Chapter 2: The Deal

Ron woke up to a surprisingly pleasant morning. But it seemed to become unpleasant when he realized today was the day he had to ask Hermoine to help him on his stupid bet! He got up and threw on his Gryffindor sweater and khakis. When he walked down to the Great Hall he saw Hermoine buttering her toast and talking away to Ginny. You would think after a while they would run out of things to say. He approached the table so slowly it hardly felt like he was moving at all.

"er…Hermoine I need to talk to you…alone" he added quickly as he saw Ginny made no intentions to move.

"I can see where I'm not wanted…" Ginny said before walking away.

"So what is it you wanted to talk about Ron?"

"Oh er…may I ask you a favor."

"Sure you have asked me plenty already since I have known you but er…sure." She laughed.

"This isn't a normal favor well you see er.."

"go on"

"I want you to … uh…uh…f-fake go out with me for two weeks."

"WHAT?" she practically screamed…she knew Ron was her friend …but she had her morals.

"Well you see I was kinda caught up in the moment and I bet Ginny Harry and the twins that I could date or er…go steady with someone for two weeks…and I have to win…rather stupid I know"

"Well uh.. I er…guess I could date you for two weeks…as long as I don't have to really date you…I mean no offense to you but I just don't think its right betting on someone like that."

"Yeah sure its just when we are around Ginny or Harry we will have to act like we are a couple."

"Oh…uh..ok if you say we have to tell them or something…that we are a couple I mean." She replied stupidly.

"uh yeah I suppose so." Ron was so nervous he couldn't really talk…it wasn't everyday you ask a girl…a girl that's your friend to date you for two weeks but not really date. It was all sort of confusing actually.

"Might as well get it over with." Hermoine said before she stood up and tugged Ron on the sleeve showing him she wanted him to follow her.


"Er…Harry…Ginny we have something to tell you." Hermoine said quietly.

"Oh really…go on then." Ginny replied and Harry just stood there...rather stupidly grinning.

"Well Ron and I are…er…going steady." Hermoine turned just quick enough to see Ginny wink at Ron. Uck it made her disgusted…. She knew why Ginny was winking (because it was a bet) but Ginny didn't know she knew. Once again it was all so confusing.


Ron and Hermoine started towards the quidditch pitch…no one goes out there much on the week ends (besides practice) so they figured they could talk out there.

"So Hermoine since we are going steady now." He started in a mocking voice "Will you go to Hogsmaede with me this coming weekend?"

"Why of course." She responded and began to giggle. "Pick me up around 10 A.M.?"

"Not a minute later." Even though they were joking I don't think they would have minded if they were serious. "Ok well do you want to go inside it's a bit chilly out." He added quickly.

"Yeah sure..I have to finish my potions essay anyway."

"Oh I forgot about that."

"Doesn't sound like anything new to me."

"Oh and another thing NO nagging when we are…er…dating…because you know that just sets me off and we cant be fighting in front of Harry and Ginny."

"Ok Deal."

That was it…the deal was closed and now all they needed to do was make it believable so he would win the bet..Then everything could go back to normal.

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