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Chapter Three: Agreeing and Signing

Celestina sat whistling, bored out of her goddess-y mind. Really, Metty was no fun—she was searching for a way out. She had been searching for a way out for quite a while. But she wasn't going to find anything. Celestina didn't have many talents, but she could hide her door from puny mortals who wanted to escape her clutch. (It came from having to hide from her mother's wrath so often.)

"It's not there you know," she told Metty amusedly.

"What do you mean it's not there? All rooms have doors. Except maybe insane places—no, they have doors too."

"You won't find it," Celestina tried again.

"Of course I will! It's just a matter of time." Metty's face fell. "A lot of time."

"Face it Metty. You'll never find it." Celestina smirked. "*I* hid it."

"You know what Cele-bloody-stina? You have a major problem. Bringing some innocent person into your plans? Just. Let. Me. Leave!" Metty was rapidly losing patience with the goddess.

For that matter, Celestina was rapidly losing patience with the mortal girl, but she had one more trick up her sleeve. "I could send you to Pirates of the Caribbean," she said. It was part of her grand plan anyway. But there was no need to tell Metty that. Whatever got her to go.

Metty turned around. It was a tempting offer. To be so close to her lust object... "You would be very close to Johnny Depp…or do you prefer Captain Sparrow?" Celestina smirked again.

"What part would he play in the story?" she asked.

Whatever part I tell him to play. "He'd be on the Black Pearl, and so would you," she said, evading the question.

Luckily for Celestina, Metty didn't pick up on the evasion. She was to busy contemplating the fact that she was so close to being close to Jack Sparrow—but she had to agree to Celestina's offer first.

Actually, she didn't have to agree first. Celestina could just send her there now, without her consent. But if the victim—ahem, lucky girl—agreed, it made them so much easier to deal with. Usually. Sometimes though, Celestina got so annoyed with the chosen person she just sent them, often to the very last place they wanted to go. But Metty didn't know any of that.

"So? What is your decision?" Celestina queried. "Will you agree to be my Mary Sue for Pirates of the Caribbean?"

Metty was still undecided, but a decision was required, and required now. "Fine. I'll be your Mary Sue." That had been a split-second decision. Whether or not she would come to regret it she didn't know.

Celestina smiled, showing her perfect, bright, pearly white teeth. "Good. Now, sign here, and then I'll send you to the Caribbean—more specifically the Black Pearl." She handed Metty a piece of paper, all blank except for the line where she was supposed to sign.

"What's this?"

"A piece of paper. You sign on the line," Celestina responded.

"Yes, I see that. But *why* do I have to sign?"

"Just a little insurance for you. Basically it means that you agree to let me use you as an OC in one of my stories. It protects you from my mom." Or rather it protects me from my mom…sometimes.

"Is that all?" Metty looked suspiciously at Celestina. "What's the catch?"

"No catch," Celestina replied innocently. "Just sign the thing."

"Fine." With one more dubious glance at the goddess and then at the paper, Metty signed it.

"One Caribbean 'Sue, coming right up." Celestina snapped her fingers, and with the *POOF* and shower of glitter associated with the snapping of her fingers, Metty disappeared.

"No catch except one." The previously blank paper now showed lots of writing. Celestina smiled deviously, and looked over the paper.

I, Metty, agree to become Celestina Windbreaker's Mary Sue, for Pirates of the Caribbean. I agree to be the romantic focus of Will Turner, blacksmith and to be the main character. I also agree not to sue Celestina Windbreaker. By signing this contract, I accept these terms, and show that I have read them and that this was voluntary.

Signed and witnessed by Celestina Windbreaker, 2•17•04

Yes, there was no catch except for that one major catch. Celestina's plan had started. Metty had agreed, and gone to the Caribbean. Who (besides Celestina—and even then she didn't know everything, though she liked to think she did) knew what was going to happen next?

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