[Looks to springs with a vacant yet wise-type look] Aero, I sense a disturbance in the Thang . like thousands of rabid fans crying out for vengeance, then were suddenly satisfied.

[Dramatic pause]

Aero: No wonder I wanted a cigarette after.

No, that was you reading lemons again.

Aero: [Thinks about that] That too. But back to my duties as your Whirlwind of Inspiration!

More like Windbag of Torment

Aero: [Growls, casts Shine Plasma]

[Counters with Supercool]

[Dust cloud fight ensues with flashes of purple and blue every once in a while]

Three hours later .

[Panting and charred] It's a draw?

Aero: [Panting and frostbit] Fine. Now can we get on with this?

[Casts Pure Wish] I guess we can.

Aero: The healer here owns nothing from and including Weyard or Nerima. Or that bad Star Wars rip-off at the beginning.


Part 2: Amazons, Adepts, and Perverts, Oh my!

When we last left the adepts, they were all staring at Isaac. Or at least what should be the Venus Adept. What was there was a shorter redhead, and the hair lied partway down the back, for it was straight instead of being all spiky and chaotic. Though the figure wore what Isaac wore to bed that night, one thing was off. But things like this took delicate tact and careful wording to avoid causing severe emotional trauma.

Unfortunately, Picard was too stunned to speak, so Felix was the first to open his mouth.

"He's a GIRL!" Felix exclaimed before passing out, the tiniest trickle of blood escaping his nose. Jenna looked over to her fallen brother.

"And he calls Garet a pervert," the feisty adept muttered, after promising to Serpent Fume him later. Only Garet was special enough to be Dragon Fumed in righteous fury. Though the touch of drool coming from the corner his mouth was slowly causing her to re-evaluate that opinion.

"What do you mean I'm a ." Issac-chan started, then noticed his, er, her hands had rested on something. Well it was two somethings actually, one in each hand. Bluntly opening his top, and praying to Venus that they weren't real, he stared right down at them.

"Oh dear," Picard said, a terminal blush forming before turning away out of common decency.

Jenna, the ever spunky one, cracked the new female on the head with her Nebula Wand, which had somehow stowed itself in Nerimian Weaponspace. "Show some female modesty! Mars, you're hopeless!"

"I'm a guy, damnit!" Isaac retorted, purely out of unknown reflex.

Somewhere in Weyard, Ranma sneezed.

Sheba poked Isaac-chan's breasts. "Feels pretty real to me," Sheba observed. The dojo was cast in the monochrome light of her Reveal psynergy. "Plus, my Reveal even says that it's real. Sorry to report, but you are a girl." she said, bluntly so as it would go through Isaac'chan's head.

Just as all Hail, er Hell was about to break loose with the remaining adepts, Kasumi decided to walk in, with Spritz perched happily on her shoulder. Spritz was happy because Kasumi was both a pleasant girl and actually listened to the Djinn's teachings. Seeing the rather large lump forming on the female Isaac's head, Kasumi went straight over to him and held one hand over the lump.

"Like this?" The housekeeper asked the little djinn on her shoulder.

"Yep. Now just concentrate and say 'Ply'." Spritz instructed. Kasumi happily followed the instructions, concentrating her newly developed Mercury powers, astonishing the adepts completely. When the pretty little fairy had make it's appearance, it healed the lump on Isaac-chan's head completely. Kasumi just smiled sweetly and rose to her feet, despite the stunned looks of almost everyone else

"Breakfast will be ready shortly if someone would like to use the bath," Kasumi said in here usual cheerfully oblivious manner, before strolling out to check on said breakfast.

After Felix had woken up again, he noticed the stunned looks of his five friends. Figuring Picard would give him the answer fastest, that's what he did.

"Well, Lady Kasumi came in to inform us that breakfast was ready, then saw the lump that Jenna gave Isaac, and then used Ply to fix it." The Lemurian stated, still somewhat stunned.

Processing . processing . processing . DING! "PLY? The psynergy Ply?" Felix asked, fully regaining his senses.


"I need a cold shower." Felix stated, before grabbing his outerwear and heading for the main house. Inside, Kasumi pointed the way to the bathroom and the Venus adept proceeded to wash off the last couple of days of dirt and grime as well as a morning of unpleasant mental pictures. Poor guy needs a girlfriend.

At breakfast, all was quiet. The adepts ate . well they ate with gusto, though with Garet missing, there wasn't as much gusto. Kasumi was eating serenely while Spritz disappeared, Setting herself to the housekeeper. Soun just hid behind his paper, his emotions easy to read and changing every ten seconds. Genma was an unconscious panda at the moment for the fat panda still wanted a fight. Picard obliged, kicking his furry ass in an interesting form of unarmed Lemurian combat. The blue-haired man won't say just how many years of training he's had, but it was enough to pound the panda into submission.

