the ground. "What's wrong? Did something happen?"

"What the hell is wrong with you!" the girl yelled jumping to her feet and straightening her clothes, her face twisted in a mask of fury. "You're just going to take off and leave me here?"

"Obviously," he answered with a sardonic upturning of the lips and smoothed the wrinkles out of his clothes. "Come on Bouzu, let's get this over with." They began to walk back toward the mansion.

"Hello? How am I going to get home?" the girl demanded angrily while she stalked behind them.

"Walk for all I care," Inuyasha snorted over his shoulder. "I didn't drive you here, therefore I don't have to take your ass back from wherever you came from. Just be gone by the time I get back."

"Inuyasha, must you be so vulgar with all of the ladies you meet?" Miroku questioned, his brow furrowing in displeasure at the thought of letting a beautiful young woman wander the streets all alone.

"If you're so interested in her, why don't you take her home," the hanyou suggested waving them both off as they entered the garage.

Miroku sighed in exasperation as his long time friend hopped into his red Ferrari. Every since they were children he had always been covering Inuyasha's ass, whether it be by lying to his parents on why they had out so late or making sure that they returned home safely after drinking himself into a stupor or consoling the heartbroken ladies that showed up begging at his doorstep for him to take them back. Of course, comforting beautiful women in their time of need wasn't a bad think, he just wasn't much for leftovers, especially lovesick leftovers from Inuyasha.

The loud sound of an engine revving up interrupted Miroku's musings. "Why the hell am I going to their place anyway? I thought they were the enemy," the hanyou said overtop of the noise from his engine.

"I don't know. Your father is already there waiting for your arrival."

"Yeah whatever. You just make sure Tisha, Tasha-"

"Monica!" she snapped.

He shrugged. "Just make sure she gets to wherever she's supposed to be." And with that, he shifted the car to drive and barreled out of the enormous garage, leaving a pissed off woman and an exasperated monk in his dust.

'Where is everybody?' Kagome thought as she walked through the deserted halls of her home. The usual hustle and bustle of the normally loud household was at a standstill. No maids, no butlers, not even her maddening little brother were around. 'Whatever it is my father has to tell me must be important.' Anxious now, Kagome quickened her pace to the library, which was where her parent's meetings and conferences were usually held.

The doors to the library were open when she stepped in, a group of familiar faces, faces she hadn't seen in a long time, sat in the chairs around her father's desk. She recognized Takeda Inutaisho and his mate Takeda Megumi, who were both the co-owners of Takeda Industries, one of the most influential and proverbial technological corporations in the world next to Higurashi Corporations. Seated beside them was his eldest son Sesshoumaru whom she hadn't seen since she was smaller and an unfamiliar, yet pleasant looking woman sitting right next to him.

"Dad, what's going on?" she inquired as she made her way to his desk, taking note of his pale skin and smile that didn't quite reach his eyes and immediately assumed the worse. "Are you ok?"

Ryo gestured for her to take a seat, his fake smile still in place. "Hey there, hime. Everything is fine. Well, is going to be fine," he rambled on.

'He looks exhausted. But why?' Kagome frowned. "You wouldn't look like crap if everything was fine."

He held up his hand. "First greet our guests."

Kagome smiled sheepishly and felt immediately self conscious of her appearance. Here she was dressed in a tank top and short shorts and flip flops while everyone else was dressed in casual attire. She bowed respectfully to the occupants of the room as they stood. "It's good to see you all again."

"Hello Kagome-chan. You've turned into such a beautiful young woman," Megumi said smiling, and kissed her on both cheeks.

"Well you've certainly grown since the last time I saw you," Inutaisho commented grin, though seeming a bit ruffled himself. "What happened to the shy little girl I to know?"

"I ask myself the same question," Ryo responded wistfully. "In which comes to the reason that we are all here-"

"Father! What the hell is going on?"

Kagome's back stiffened and her eyes narrowed when she heard a familiar and oh so arrogant demand from the newcomer who had just barged into the room. She turned slowly, hoping, praying, wishing, it wasn't who she thought it was. Inwardly crossing her fingers, her gaze caught sight of his. A flash of recognition, surprise, and direct hatred passed through each other's eyes when their gazes locked on to one another.

"You!" they screamed at the same time.

"What are you doing here wench!" he growled furiously to cover up for the shock he felt at seeing her after four years of no contact and tried to ignore the turbulent feelings that had arisen with her sudden appearance in his life again.

"What do you mean what am I doing here! I live here moron!" Kagome shot back with equal intensity, who also was trying to deal with similar tumultuous emotions at his sudden and unexpected arrival. Unwanted memories of the past that she had long since rid herself of began ascending to the surface of her consciousness.

Ryo put his face in his hands and groaned. It was just like old times. He would've thought that his 18 year old daughter and his companion's 19 year old son would have grown out of their hatred for each other. "Maybe this was a bad idea."


(for now of course)