Phoebe's soccer team: The Sequel

Chapter 2: An unexpected visit.

Prue, honey, do you need anything?- Yelled Piper from the kitchen- I'm going upstairs right now.

Prue placed aside the book she was reading and gently wiped her eyes. - "No, I'm fine, but thanks anyway. -She pulled back the quilt to cover her legs and eagerly returned to her reading; she felt a little twinge in her leg but she didn't pay much attention, she just bit her lower lip and wrinkled her nose.

Ok, all right, I'll be back in a little while then, I'm going to take a quick shower. She went up the stairs and suddenly stopped, turning her head over her shoulder. -Are you sure you'll be all right?- she asked again, but this time with an evident worrying tone in her voice.

"Uhhuuhh" -Prue mumbled without lifting her eyes from the book.

Piper shook her head and continued her way upstairs.-Maybe I'm being a little over protective in here- she thought- Nah! .I'm not- she thought to herself and smiled.

Are you comfy Witch? -A deep harsh voice was suddenly heard in the living room- Prue startled and dropped her book; she grabbed her eyeglasses and quickly pulled them away; she was shocked to see three men standing in front of her. -"How the hell did you get in here?"- She asked; Her voice filled with anger.

Come, come, witch, as if we all didn't know that the Charmed ones are going through a rough time right now -they all laughed and quickly walked toward her.

With a sudden move of her hand, Prue threw one of them against the wall; he went down sliding slowly from the wall and landing heavily behind the sofa; she quickly turned around to do the same thing with the other two, but managed to hurt only one of them.

The remaining one took advantage of the situation and while she was trying to regain control, he threw an energy ball directly to her chest; It all happened so fast that Prue was only able to close her eyes tightly as if by doing that she was going to be able to evade the attack. The ball shocked Prue and tossed her strongly on the floor, landing strongly on her broken leg; slightly shattering the cast.

She was hurting a lot, but she was conscious. She slightly shook her head to try and make her sight less hazy, and impulsively she grabbed her leg with both hands trying to ease the sudden sharp pain; it was a little too late when she looked up to see her attacker, who was rapidly approaching at her with such anger; that it was impossible for her to react as fast as she would have wanted to.

She winced in pain and prepared herself for the inevitable. She knew exactly what was about to happen, so she closed her eyes at the sudden brutal strike she received on her face.

She rolled herself on the floor trying to get away from her attacker; feeling her leg almost breaking again; but he followed her and placed his knee on her back, grabbed her by the hair and twisted her arm to her back.

"I didn't think that the day the mighty Charmed ones were supposed to die was so near; and I never thought it was going to be this easy." -He whispered in Prue's ear, allowing her to smell and feel his stinky warm breath. It was disgusting. She almost felt like throwing her stomach out, but she was able to get a hold of herself.

The pain she was feeling in her leg and in her arm was more than enough to keep her aware. She swallowed hard while she felt her arm bent harder. Her back just couldn't support his weight and she almost felt herself drifting away, but the "second level" demon noticed her weakness and pulled her hair and her arm harder to keep her conscious.

She screamed in pain and closed her eyes even tighter, feeling the cold floor slowly sinking under her tired aching body; all of a sudden, she came around when she felt his tongue sliding on her neck.

Leave her alone! -Shouted Piper standing on the top of the stairs- Or I'll blow your dirty ass away! -She lifted her hands and closed them in a tight fist when she realized it was excessively dangerous to try to do something; her sister was just under her target.

She slowly walked down the stairs, staring angrily to her sister's captor and at the same time watching her sister's unevenness. She could easily see the sweat drops trickling down her forehead and the restrained tears in her eyes ready to burst out at any moment.

My, my, . if looks could kill, . am I right or am I right sweetheart? -He muttered looking directly into Piper's eyes; and without taking his sight away from her, he quickly turned Prue around to let her rest on her back; he strongly grabbed both of her arms with one hand and lifted her up from her blouse; Prue's whimpers filled Piper's ears making her feel guilty for not being able to help her.

The demon promptly bent one of her arms behind her back and pulled her close to his chest, he grabbed her hair and turned her head to meet his face; He kissed her roughly on the mouth, biting her tongue and leaving a thread of blood running down her chin.

