Ya know, I've been wanting to write a parody for a while

Aero (Jupiter Djinn, power similar to Granite): Then DO IT!

But I'd have to actually write and torture characters and create cliffhanger to annoy muses

Aero: [Glowing purple and looking rather scary for a defensive djinn]

WARNING: Character substitutions are based on personality, and not couples in either group. Your turn Aero

Aero [grumbling]: This nut owns nothing except his own insanity.

[Casts Pound]

Aero: Ouch. [Casts Spark Plasma and Destruct Ray]

[Crispy, casts Ply Well] Why are all the defensive djinn so warlike?


Cheesy Prologue: Cultural Exchange

It was a dull day in Nerima. While some took this as one of the signs of the apocalypse, others took it as a sign to launch intricate schemes to cause massive bodily or psychological harm to one pigtailed martial artist. Why you may ask, who knows. But back to the main attraction, which is a busty redhead sitting on the roof of the Tendo house, reading over a mysterious letter.

The letter had just appeared out of thin air in the one spot that Ranma always managed to go and no one else did - under the bridge. That one spot that the martial artist considered secure and sacred and a letter, addressed to him even, had been left there. Despite the danger sense singing a small symphony and fact that everyone else would inevitably follow him, he took the letter and read it on the spot. It was an offer for a chance to "escape it all for a bit"

'This would make GREAT training.' The girl thought. 'Watch out Ryoga cause after I get back from this, you're going down!'

And with that rather pleasant thought out of the way, Ranma-chan leapt gracefully off the roof and went upstairs to change and go to bed. After all, you never know when a crazed panda's going to throw you out of a window.


It was a boring day at the Inn in Vale. Ivan had finished showing Sheba the sights of the little town, Isaac was sitting at the table with a sort of glazed expression, the traces of a minor nosebleed forming. Garet was running frantically from Jenna, who was trying to Dragon Fume him for saying something inappropriate. Picard and Kraden were at another table, sharing information and theories about this, that and Lemuria. Felix, oddly enough was at Isaac's table getting thoroughly drunk - The lack of duty or things to do had finally gotten to him. Poor boy. Mia was off in Imil at the present moment, catching up with her two apprentices, teaching them in the sacred art of healing.

There were no lighthouses to defend or light, no towns or people that needed rescuing, and nobody had seen or heard form Alex since that whole Golden Sun thing a month or two ago.

There was also another problem. That left 72 bored, and rather powerful in their own right, elemental beings known as Djinn. Currently, the cute little djinn were up in Sol Sanctum, enjoying a day off from the Adepts. While arguing about what to do, Flint came across a couple of rolled up parchments. Odd thing is that one was addressed to the Djinn, the other to the Adepts.

"Hey Bane! Letter!" Flint called. Bane, who was arguing with Luff (which was complaining), stopped in mid-rant, and stared at the younger Venus djinn. Walking (?) over to Flint and the letters, the Venus djinn pair opened it up. The letter oddly enough requested the assistance of the little critters to "maintain chaos during a cultural exchange". The rest of the djinn clamoured about the parchment letter, and after a heated discussion between them, decided to do it. They then elected Zephyr to deliver the letter to the Adepts.

Not one Adept in all of Vale noticed the little Jupiter Djinn zoom by, which was probably a good thing. Using all the stealth that being little, fast and purple could afford, he dropped the letter on Isaac's table. Blinking twice which snapped him out a rather interesting fantasy (NOT going there), then looking around for a deliverer, but finding none, the young Earth Adept prodded the rolled up parchment before opening.

"Hmm . training trip .. New combat skills ." Isaac muttered. Truth be told, he was itching for an adventure, or at least a change. At that moment, an extra-crisp Garet stumbled into the bar, covered in the telltale burn of Mars psynergy. He unceremoniously plopped a chair down next to Isaac and grumbled. The earth adept snickered and cast Potent Cure to fix his friend right up.

"Hey Garet, we got a letter. Looks interesting, what do you think?" Isaac said simply, handing it over to the now de-crispified fire adept.

"Let's go for it. What about the others?" Garet asked.

Isaac shrugged. So the adept pair went and asked the others.


Back in Nerima, Ranma was walking casually to the appointed destination. Of course, being Nerima, almost everyone knew of it courtesy of Nabiki. He arrived at the spot, which ironically enough was the front yard of Furinkan High. He had just sat down on the ground, waiting for his ride when he heard just about the last thing he wanted to hear.

