Chapter 1: What a fight can do to you

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Ron and Hermoine were always fighting. Half the time they fought over nothing. It was once said they fought to talk to one another,because when they weren't fighting they didn't know what to say. They fought to stay close to one another, even though they would never admit it. It was said that beyond their pointless and endless bickering that they truly cared for each other.

One summer many years ago a few people thought up a plan. A plan to get their two oblivious friends to realize their feelings for each other. But it didn't turn out too well for themselves and unfrotunatly backfired, but that comes later.

Harry,Ginny,Fred, and George sat in the backyard of the burrow. Hermoine and Ron had just had another fight and were no where to be seen, so everyone was in a horrible mood.

"Why don't they ever stop fighting?" Harry asked irritably not excpecting to receive an answer.

"I don't think they know how to express their feelings any other way." Ginny responded.

"It ruins everyones mood though." Complained a gloom Harry as George and Fred nodded in agreement.

"Oh you three are just selfish prats, I say we get them to realize their feelings." Ginny said optimistically.

"How do you propose we do that? They are both oblivious gits." Fred chimed in.

""And its not like they'll admit their feelings freely." George added.

"Maybe there's another way." Ginny said a bit louder than before.

Harry didn't know what she was up to, but he was sure he didn't want anything to do with it.

"How do you know that they even have feelings for each other?" Harry asked..making a point.

"Oh please they have liked each other since second year." She shot back at him. "Hm…let me see what does Ron…er…care about most?"

"I'd have to say sweets." Harry retorted and everyone else laughed too.

"As funny as this may sound…sweets might help us in our task of getting them together." Ginny said matter-of-factly.

They laughter stopped.

"Us?" the three boys rang in unison.

But they weren't going to argue with Ginny , they knew better, so they stopped talking.

Harry was the first to cave in…."Ok what should we do.?"

They three weasleys and Harry could be seen sitting in a circle and whispering back and forth….finally they thought of a all they needed to do was pray that Ron fell for it…

Fred,Ginny,and Harry approached Ron slowly. As Ron looked up Ginny winked at the two boys ,Harry and Fred, and began to talk…

"So Fred about this girl your going out with.." She was interrupted by Ron but wasn't upset ..she had gotten just the result she had been looking for….

"Har-har Fred have a date? Yeah right." Ron began to laugh.

" I wouldn't be talking if I were you Ronniekins. You couldn't get a date if you tried." Fred shot back. Ginny stepped forward and took over, as Harry just sat there looking amused.

"Want to bet." She asked Ron, challenging him.

"As a matter of fact I do." He hissed.. "Name the terms."

"If you date one girl for two weeks we will give you a years worth of sweets." Ron looked like he was about to laugh but….

"AND Fred will come to Hogwarts at any given day and fly around the quidditch pitch in the bunny suit mum gave him 4 years ago." This hadn't been part of the plan and Fred was the first to notice:

"Hey ..wait a minute!" Fred began to protest but Ginny elbowed him so hard in the stomach he didn't want to talk let alone be able to talk if he tried.

"You've got yourself a deal." Ron replied quickly and stuck out his hand, Ginny was about to shake his hand when she pulled away…

"What about you?" she asked

"What about me?"

"How about if you lose you do the dishes and take the last shower for a month."

Harry laughed thinking of the Weasleys only having onebathroom and the last persons water was always cold. Ron resisted for a moment but knew he would win so he stuck out his hand again and shook Ginny's hand, a very determined Weasley smirk on each of their faces.

"So who's the lucky girl?" Ron asked optimistically.

"hm…how about Pansy Parkinson?" Harry said before he broke out into an evil grin. Ron's eyes bulged he would never go out with that…thing!

"Don't sweat it Ronniekins, we aren't that mean." Fred said…in not such a truthful voice. "How about Hermoine?…yes I say that would be satisfactory…we will win the bet for sure."

"Aw come on…that's not fair. She's more stubborn than…me!" Ron responded in a shocked voice.

" That's right you stupid bloke, and that's why we are going to win the bet." Fred said as he stood and walked over to Ron…"Good luck." He patted his youngest brother on the shoulder and walked away, George right behind him.

Oh great he had to date Hermoine…Hermoine Granger..for two…yes two weeks. What had he gotten himself into? Wow he was really dead. He couldn't even talk to her for ten minutes with out it turning into a yelling match, so how was he going to get her to like him


A week later The whole Weasley family (except Percy you mind) Hermoine and Harry all, somehow, piled into the car had borrowed from the Ministry. They headed towards the Hogwarts express at quite a fast speed otherwise they would miss the train. The train ride wasn't too bad…after the prefects meeting Hermoine and Ron came and sat with Harry and Neville for the remainder of the trip to Hogwarts. When they arrived Hermoine went to catch up with Ginny while Ron looked for Harry who he had lost in the crowd. He saw Hermoine and it reminded him of the bet…the bet that he had to win...he couldn't live with taking the last shower and doing dishes for a month. Whatever the consequences he had to win!

Harry, Ron, Hermoine, Ginny, and Neville climbed into the carriage and began to make their way to the school. Ron stared and Hermoine was he going to get her; smart and pretty girl. To like him; stupid and weird prat? And even in the anxiety of the moment he began to notice things…things he hadn't before. Like the delicate freckles on Hermoines nose , and the piece of curly hair that always fell over her face that she was constantly moving. She really was quite good looking..Why hadn't he noticed before? Maybe this bet would do him some good….naw she's Hermoine the Hermoine who is always nagging at him and picking bloody fights over nothing. But none the less he had to win the bet , so he decided to talk to her sometime tomorrow,when things were less hectic, maybe she would pretend to go out with him so he could win the bet? That way she really didn't have to like him…she just had to pretend she did! This was the answer to his problem! Now all he needed to do was pray she would help him.

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