Metroid: Chozo Betrayal and Bloods Unite Chapter 15

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Samus knelt over Adam. He was loosing a lot of blood. "Adam, if you leave me again..." she began. Suddenly, a group of paramedics burst into the docking bay. Samus bought her hand down to Adam's neck and took his pulse.

"What the hell happened here?!" one yelled.

"A bomb went off. He's lost a lot of blood, but he still has a pulse" she answered. She was surprised at the tone of her voice. It was weak with sadness and worry. One of the paramedics nodded as they all folded out a stretcher and carefully put Adam on it, dressing his wounds at the same time. Samus stood and stared at the paramedics. She was stunned.

One paramedic stood and turned to her, and the others hoisted Adam up carefully. "You may come with if you wish" he said. She shook her head to snap out of the trance then responded "Yes". She followed them to the medical sector of the Federation HQ. It was very busy. Apparently there had been more than one bomb on more than one ship.

"He's lost a lot of blood!" one of the doctors inspecting him yelled. "He needs a transfusion!" he cried, trying to be audible above all of the ruckus. Samus stood in the corner, feeling powerless.

"What's his blood type?" another asked, barely audible.

"O!" another at a computer responded, just having checked the medical records. "One thing puzzles me though! He's been marked as dead for over 7 years!" he finished.

"Huh?!" the first cried.

"It's a long story!" Samus yelled. "I'll explain later!"

"We're out of O!" a fourth said grimly. Samus perked up.

"I'm type O!" she yelled, hoping she could help.

"But, Ms. Aran if I'm not mistaken?" he asked. She nodded. "Yes, are you sure that Mr. Malcovich's body would accept your...odd blood?" he asked.

"Anyone else type O?" she asked. The doctors were silent. They shook their heads in unison.

"Prep a transfusion kit and get Ms. Aran ready!" the first doctor yelled. She smiled as the doctors told her what to do. They sterilized her arm and placed her on an uncomfortable metal table. As they were stitching up Adam's arm they ran a tube into her arm to collect her blood. She watched as the blood slowly ran down the tube and to Adam, who now had the kit rigged into his arm. "At least this time I can try to help you" Samus thought as she drifted into unconsciousness from the blood she gave to him.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Samus found herself running down a hall, the boots of her Gravity Suit clunking as she Speed Boosted down the maze of hallways. She was closing in on the target. She tuned her comm. into the Federation frequency which was met with static at first, then by a voice; a familiar voice. "Samus!" It was Adam.

"Adam, are you OK?!" she yelled.

"Samus, get out of here. The bomb, it's set to explode. The compound is going to blow!" he yelled.

"I don't care!" she yelled back. "I have to try!"

"Samus, there isn't enough time! Just escape! Save yourself!"

"No, I'm not leaving you!" she yelled. She was almost there. A few more seconds and...She exploded through the hatch and turned the corner. Suddenly a side hatch opened and she was pulled in.

"Samus, I'm sorry" he said quietly. The hatch slammed behind her. She was in something resembling an escape pod. It began to shake.

"Adam, open this thing now!" she demanded.

"Sorry Lady. I can't let you die here. Your to important to the me. Have fun without me. It's been great. Good bye Lady" he said quietly from the other end of the comm.

"No, I can still..."

"No you can't Samus!" he yelled. His voice softened. "There's not enough time. Stay in there and you'll be fine. See you later" he said, his voice breaking.

"Adam...Good bye" she said, a single tear running down her cheek inside of her helmet. The escape pod launched suddenly upward and rocketed out of the Space Pirate's compound. She looked out the window. Her ship had taken off and was now flying up into orbit, waiting for her. There was a huge shock wave as the main generator of the complex overloaded. The pod was thrown upward. It finally stopped moving. She pulled off her helmet. "Adam" she said softly. She then broke down and began to cry as her ship came to pick her up on autopilot.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Samus awoke on the same table she had fallen unconscious on. She shot into an upright position immediately but instantly regretted it from the dizziness she received. "Where am I?" she asked herself in her mind. "Oh yeah, now I remember" she thought as everything hit her at once. She looked to her right. Adam sat peacefully, machinery whirring around him. He was pale and had loads of stitches, but the heart monitor showed he had a pulse. She went to sit up but was met again with incredible dizziness and laid back again. As she laid back she noticed a figure walking over to Adam, taking notes on a clipboard.

"You've given a lot of blood Ms. Aran" the doctor said smiling. "You just better lay back"

"How's Adam?" she asked, to tired and worried to care about her usual facade. Her emotions were now easily readable.

"Oh, he'll be fine. His body has accepted your blood in earnest and he's been healing well. We originally gave him a 5.21% chance of survival. He is now at no less than 98.7%. We expect a full recovery within the week" he finished, smiling.

Samus turned to look at Adam. She smiled at hearing that Adam would live. "I did it. I finally managed to help. To save someone I care about. Finally..." she thought, drifting back to a quiet sleep.

Adam awoke at that same moment and turned slowly to look at what was paining his arm and followed it to Samus. "Lady, you did this for me" he whispered to himself. "Thank you" he said before drifting off to an equally quiet sleep.