Aero: [Looking Smog, er smug] Gotcha now . you know that healers aren't supposed to HURT any living thing, including djinn

Not really. Is that in some code?

Aero: Right here [Points to Healer's Code]

So it is. Ah well, I'm in a good mood anyway. Kicked my friend's butt at cards, and I have another idea for evilness.

Aero: Whatever, now write before I show you the power of Jupiter

I dare you. [Casts Guard Aura]

Aero: [Casts Spark Plasma, kicks up dust cloud] HA!

[Cloud clears, Casts Ply] That could have hurt. Now watch my trick. [Whistles]

Aero: [Cocky] But you can't hurt me!

True, but they can. [Points to lunatic Slivers, which attack Aero]

While the lunatic Slivers are chasing Aero, it falls to me to say that I own nothing, except maybe the Spring of Drowned Djinn. Not even the Slivers are mine, though I really wish they were, they're cool.

Aero: [Panicking] GET THEM AWAY FROM ME! [Casts Destruct Ray]

Slivers: [Unaffected and Chasing Aero]

Go Slivers! [Gets bowl of popcorn]


Part 3: Gizmos, Tramps and Thieves

Somewhere in Nerima, two young ladies in odd clothes wandered aimlessly. While they might stick out in some other areas, In Nerima where weirdness reigns, they fit in. In fact, Sheba could swear she heard the word 'fiancée' more than once. Jenna remained oblivious to that fact, but not so oblivious to the leering looks of some of the teenage male population.

Let it be known that the male population of Furinkan High are masochists at heart. After all, they go after Akane, right?

Somewhere during their travels, they came across a shop. It was nestled in between a couple of established and reputable store. It looked narrow, but the storefront was clean and polished and had some interesting wares in the window displays. Curious and without anything really better to do, the adept pair went inside.

Inside were various objects; most of them were pulsing with some king of power. There was actually a few items that resonated psynergy, including another Lash Pebble and Teleport Lapis. Among the odd items were an ancient-looking necklace of rosary beads, an odd creature sealed in a magic jar in suspended animation. The occasional twitch of its whip-like tails and talon proved it living state. Another odd item was a cube with intricate carvings that seemed to radiate with an unknown and random power. Behind the counter of the shop were various vials that contained nothing but clear spring water. There were some highly technical devices there, like a holographic keyboard linked to a subspace hole.

All things considered, the Adepts were highly impressed and curious about the shop. There were so many rare artefacts there and they had so little money and time. The person behind the counter was an odd-looking fellow. He wore black leather pants and a silken shirt. The robe he wore over it was made with an off-white fabric and was trimmed with black leather. Considering the nature of the shop, he looked normal.

The adepts went up to the counter. They exchanged pleasantries, and Sheba tried to Mind Read him. Try being the operative word for when she tried, a wave of energy severed the connection and threw her back a foot and a half. The guy smirked. Sheba glared.

"Welcome to the Æther Gateway, home to some of the strangest things in the Multiverse." The salesman said, smiling happily. "You look like out-of-world travellers, seeking something"

"How did you know that?" Sheba asked, reaching behind her for her weapon as if it was there. It was there actually, stowed away in Neremian Weaponspace.

"Simple, you resonate with a different energy than the rest of the world." The salesman said, with a twinkle in his eyes. "What can I do for you?"

"We're wondering how much for the Lash Pebble and Teleport Lapis over there." Jenna asked, on guard but a bit more relaxed than Sheba.

"Those little knick-knacks? Oh how about 10 gold coins each, and I'll throw in another little knick knack that's under the counter." The salesman said, confused that those items were the desired prize. It was usually the weapons that people wanted here, like that useless-looking katana that he had a while back.

"What's the catch?" Sheba asked. In all her time, no deal that good ever didn't have a catch to it.

"No catch. I'm just surprised that's all. Most want weapons or love aids."

The two girls deliberated on the topic for a minute or two and decided that the money was well worth the items, even if the bonus item was useless. So when they officially decided to buy the items, the shopkeeper produced an odd-looking gizmo.

The box part of it was a cube, about a foot each side. Holes were bored into the sides of the device, each face's hole was a circle. In the centre of the device was a black orb, very similar to the device that runs Lemurian ships, only this one had rainbow-coloured streaks running through it. Stranger still were that the streaks were ever changing. At random places, wires stuck out from the orb and implanted themselves into the cube part.

The adept pair looked thoroughly confused. Jenna was starting to get irritated and wanted to Serpent Fume it out of spite. That and she was upset that her cute little djinn had somehow run away and got lost again. Meanwhile, Sheba looked at the shopkeeper, who was chuckling softly.