All was normal, which for Nerima means that something weird or disturbing should happen in 5 . 4 . 3 . 2 .


Guess they wanted to get to things early.

Something . or rather someone had just latched themselves squarely on Jenna's chest and was oh so happily groping and fondling her in ways that cannot be described. In typical Mars Adept fashion, she Fumed, sending the flames at the . thing. The flames missed as the . whatever it was . leaped off with grace and spunk and latched onto Sheba's chest.

Let it be known that the Ancient Lecher of Nightmares, Happosai, has arrived.

"Hmm, not much there, but it's so warm, ahh." Happosai said, groping the wind adept further. Suddenly Spark Plasma lit up all around her, trying to incinerate the ancient pervert. Sadly though, divine justice missed as Happosai dodged the bolts with untold energy and latched himself on the only other latchable bosom in the house. After all, the second law of Nerima states that nothing will ever happen to Kasumi.

Issac-chan was eating his food and enjoying every bite of it when she felt her weight shift. The Venus Adept also noted just where it was moving. Twitching visibly, she looked down to find a . thing . groping . touching . violating her. Cue the explosion of Venus Fury!

"Bastard!" Issac-chan yelled, whipping out Felix's Sol Blade that again somehow made its way into the Nerimian Weaponspace, and tried to slice the pervert in half. She chased him around the table, while Picard, Felix, Soun, and Kasumi continued eating like nothing's happining. The first two used to Garet being chased by a homicidal Jenna and the last two just used to this insanity in general

Jenna and Sheba had joined Issac's quest in righteous vengeance and were also chasing the pervert. Happosai had just crossed the door's threshold, hoping to escape when the Megiddo unleash from the Sol Blade flattened him. In traditional female fury, with the adept twist, Isaac-chan blasted the pervert into the air with a Grand Gaia, the Venus psynergy throwing up rocks and perverts. Next came Sheba's Spark Plasma, which did a fantastic job of deep-frying the lecher further. Finally was Jenna's Searing Beam. While normally reserved for Garet when he did something to annoy her, she was down right furious.

The intense beam of Mars psynergy, further powered by her searing rage, had blasted Happosai into LEO. He'll land about 10 minutes about 15 feet from the Nekohanten's front door. All three of them decided to skip the rest of the food and take a bath. After what just happened, they felt dirty.

An hour later, all the food was cleaned up and now Felix was pounding on the panda. Several Quakes and Spires pounded the martial artist as he tried to get up close and beat Felix into submission. Deciding to end it quick, he unleashed Echo, struck the fool twice, and then summoned Venus on him. Genma, for his credit, did see the creature of pure Venus psynergy, but still fell to the attack.

Jenna and Sheba were both draped in two towels each, one around them and one around their head. Isaac, who was just coming down the stairs after his bath in a pair of Ranma's black pants, a towel slung around his neck and his scarf. His hair, though still damp was in its usual unruly mess. He was happy mostly because he was a he again.

"Does that scarf ever come off?" Felix muttered.

Any witty retort was interrupted by the arrival of a cute little blue djinn, with a reddish tail and fiery red eyes.


Back at Vale's Inn, Ivan has spent the entire night passed out. Well, he did wake up for a bit, found everyone asleep in various positions, and fell back asleep. So when Sol decided to make an unwanted appearance in the Inn's window, there was much complaining. Ranma sprung awake first, expecting a bucket of water. The blue-haired maiden, Mia the girl said her name was, wasn't there. Actually, she had just come in with a tray full of mugs of water, nice cold water. Naturally, she picked that moment to trip on a loose thread of her robes, causing the tray to fly out of her hand and the water to dump all over Ranma.

Boy became girl as parts disappeared and other parts took their place. Mia looked at the now soaked redheaded girl, blinked twice, then looked at Ivan, blinked twice again, and then looked back at Ranma. Gears whirled about in her head.

"Is that some kind of Mercury Psynergy?" Mia asked, genuinely curious. Ranma facefaulted. So Ranma went with the maiden down to the kitchen to get some hot water, and explained to the Mercury adept the wonders and horrors of Jusenkyo. After the explanation, Mia's eyes sparkled - she could get some payback on Ivan.

