Metroid: Chozo Betrayal and Bloods Unite Chapter 1

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This is my first fiction so any suggestions will be accepted. The story's first chapter is just in Metroid: Fusion, so bear with me and tell me if you want me to continue. Oh, and I'm not planning on putting an end to this story anytime soon, (I wrote this a month ago. I'm up to chapter 11) so again, tell me if you want me to continue. See you later!


"This is your last mission Samus" the Adam computer said. "Alter the trajectory of the BSL station and make it crash into SR388. Then get back to the ship. Any objections, Lady?" Samus stood there, stunned for a second, then nodded and rushed out of the room. She had to head to the main control room. Then she'd trigger the maneuvering thrusters and leave; simple enough. Still, she had a fear nagging at the back of her mind. The SA-X still lived. What if it knew what she was going to do? Samus checked her systems one more time, boarded the main elevator, and head for the control room.

Samus walked into the area adjacent to the control room. She had used the nearby data room to download her Missiles oh so long ago. She activated the Space Jump and flew to the upper deck. She pressed the button to open the door, but nothing happened. "System compromised", a feminine voice spoke. This was accompanied half way through by an explosion from the entrance. "This just isn't my day", thought Samus. She whirled around to see an SA-X step through the cloud of smoke that could only be caused by a Super Missile. She readied a Fusion Missile and fired at the SA-X. It side-stepped and released an Ice Beam shot. It came at Samus like a bolt of lightning but she formed a Morph Ball and rolled out of the way, setting a Power Bomb. The SA-X charged the Bomb and kicked it high into the air. It flew up and detonated, only causing damage to the ceiling. Samus looped around to the SA-X's back and fired a Diffusion missile at the ground just by the SA-X. It whirled and dodged, only to be caught in the blast radius. Samus jumped high into the air, activating the Space Jump, broke mid-jump, and fired mid-summersault. The Charge Plasma shot connected with the SA-X, which writhed in pain for a second. Samus landed next to a wall. It charged her and she jumped to the right, running. It followed, and Samus ran right up the wall. It slammed into the wall, stunned, and Samus fired a point-blank Charged Plasma Shot into the SA-X's back and went to leap back. However, she was cut of by a powerful backhand, sending her flying into the air. She recovered then fired a hail of Plasma shots, which sent the SA-X onto one knee. Then it started mutating.