"Sorry about that young misses. It's called . well I don't know what's it's called. I do know that it allows you to view other worlds. You just need to focus your internal energies towards it. It a rather interesting gadget and it works with most technologies no matter how weird they or their inventors are." The clerk commented. He then handed Sheba an instruction manual. "Here, this is the instruction manual for it. I might come in handy."

Slowly, it dawned on them just what it could do. Their disappointed and frustrated looks turned into joy. Sheba walked out with the parcels, Jenna hung around for a bit. "What's the deal about that necklace over there?" She asked, pointing to one of the items.

And so the salesmen told her about the power of the odd necklace. Jenna got one of those evil grins that usually preludes something nasty happening. She walked out with it all wrapped up a couple minutes later. Sheba was across the street waiting for Jenna got out.

"What you got in the package?" Sheba asked. She had considered Mind Reading her, but the last time she did that and Jenna found out, it took Mia, Picard AND Isaac to heal her. Felix had to hold Jenna back. Of course, telling everyone about Jenna running through the fields naked as a two year old was rather humiliating. She also swore off Truth or Dare that night too.

Somewhere in the wilderness of Japan, Garet suddenly got a fiery chill down his back. For once, he was happy that Jenna wasn't around. It meant that he would live until tomorrow.


In the middle of the afternoon in the rebuilt Vale, Ranma was walking down the street. Sometime during the day, Akane and Ukyo ran into each other and actually started acting civil towards each other. While the powers that be abode were doing a fantastic spit take, a stray bucket full of water had just happened to douse Ranma. So now, an irate wet redhead was walking down the streets when she spotted a little shack. It looked exactly like the other shacks in the village only it was much cleaner. Also the sign out front was a little weird.

"'Æther Gateway'? Weird name," Ranma-chan muttered to herself. Mentally shrugging, the redhead went inside. Inside, it looked like any typical shop in vale would. There were wooden shelves, a counter and more odd artefacts and knick-knacks than you can shake a stick at. Looking about the store, there were some things that stood out. There was a jewel that looked exactly like the Contrary Jewel. It actually was another one, but that's not overly important. Next to that was some unassuming red thread. Ranma-chan shuddered at that memory. What caught his eyes first were the vials of clear spring water that were behind the counter.

"Is that water from Jusenkyo?" Ranma-chan asked, a glimmer of hop in her eyes.

"That and may other places where cursed water gathers. There are many places if you know where to look for them."

"Do have any from the Spring of Drowned Boy?" the redhead asked, turning up the cute factor.

"Sorry young miss, but I sold it to a rather enthusiastic little girl claiming to be the greatest scientific genius in the universe." The shopkeeper said. "Mentioned something about payback or something. Also bought my last vial of Spring of Drowned Girl."

Ranma-chan visibly deflated.

"I do believe I have a couple of items over there designed to suppress cursed though. Look for a yin-yang pendant with stones in the circles. It stops the effects of switching curse by locking you in whatever form you happen to be in when you put it on." The shopkeeper said. "I've sold many in my time."

One could almost hear Ranma-chan's mental rant of "never going to be a girl again". Actually, a few Jupiter adepts did and wondered what the originator of that thought was smoking, and if they could get some. Ranma for his part, and in an unusual act of kindness, grabbed two.

"Ah, so you have a kind heart. That'll be 300 yen. And as a friendly tip, they use Gold Coins in this land. You'll get them fighting monsters." The shopkeeper said. Ranma just handed over the money and left. The currently female martial artist had a new spring in her step. Now if only Ryoga would show up, a good sparring partner was so hard to find - especially one that took punches as well as him.

As Ranma-chan strutted around a corner, Nabiki came across the odd shop. In her search about town for knowledge about this Psynergy thing, as well as what makes this world tick, she went inside. There was the standard fare of odd knick-knacks, though there were some different ones from just a few minutes ago, as if magic changed the inventory.

Nabiki, the ever-critical one, eyed the inventory with a critical eye; checking everything to the most minute detail. What irked her most was that none of the items shown had price tags. Names, sure but no prices. How was a girl supposed to bargain without a starting point?

Various items caught her sight, but ironically enough, what tempted her the most was a weapon. It was a staff, six feet tall with a crescent moon on the top of it. The moon had a violet hue to it and it almost seemed to glow when the light hit it. The staff itself was made from a sturdy wood. Almost hypnotized by it, Nabiki grabbed it and took it to the front counter, where the same robed man stood, still smiling.

"I see you are interested into the Lunar Ankh. It's a fascinating thing, and I can tell you're going to bargain for it." The shopkeeper said mysteriously.

Nabiki raised an eyebrow. "How did you know that?"

The shopkeeper shook a finger. "Now that my dear maiden . is a secret," he said with an almost evil smirk

Nabiki twitched visibly. Regaining her composure, she set the staff on the counter. "How much for this thing?"

