Chapter 5: Realization

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"Morning Ron." Hermoine said sweetly as she walked towards him, she made to kiss him on the cheek but he moved.

"er..Hermoine we don't have to fake date any more…I won the bet."

"Oh ok." She was forced back into reality , the past two weeks (which had been some of the best of her life) had all been a joke… well a bet. She knew he had told her that it was a bet…and that she had agreed to help him, but she thought his feelings towards her had changed. Apparently they hadn't.

" go to the Great Hall and catch some breakfast?" he felt like a prat, why had he told her they didn't need to 'fake' any more when all along he hadn't been faking. It wasn't a bet any more,he really liked her.

"No I seemed to have…er lost my appetite." She said distantly, still wrapped up in her thoughts.

"Ok well c-ya later Moine." And with that he left. Why did he have to be so stubborn? Not even he knew. He had won the bet, but it sure didn't feel like it because he had lost Hermoine. He wanted her back more than anything but was too stupid to realize it.


After a long day of trying to avoid Ron, Hermoine headed towards the library to check out 'Hogwarts a History'. She was prepared for a relaxing evening of reading her book and perhaps listening to her CD player. It was not an ordinary….or muggle CD player but a CD player that had conjured up when Harry and Hermoine had explained to him what a CD player was.

After she had entered the common room where she had gathered her things, she made her way back downstairs; to sit by the fire and consume herself in reading her book and listening to music. The way a wizardry CD player works is, the song you want to hear automatically starts playing.

She was half way down the stairs when she lifted up her head and saw Ron sitting on the couch reading a quidditch book.


Hermoine had been avoiding Ron for nearly a week now. She had agreed to help him with the bet, right? Then why was she mad? He couldn't figure it out. Just then Hermoine walked down the stairs.


Hermoine shook her head in disgust, she wasn't going to let that git (Ron) ruin her day and plans of relaxing. So she sat down on the coach furthest away from him, which wasn't very far, and began to read while listening to music.

Ron looked up and gave her a desperate look, he really wanted to make amends.

An unwanted thought popped into Hermoines head; of how cute Ron looked when he was trying to get her attention. She soon found she couldn't concentrate and set down her book and turned up the volume to her music.

They both couldn't help glance at each other, both wishing everything could be normal again. Hermoine brought her legs up to her chest and closed her eyes, as the sound of her CD player rang in her ears…

***It started off so well

They said we made a perfect pair

I clothed myself in your glory and your love

How I loved you

How I cried

The years of care and loyalty

Are nothing but a sham it seems

The years belie we lived the lie

I love you til' I die***

The thoughts, about her and Ron, ran through her mind so quickly: Had she really loved him? She didn't know,how could she, they had only spent two weeks as a couple. We had been a perfect pair, hadn't we?

A tear ran down her cheek but she wiped it away hastily and stood up.

"Hermoine….." Ron began desperately noticing her sudden movement.

She waved him away quickly and ran up the stairs to her room, she didn't want him to see her cry. Why had that song gotten to her so much? "probably because the song is basically a replica of my life." She told herself unconsciously.

'Well I had better bring this book back to the library, so I don't have to later.' She thought before walking towards the portrait hole and she advanced towards the library.

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