Prue winced and tried to get away from him but he tightened the grip on her arm even more and pulled her head violently against him. She swallowed her cry while he brutally kissed her again. - Mmm you taste so good, witch, he laughed loudly, making Piper even more furious -Prue couldn't resist her own weight and bent her knees, but her capturer held her tight to avoid the fall, causing her an even greater pain in her broken leg-

Piper ran to her side, with only one thing on her mind "to try and free her sister from that filthy animal at any cost" but he stopped her on her tracks by twisting harder Prue's arm and making her scream louder and painfully than she did before. -I'm watching you witch-He laughed without even looking at Piper-

Ok. Ok, Stop, I wont try anything, just let her arm go; just stop hurting her- begged Piper with tears in her eyes and showing both hands in front of her.

Do you think I'm stupid or what? - Muttered the demon hiding himself behind Prue-

Prue shared a painful look with Piper, letting her know that it was just too much for her to handle, and she unwillingly bent her knees again; Piper could easily tell that Prue was clearly in a lot of pain; unfortunately, this time her captor couldn't keep Prue in place and she fell flaccidly on the floor; he wanted to regain control of her body and tried to lift her back again, but Piper was faster than him this time, she smiled and quickly blew him away before he even had time to blink. Prue barely had time to cover her eyes to avoid the blast.

"Hey, I'm getting better at this aiming stuff"- Piper reacted with surprise, and at the same time turned her head around to find the other two demons laying out cold on the floor. She blew them away with a couple of quick wrist movements.

Prue! -Piper shouted kneeling down to check up on her sister; she tried to lift her up from the floor but Prue grabbed her sister's hand tightly. - -Please Piper, don't move my leg, it hurts like hell- She cried.

Right, I'm sorry.I'm sorry. Mumbled Piper pulling Prue's head onto her lap and wiped the sweat away from her forehead - I really want to know when are the Elders going to give Leo his powers back, we could really use his healing right about now- said Piper looking up to the ceiling.

You're telling me. -Prue clenched her jaw and gasped- We just can't go on like this anymore, we have to bring Phoebe back home right now, we just can't risk being attacked like this again; we definitely need the power of three and she's not making it any easier for us.

Yes, I know. -Replied Piper still holding Prue's head- but last time I went to see her she just wouldn't see me; I think she doesn't want to talk to us. She feels guilty, you know.. She.

Of course she feels guilty! - Prue clutched her leg and tried to get up- - I mean, she should be; she still has a lot of explaining to do -She shrunk back and screamed - Damn it Piper, help me up -

But.. Are you sure? - Piper opened her eyes widely- You don't look too good, you might, umm, I might hurt you or something. I, I.

Hello! Piper! Focus in here please. I'm so not going to stay on the floor forever. Do you get that?-Prue asked shaking her head-

Don't you Piper me, I can see your leg young woman, and believe me, it doesn't look good at all, and, and, and I am not that strong to carry you back to the sofa, and you.. You..

Piper, come on.. We can do this, let's just give it a try, I need you to bring the first aid kit from our bathroom, please?-.. Sweetie? -She lowered her voice and sounded almost as sweet as Piper.

Damn it Prue, you know I can never say no to you when you talk to me like that; come on, let's try to reach the sofa. - She gave her sister a weak smile and hid her nervousness.

Prue sighed when she reached the sofa and closed her eyes tightly. She didn't say a word.

Piper grabbed the quilt and gently placed it on Prue's legs. -Are you ok? - She asked holding her sister's hand-

Great... I'm just great! - Prue whined -

Sorry. - Piper whispered almost to herself- let me go and get the first aid kit.

No! ,..I mean, . Please, I don't want to be alone - Prue sounded nervous as she placed her fingers on her mouth trying to wipe away the dried blood; her hand slightly shaking.

Piper was surprised with her sister's reaction; -Ok, I'm not going anywhere- she sat down on the floor holding tight her sister's hand. Prue closed her eyes to try to rest and after a few minutes, she fell asleep. Piper gently stroked Prue's backhand, softly moving her thumb from her wrist up to her knuckles, until she fell asleep as well.