"Ooh, I don't know. It was a rare find; you've got a lot of spirit and are going to bargain me down so I'll say 2500 yen as an opening move."

"You seem to know me well. Fine then, 1500 yen"

"I make it a trade to know people. 1000 yen and I'll throw in a mystery gift," the clerk said, grinning.

Nabiki was about to open her mouth until she realized that the offer was for less and there was a free gift attached to it. "What's the catch?" She asked, obviously expecting one.

"There is none. The gift is simply a gizmo that allows you to view other worlds," he said, while producing another gizmo, almost exactly like the one he gave to Sheba a bit earlier in Nerima. The only difference was that a few wires were different and the cube part was a slightly different colour.

Just before she left, the clerk stopped her to give the young schemer an instruction manual for the gadget. When she asked for his name, his reply was "It's not all that important, but if you must know, call me Timothy. I hope you can make good use of your purchases . Nabiki."

She turned around and walked out of the store, only to realize that she hadn't given him her name. When she turned around, the store wasn't there anymore. Only empty ground stood where the store once was. There wasn't even any sign or indication that it was even there to start with. Thoroughly perplexed, Nabiki returned to Vale's Inn, where a young man was panting and all around scared.

She didn't understand most of the conversation, having only arrived in Weyard yesterday, but what she caught was that there was a band of thieves and they needed the Adepts to stop it. Mentally, she wondered who these Adepts were, why they were special, and how she could make some money off of it.


Meanwhile, on some rooftop Isaac-chan was running for his life. Unlike every other time where it's been a monster after his head, this time it was a gorgeous young lady. Of course, he had Mia and you don't want to anger anyone that can permafrost you if you so much as drool at another lady.

Back where the abandoned bike was, Felix was studying it. Reaching for his sword by instinct, he was surprised when he found himself holding Isaac's Gaia Blade. Not worrying about where the sword came from, Felix started poking the bike. It didn't attack back or try to eat him. It didn't even get up. It looked dead. Deciding not to tempt fate, Felix just kept going on with his plan

A couple hours later, the Adept Wrecking Crew were back at the Tendo house. Isaac was actually male when he got back, panting heavily while drenched. Jenna wa clutching her package possessively while waiting for her intended target, an ancient lecher with groping issues. Picard was in the kitchen, helping Kasumi with dinner and with her new studies. Garet had actually found his way back, though how he got there was a mystery. Actually, the fire adept thougt it was Xian, but he wasn't complaining.

As is the way in Nerima, peace and quiet does not last long. In this case, the interruption comes in the form of an Amazon making herself a new door. Among the dust cloud kicked up by the making of one's one door in a wall, Felix jumped into action this time. Thinking that it was some random monster, Felix darted up to it and struck her twice, knocking the figure into one of the walls, knocking her out for a few seconds.

As Shampoo woke up from being defeated yet again, she hobbled over to the wary Venus adept. For some reason, Felix's danger sense was going off the scale but the girl had no weapons and an almost feral cat-like grin. With deliberate motion, she muttered "Wo ai ni," before kissing Felix and finally landind a two-point Amazon Glomp on the confused adept.

Panicking more than letting his sister light a campfire, Felix ran. But nothing is ever that simple as the ancient lecher, healthy as ever unfortunately bounded in with much enthusiasm. Before anyone could react, he had already latched onto Jenna. Nuzzling happily, Happosai never noticed the raising temperature as two fire adepts prepared to rain fiery justice on the pervert. Felix was showing uncharacteristic anger as well.

Blissfully unaware, Happosai detached herself from Jenna and latched onto Shampoo. Bonbori were out and ready to slam the pervert. Of course, the lecher dodged the mace-like weapon with ease. The fight made its way to the garden, with Sheba trying to Plasma him from a distance while not frying her friends and the odd girl. Jenna just unwrapped the parcel she got from the store earlier, looking at the polished bead necklace with an evil glint in her eyes.

Without calling out any warning, she threw the necklace into the rapidly kicking up dust cloud that used to be the Tendo's backyard. When she heard the necklace land on someone, she called out one word into the fracas, causing someone's life to change for the foreseeable future


Aero: . .

Whoa, I did it! He's speechless! He also managed to evade the lunatic Slivers.

Aero: [Crackling with Jupiter psnergy and looking really scary] . .

Um, I should go and hide now

Aero: What . was . THAT?

[Looks innocent] Well, I just thought it was a good place to stop for a while.

Aero: [Glowing bright violet and looking really violent] You are EVIL!

It's a hobby. You have a problem with it?

Aero: YES! FRY! [Cast nearly ever Jupiter attack psynergy in the book]

[Deep-fried Black with 4th degree electric burns, casts Pure Ply very slowly]