Said Jupiter adept was just waking up after what he thought was a horrible dream. After all turning into a girl after using Mind Read on a guy and getting drenched by Mia had to be a dream, right? But why was Zephyr in the dream? And just what were the fleshy mounds that the wind adept's hands were resting on. Ivan's felt an icy pang and turned to see Mia, fully dressed and complete with an evil little smirk. Ranma stood around the corner, out of sight and trying to contain her laughter. He suddenly sneezed for no apparent reason.

"It's all real and a new Mercury Psynergy. Only the one that cast it can reverse it, and I'm in the mood for blackmail." The resident healer said sweet as Kasumi would have. Apparently unlike the benevolent housekeeper, she was capable of being not nice.

Ivan sighed in defeat. Last time he, er, she tried to Mind Read Mia without permission, he was put in an Ice Missile deep freeze for a couple of hours, though the Water Seer was kind enough to leave his head unfrozen.

Then, to Ivan, Mia said the one phrase that could freeze his soul without her having to resort to psynergy. "Today, we go shopping!" Ivan's high- pitched scream of anguish could be heard all the way to Vault.

But before Mia could drag away the broken adept, Nabiki decided to pipe up. "So what is this psynergy stuff?" Mia glared at the interruption, a glare that Nabiki matched. However, before property damage could start, a Venus Djinn just appeared.

"You go Mia, I'll explain it. And don't forget to tell us ALL what happened!" The djinn squeaked out, waving Mia off. "Have fun!"

"Thanks Flint." Mia said, dragging Ivan out. One could almost swear that he was crying softly. Even Gust, who was still set to Ivan, was laughing its purple djinn butt off. Ivan was mentally glaring Spark Plasmas at it.

And so, in the early rays of a Weyard day, five martial artists and Nabiki were sitting around a three-inch tall Flint, to be instructed in a force that could cause almost as much property damage as the fighters themselves. The sight was rather comical in retrospect, as Kuno tried going after Akane and Ranma, only to get flattened, then get healed by Flint's Cure Well, then to have it repeat. Finally the djinn got frustrated and got his buddy Ground to bind him to the ground.

"Now that you've had your demonstration, I'll get to the explaination. Alchemy is the stuff that feeds this world. Psynergy comes from that power. Following?" Flint started.

Six heads nodded, and there was a glint in Nabiki's eyes.

"Good. Now psynergy comes in the four elements, earth or Venus, fire or Mars, wind or Jupiter, and water or Mercury. You can usually tell what element an adept is by some characteristic, be it looks or temperament. People who can use psynergy are called adepts. Following?"

Again, six heads nodded, and again there was a glint in the mercenary girl's eyes.

"Good example is that young lady over there," Flint said motioning to Nabiki. Jupiter adepts tend to use their minds over brute force. She would most likely be one. Another good example is that Mars adepts tend to have shorter tempers than average."

Fury chose then to appear and smack Flint with a mallet. "We do not!" She screamed indignantly, holding a miniature mallet of pure Mars psynergy. There was a little dust cloud fight as the two djinn continued arguing. Occasionally, flashes of gold and red lit up the dust cloud, as well as the odd little rock and fireball.

The highly entertaining djinn fight was interrupted by a Deluge form above. Both Fury and Flint glared at their Mercury counterpart.

"What was THAT for Fog? We were just getting started!" Fury said, starting to glow red and look rather intimidating. Well, intimidating considering he's about three inches tall and kind of cute.

Said Mercury djinn glared Ice Missiles at the pair. "We're supposed to be helping the newest Adepts, NOT fighting each other." Fog stated bluntly. "I may enjoy acting nuts, but I can be serious when needed to be." He elaborated, at the stares of his now three djinn counterparts. Zephyr had come out of his hiding place in Ranma to make sure he wasn't hearing things.

Flint and Fury dusted themselves off in dramatic fashion. "Anyways, you each get one of us to show you the way. Zephyr there, is already with your friend in red there." Flint explained. Zephyr acknowledged by bounding around the room at breakneck speeds acting like he was sugar-high. It probably wasn't far off from the truth.

"The rest of you will just have to find out who you're partnered with." Fury finished before disappearing in a flash of red psynergetic light. The other three followed suit, only the flashes were in their respective colours.

The Nerimian crew just sat there stunned. They were so stunned that Ground could finally let go of Kuno and disappear for a while. They were thinking along the same lines, well most of them. Kuno was thinking how he could this newfound power to defeat the vile sorcerer Saotome. The others were just trying to absorb the weirdness that just happened. Ryoga for his part was trying to figure out just how it was all Ranma's fault.

