Chapter 6: It was more than a bet.

Ron decided it was time to approach Hermoine, he at least wanted to be her friend again. He really missed her. As he walked down the corridor towards the library, where Hermoine was, he felt as if he may not be able to be just friends with her. It seemed like something between them had changed over the course of two weeks. He realized he couldn't be just friends with her, it was more complicated now. In almost urgency he began to run towards the library.


Hermoine had been reading all day and finally stopped to look at the time….it was nearly 2 o'clock and she hadn't eaten lunch yet. As she walked out of the main entrance of the library she nodded at the librarian and gave her a quick nod before exiting. She began strolling down the halls when she noticed the youngest Weasley boy sprinting down the hall…straight towards her. Before she even got a chance to move he collided right into her sprawling her books across the floor.

"Oh shit…I'm sorry are you alright?" Ron said before he looked up and realized it had been Hermoine he had ran into and that her books were laying in various places along the hall.

"Don't curse Ron." And she smiled a bit….she had missed him…missed talking to him.

He looked flushed and was panting like a …well sort of like a dog.

"Are you okay?" Hermoine was obviously concerned.

"It wasn't a bet to me." He replied, not bothering to answer her question.

"Ron your not making sense, sit down."

"No….no you need to understand. I-I wasn't faking , it wasn't just a bet to me…it was more than that." He rambled on not really comprehending what he was saying.

Yet Hermoine seemed to understand and a knowing grin spread across her face.

"It was more than a bet to me too Ron. I have been avoiding you because I didn't think you er…felt the same way…. And after the bet had ended I didn't think being friends was enough for me. Lets just forget about the bet."

"Ok good. Well….lets not forget about everything that has to do with the bet. In two hours Fred is apparating here and has to ride around the quidditch pitch ,on his broom, in the bunny suit." Ron mused. "Will you accompany me to the show?"

"Why of course. How many people do you think will come?"

"I dunno….a lot though, perhaps even the whole school. Harry and Neville put up posters advertising to come to the quidditch pitch at four, and Ginng is selling the tickets."

"What will they do with all the money?"

"Buy me sweets." Ron replied with a cheeky grin.

"Ok Ron see you soon." She laughed and walked away to go get ready for the 'show'.


One Hour Later….

"Hermoine we better head outside now if we want a good seat." Ron yelled up the girls dormitory stairs.


As the happy pair made their way out to the quidditch field Ron slipped his hand into Hermoine's hoping she wouldn't care.

Luckily they found two seats in the front row and they sat down rather comfortably.

Hermoine turned to Ron and simply just stared at him. She looked into the depths of his beautiful blue eyes and she noticed the way his hair blew in the cold mid-day wind. Ron turned and smiled.

"Something wrong Moine?"

"No of course not….i was just thinking. You know things are never going to be how they were before, don't you?" she said as a tear rolled down her cheek, a tear of either happiness or sadness…we will never know.

Ron felt the space between them lessen as he moved closer to her…for what was said to be their first kiss, to others Hermoines second (victor). But it didn't matter. The world became a blur and Hermoine looked through her glassy eyes and to this day thinks to have seen one single tear roll down Ron's cheek, the only tear she ever saw leave his eye…if even that. Their lips touched and she kissed him back, with such force that probably would have knocked him over if he hadn't been already sitting down.

"I really do think I am falling for you Ronald Weasley."

"Is that so Ms. Granger?" He said and chuckled. "I am falling for you too."

Fred's grand debut was just moments away when Hermoine said…

"Maybe we should call this off….poor Fred."

"No its too funny." He surpresed a laugh when he saw her dissapointed face.

But it wasn't too bad…especially when she looked at him and saw the handsome smirk that was planted on his face as he sat alert ready for the show to begin.

Just as she was about to say something a thousands of cheers erupted across the pitch and most of the viewers stood up to see Fred entering the quidditch pitch. He really did look quite funny….his face was full with a Weasley blush and he began circling the pitch. You could hear many students yelling out rude but funny remarks on how he really did fit the part of a bunny.

Ginny burst out laughing when she saw her brother flying around the pitch and almost fell over from laughter. Her and Harry exchanged bemused expressions and gave each other high-fives.

"Well that wasn't too bad." Hermoine said before she began laughing.

Ron couldn't take his eyes off of her, she was pretty sitting there laughing… and he couldn't wait to spend the rest of his life with her.

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