"Ranma Saotome, prepare to DIE!" was the battle cry of the eternally lost as Ryoga's combat umbrella prepared to do some blunt force trauma to Ranma's skull. But being Ranma, all he had to do was jump to avoid it. And so the fight between two of the cursed martial artists had begun.

A block and a half away, Nabiki and Akane were following. Nabiki, trying to make some quick yen off of whatever Ranma was doing; and Akane was sure that the pigtailed pervert was doing something perverted. Her battle aura flared with righteous fury. As the pair arrived, they heard the unmistakable sounds of fighting and . a bicycle bell?

Let it be known that the sound of a bike's bell heralds the arrival of the amorous Amazon, Shampoo. Riding the two-wheeled instrument of doom, she managed to jump off of a wall, and off the bike. She twisted about in mid air, rebounding off of Ryoga, and sending him face-first into the ground and landed in a full three-point Amazon Glomp on her supposed Airen.

Of course, this being Ranma, the two Tendo sisters would pick now to show up. Already glowing red with so-called righteous rage, Akane produced mallet-sama from her personal Hammerspace and attempted to nail the pigtailed one in LEO. Shampoo, not wanting to release her glomp on Ranma, simply kicked the offending wooden tool, while pulling her bonbori from weaponspace. Nabiki, having a more level head, observed the carnage and thought of the more reasonable conclusion of Shampoo interrupting.

While Akane and Shampoo glared at each other, Ryoga got up and charged at Ranma again. And thus the fight started again. Trying to use the Bakusai Tenketsu to create a distraction was met with a Chesnut Fist to the gut. Growling, Ryoga just picked up his umbrella again, and charged in. All the while, the pigtailed martial artist was flinging insults at the lost boy.

By this time, two more players arrived. The first was Ukyo, the owner of the aptly named Ucchan's restaurant. Ignoring the danger of the aqua- transsexual/lost-boy fight, the young chef glomped onto her Ranchan. At this time, Mousse decided to make an appearance, and mistaking Ukyo for his darling Shampoo, attacked Ranma with whatever was up his sleeves this week. Ranma jumped again, and Ukyo dodged the chains and met the death glares of the other two fiancées. Unholstering her oversized spatula, the chef joined in the glaring contest.

The insanity that was this crew's normal life ended as Kuno charged into the fray. But as the nutty kendoist was about to strike Ranma while declaring his usual crap, a bright flash of white light engulfed them all. When the light vanished, only Shampoo and Mousse remained. The blind Amazon was actually glomping onto Shampoo, until a bonbori was introduced to his skull. Poor guy was knocked out cold, but he has a goofy grin on his face.

With her airen gone, Shampoo just doused her admirer in convenient cold water, and carried the now unconscious duck back to the Nekohaten.


Deep inside Sol Sanctum, in the now Luna room, 6 Adepts and 72 djinn waited, staring at a wall. The adepts were fully armed and apparently ready for anything. When it glistened and glowed with energy, all 78 of them strolled through the portal.

Ivan, in a moment of insight, had decided to stay behind. Partly because Master Hammet might come back, partly to tell Mia what happened, and partly to fill in the new arrivals about what hell they're about to go through.


In a funky Technicolor void, the rather interesting crowd of 5 martial artists, 6 adepts, Nabiki, and 72 djinn were getting to know each other which is the nice way for saying that all hell was breaking loose. The chaos reigned until a deep voice boomed to from nowhere and from everywhere.

"Welcome to the Æther, the void between worlds. You humans were offered training in a new locale and that you shall get. You will swap places for a while. During this time you'll grow and learn new and interesting things," the voice boomed, snickering.

"You're on!" Ranma declared.

"The Djinn have agreed to be helpers to you all. You especially," the voice continues, a hand materialising to point at the Nerima Wrecking Crew, which then dematerialized. "Could benefit from their wisdom and powers. You will also receive a bit of knowledge now. The rest is for you to discover. If you need help, one of the djinn will help."

In another impressive flash of light, everyone disappeared.


Up in the frosty reaches of Imil, Mia shivered. It felt cold and lonely, like someone took away her one true love. She got all starry-eyed thinking of her Isaac-chan. Her apprentices Megan and Justin sighed, and went to the Inn for food. They knew Mia and she'd be like that for a while . a long while.


Back at the Tendo homestead, Kasumi was in the middle of preparing the usual supper when some force prompted her to make more. Said force materialized onto her shoulder. She took one look at it and gushed.

"Oh my. Would you like some tea?"

The little creature facefaulted. It wasn't the reaction it had hoped for.


Aero: No evil cliffhanger?

Not this time [smiles]

Aero: [twitches] What do you mean "THIS TIME"?

[calmly] You heard me.