They decided to split up for the time being to let it all sink in. Kuno stayed at the Inn, opting for meditating on it all. Ryoga took a left, then a right, and then ended up in the Lamakan Desert. The others wandered about the village of Vale. Passing by a dress shop, Rama heard the female Ivan scream like . well like a girl, as Mia tried to get her into a rather elaborate set of robes, tailored for a woman.

'Wait 'till he gets ta the underwear,' Ranma thought, shuddering at his personal experiences with that topic.

And thus the torture of the wind adept continues as Mia keeps dragging Ivan around from stall to stall, bargain hunting.


Felix glared at the newly arrived Mercury Djinn. The djinn glared back. Felix tested the little thing by trying to cast Rangarok on it. It missed, but heft a nifty hole in the yard.

"Creep! Eruption!" The djinn yelled in an almost familiar voice. All stared in shock until a Deluge came down on Felix's head, drenching him from head to foot. Of course, the water had to hit Isaac too. Luckily, it was warm water so nothing happened.

Despite being a creature of Mercury, the one element that all fire adepts hate, Jenna gushed over the djinn. She scooped him up and hugged the little creature, her death grip on him causing him to fall right in her cleavage. Poor djinn fainted in three seconds flat, and if djinn could get nosebleeds, this one would have a small geyser coming out of his nose.

Felix stared at the passed out djinn, then at Isaac. Dragging the mentioned earth adept out of the room by the scarf. He looked at Isaac with his usual coldish look.

"Don't you think it's weird, a Mercury Djinn trying to use a Mars attack?"

Isaac shrugged. "I woke up a girl and turned back male after I got in the hot bathtub."

"I wondered how that happened. I think there's something wrong with that djinn." Felix stated.

"Besides the identity crisis?" Isaac quipped. "Or the fact that Jenna seems to love it." He added, trying to get to his fellow adept.

"Both. Now here's the plan." And thus Felix began to weave an intricate plan to try to separate Jenna from her new little friend. We'll see what the Nerima Factor has to say to that one later.

An hour or two later, the adepts had decided to get the run of the place. Jenna and Sheba decided to see what a couple of feisty adepts could do. Plus, they wanted to be together just in case HE returned. Picard stuck to sparring with the panda, claiming that he had been neglecting his unarmed combat forms. Kasumi was in the kitchen, taking some more lessons from Spritz.

Which leads us to Felix, who had dragged Issac on a quest about the city to find the materials to enact his plan. The Lady of the Ladle had hit poor Isaac, so he was now a she and glaring Rangaroks at the old woman, who went about her business like nothing weird had just happened. So while Isaac- chan fumed, and adjusted her clothing to fit the smaller frame, he almost missed the distinctive sound of a bell.

The source of the bell noise, the ever-perky Amazon Shampoo was riding at a wicked speed hoping to land a three-point glomp on her currently female airen. After all, just how many redheads were in the area? So off she flew into the air, as she prepared herself for the dismount. Only to be backhanded into the wall by Isaac-chan, who thought that a monster was out to get him and Felix. Bike and Amazon went crashing into a wall, knocking the poor girl out.

When she regained consciousness a few seconds later, Shampoo stumbled to her feet and stumbled over to Isaac-chan. When she fully noticed that she wasn't Ranma, the Amazon turned her head, kissed the confused Isaac on the cheek and gave a delightfully evil grin. After she shook the final cobwebs out of her head, she whipped out her bonbori form subspace.

"Aiya! You I KILL!" The Amazon exclaimed, running at the still confused earth adept. She had just enough time to run for her life, completely forgetting at the moment that she could just use her psynergy. Or perhaps she was too busy mentally yelling at Granite, who was still set to Isaac- chan and finding this all absolutely hilarious.

Whatever the reason, Isaac was frantically trying everything to run away from the perky purple-haired Amazon. Felix just stared in amazement. After all, this day ranked about a 10 on Felix's Weird-Shit-o-Meter and it was only about noon.


Aero: You are pure evil

[Sweetly] Me? Never.

Aero: I don't believe it. Just what are you hiding?

[Shakes finger] That, is a secret

Aero: [Facefaults] Grr. TAKE THAT! [Casts Blue Bolt and Destruct Ray]

[Counters with Guard Aura] Hmm, nice form. [Casts Ply]

Why are you defensive djinn so warlike?

Aero: The same reason why healers are so annoying! [Crackling with electricity]

Cool off Aero, you'll short yourself out [Casts Douse]

Aero: [Short Circuits] X_X

Oops, well he'll be up and at 'em again by the next evil cliffhanger. I gotta get ready to hide from rabid fans.

[Runs away]

Aero: [Wide Awake] WHAT CLIFFHANGER?