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Chapter Four: Aboard the Pearl

Metty fell off the bed with a 'thud.'

"Fine Mom, I'm up," she grumbled as she turned over sleepily. She rolled over. "Ow, Mom!" She rolled again. "Mom, this isn't funny!"

Metty finally forced herself to open her eyes. "This…isn't my room," she said as she looked around her warily. Yesterday's…activities…came rushing back to her.


Poof "You called?" she asked sarcastically.

"Where am I?"

"Why Metty," she said, faking surprise. "You're on the Black Pearl…didn't you know? Mr. Sparrow is out there—"she nodded to the door, "—as is your fiancé."


Celestina smirked. "I'll just be going now," she said, as she snapped her fingers, and poofed out of the chapter.

Metty thought back over the recent conversation. Something didn't seem right…but she couldn't for the life of her figure out what it was.

Maybe I'm just imagining things, she thought as she walked out of the cabin and onto the deck.

"Mr. Sparrow is out there—as is your fiancé."

Metty gasped. The way Celestina had phrased that sentence—could she have gone back on her deal? No…you don't even know her, Metty chided herself. So? That doesn't mean there isn't the possibility that she is a nasty, dirty, lying, cheating, scumbag.

Metty saw Will Turner and Captain Jack Sparrow standing with their backs turned to her, looking out at the sea. She stared appreciatively at the view of a certain Captain's butt—er, back! I mean back!

See? Inner voice #1 told her smugly. You're on the Black Pearl with jack…just like Jacket told you.

So?Inner voice #2 said. You don't know if you're Jack's love interest or (heaven forbid) Will's.

Metty sighed. Great. She was having conversations with herself now. Just lovely.

Will turned. "Ah, Adelle! You're up!" He rushed towards someone behind Metty…

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