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Music Dribble By T'PeeJ

"Byers what are you humming?" ask Frohike. He sounded a little annoyed by it. He looked at the beard man.

Looking up at Frohike from his computer, "I was humming. What did it sound like?" asked Byers.

Frohike started to hum.

Byers blushed, "sorry, that is the theme to Jurassic Park."

"Oh that's ok then," said Frohike. As he went back to at his computer.

"Wait why is it ok for Byers to be humming the theme to Jurassic Park, but when you didn't know what it was, it was making you crazy," asked Jimmy, who was very confused now.

"You know the composer John Williams. He wrote the theme to Star Wars movies. To the Indiana Jones movies. Almost every movie Steven Spielberg has done as far as I know. If Byers is humming a piece of Williams music, it's ok to be doing it. The man is a fricken genius." said Frohike.

"The same guy wrote all that music?" asked Jimmy.

"Sure did," said Langly. "He has a lot of talent. Hey Jimmy, he even wrote one of your favorite TV show themes." Langly started to type away at his computer. He had a wild smile on his face.

"WHAT SHOW?" yelled Jimmy.

"Come here," said Langly as he turned the computer monitor so Jimmy could see it better.

Jimmy moved over to the monitor to look at it. His smile was as big as the world. The Theme to Gillian's Island filled the room from the computers speakers. Jimmy started to hum the theme.

"Think we started something we shouldn't have? Asked Langly.

"Could be," said Frohike. "But it is still John Williams and if it's Star Wars or Gillian, it couldn't be too bad, right?"

"OK let's join Jimmy in the theme!" said Byers. The other Lone Gunmen joined the man-child.