Phoebe's soccer team. The Sequel

Chapter One: Guilty.

Phoebe slowly opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was the face of her sister, even though she was completely hazy, she could easily recognize that face anywhere. Piper always seemed to be around whenever she needed her the most. She closed her eyes tightly trying to focus, but she did not succeed. Her eyelids felt heavy, unresponsive, and her sight was a complete mess.

Don't!- Piper gently caressed Phoebe's hair and softly kissed her eyes.- - Get some rest, I am right here. Don't you worry about anything.

Pro..mise you won't... le...ave? - Phoebe licked her lips and tried to open her eyes but she barely lifted her eyebrows.

Of course I promise, I'll stay right here, I'm not going anywhere; you both are the most important people in the world for me; you know that honey, so where would I go? She softly kissed Phoebe again, trying hard to hide the lonely tear that trickled down her cheek; which she gently wiped away with the back of her hand. —

Piper glimpsed at Prue, - Good, she is still sleeping-She tucked her hair behind her ear and sighed. –Thank you God, for giving me back my sisters –She got up from Phoebe's bed and paced across the room; her legs were so numb that she could barely keep herself walking straight. She was exhausted.

Suddenly Phoebe stirred and winced; she was obviously in a lot of pain. She managed to mumble Piper's name but that is all she could say, her jaw rapidly clenched and her body started shaking uncontrollably.

Phoebe! – Shouted Piper stunned, and in a fraction of a second, she was at her sister's side. She grabbed Phoebe by the shoulders trying to put an end to her shaking, but she panicked even more when she saw blood coming out of Phoebe's mouth. -Nurse! -Doctor!-Anybody!- I need help, please! She fought hard to try to keep Phoebe from shaking because she knew she was obviously going to hurt herself– I've got you Phoebes, - I've got you. –

What is going on? -Asked Prue nervously and at the same time grabbing the assistance button hanging beside her bed -What is happening to her? -She managed to mumble immediately after she opened her eyes, startled by Piper's screams.

I don't know Prue, she just started shaking with no apparent reason, - Piper was almost on top of her sister- "and she"... . - Phoebe almost threw Piper to the floor by her sturdy movements, but Piper regained her balance and climbed back all over Phoebe again-

...She... "There's blood in her mouth! I'm not sure if it is because"... (She kept struggling with Phoebe) "She has bitten her tongue or... because she hurt herself with all this shaking" -(She sighed)- "I mean...her ...lungs" -she swallowed exhausted and blew some air to push away the hair from her eyes.

Please, step aside! - Ordered a young Doctor- Piper automatically released Phoebe's shoulders and slowly moved backwards; covering her mouth with both hands and staring avidly into her sister's frightened eyes.

A couple of nurses and a Doctor rushed in with a gurney and after some swiftly well trained movements, they were all gone, leaving the Halliwell sisters motionless and shocked.

Go with her! - Shouted Prue biting her lower lip and breathing heavily- Piper nodded-eyes wide open- and without even bothering to reply, she ran after her sister.

Prue was completely submerged in her thoughts when she heard a couple of weak knocks on the door. - She cleared her throat and was about to ask who it was, when Darryl slowly opened the door and quietly emerged behind it. - Prue? ...Piper?... Can I come in?...-He whispered...

Darryl!... -she raised her arms expecting to receive a warming embrace; her eyes filled with tears; looking devastated . - Darryl quickly walked to her side and wrapped his arms around her. Not a single word was spoken; He just held her tightly.

It was horrible, Darryl, -mumbled Prue with a shaky it ...was an awful nightmare, ... And I ... and ...and I ...just couldn't do anything; they were so,... so, they...

Easy Prue, calm down, he gently stroked Prue's hair; her head still resting on his chest. Everything is ok now; those girls are in jail right now; I wont let anything happen to you; not now, not ever. -He lovingly kissed her forehead. -Prue did not respond, she just kept crying.

Listen to me Prue. -Darryl softly whispered, and gently pulled back Prue's head. He looked straight into her eyes and wiped away her tears- They are in jail. Those three wont be hurting your sisters or you anymore. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Prue nodded and buried her face against his chest.

She's out of danger. -Said Piper as she entered the room- Oh my God, are you ok honey?—asked Piper walking toward her sister.

I'm fine. -Replied Prue- I'm better now, thanks to Darryl.

Piper gave Darryl a slight smile and tenderly squeezed his shoulder. –Thank you- She whispered. -Darryl didn't hear her, he just read her lips and nodded; still holding Prue against his heart. -It's the drugs Prue; Phoebe's system is screaming for drugs. She whispered softly trying not to upset her sister more than she already was.

*********************************************************************** After two weeks, Prue was released from the hospital; she had to use crutches, but she was fine, at least that's what she kept telling herself. Her leg had to heal completely before putting away the crutches and she had to take it easy for a while; so she decided to rest in her own home. Her injury was a serious one; the high caliber bullet had completely shattered her tibia into a million pieces and the pain she felt was almost unbearable. She knew that the rehabilitation was going to be hard but she intended to take one step at a time.

Phoebe had to stay in the hospital; her drug problem was more complicated than what everybody thought, because she had to take medication to ease her chest pains, but she was too stubborn to take them; afraid of getting more addicted than she already was; so, most of the time she suffered in silence. This was the only way she knew to pay for the guilt feeling she had been trying to get rid of. She also didn't want to see her sisters; she blamed herself for everything that happened to them, and facing them was not in her "things to do list" at the moment.

The last few days were very difficult for Phoebe; she didn't want to be around her sisters; so every time she saw somebody approaching the door, she just pretended to be asleep. Hearing Prue's wheelchair always gave her the chills. She spent most of the time crying and feeling guilty. She spent most of her time alone.