Phoebe's soccer team: The Sequel

Chapter 8 I'm to blame (second part)

Piper suddenly heard the alarm of her Jeep and quickly released Prue. Being aware of her careless reaction, she hastily grabbed Prue back and apologized, pulling her carefully to the edge of the pool. -Sorry, wait here, hold on tight, somebody is trying to steal my jeep; I'll be right back. -Piper jumped out of the water as quickly as she could; leaving a very nervous sister behind.

Piper! - Shouted Prue desperately—don't leave me here, please... -Prue tried to get out of the water but she felt dizzier than before; she shook her head and tried again, this time she barely managed to get clumsily outside the pool, resting on her stomach; quivering and breathing heavily.

Where do you think you're going? -Asked the stranger pushing her strongly back into the water-

Phoebe! -Prue shouted before going back into the water; moving her arms desperately trying hard not to go downwards.

Phoebe opened her eyes when she heard her sister's scream and saw Prue in the middle of the pool, desperately trying to keep herself afloat.

Prue's throat and nose were filled of water; She had unwillingly swallowed more than she could tolerate; her lungs felt burning, about to explode, her anxiety and fear were too much for her to handle.

Phoebe quickly got up from her chair and stumbled herself to the pool; feeling useless. She watched as her sister slowly disappeared under the surface and screamed in terror. She was so drugged that she just didn't know how to react.

Piper came back, smiling and feeling relieved that it was just only a false alarm. She saw Phoebe crying on her knees at the end of the pool and quickly ran to her side and knelt beside her. –What's going on Phoebe? –She asked nervously glancing at the pool and not finding her older sister there.- Prue! Where's Prue? She now asked shaking Phoebe by her shoulders.- Phoebe didn't answer, she just kept crying hysterically.

Piper got up from the floor and looked around to try and figure out what was going on or to at least try and spot her missing sister. Suddenly, she felt an icy chill down her spine, she looked inside the pool and saw something at the bottom; without even thinking twice she dived directly to that specific mark; grabbing her sister from around her chest she quickly pulled her over the surface. She placed her on the floor and quickly started CPR. -Come on Prudence, come on, don't you dare die on me! - Piper kept pushing and hitting Prue's chest and desperately blowing air inside her mouth.

Prue suddenly began to cough and Piper turned her swiftly on her side to release all the water from her lungs.

What the hell happened to you? -Piper turned her eyes to Phoebe? Why didn't you just help her or anything?

I don't know, Piper, I don't know what's happening to me. I can't concentrate, I can't...I can't ...I don't know what's going on with me!- -Phoebe screamed hysterically.

Ok, calm down, calm down, -Piper lovingly hugged her sister and pulled her tightly against her-

Prue was resting on her side, still coughing, shaking uncontrollably- Piper grabbed a towel and gently wrapped her sister, trying to keep her warm and safe.

I'm sorry sweetie, I'm so sorry. -Piper whisper in Prue's ear- It's my fault, I shouldn't Have left you alone in the pool; I shouldn't have made you go inside in the first place. –Piper started sobbing.

It's... no..t your f...ault... -Prue coughed abundantly-"Someone pushed me inside"

What? -Piper shouted utterly astonished.- But who?...why?

I'm not sure why, -she coughed-but I'm sure going to find out. —She shivered—Help me up, will you Pipe? Oh, um, and thanks for saving my life –She hugged her sister weakly.

The strange man watched everything from behind the trees. He was angry for not being able to fulfill his revenge. He wanted Phoebe to suffer, one way or another, but suffer the same hell he's just been through.-"This is not over yet, Phoebe Halliwell" -He punched the tree with his fist and left fuming.


Phoebe, I want you to be straight, please let us know if you are back in drugs or something. Piper asked worriedly.

No, I'm not, I swear I'm not. Why can't you guys believe me? —Phoebe cried- -

Honey, It's not that we don't believe in you or anything, it's just that... it's so freaking strange for Prue to suddenly get drugged; I mean, she surely didn't drink anything, just just...wait a minute... -Piper suddenly narrowed her eyes- she did drank from your juice; didn't she?

Well, yeah, but -Phoebe closed her eyes and shook her head-

There you go! You were drugged, Prue was drugged; and both of you drank from the same orange juice. I wasn't drugged because I stayed in the water and did not drink mine.! –Piper was now acting frantic.

Prue was resting on the sofa, listening closely to what her sisters were saying and she suddenly sat up. –Wait a minute; you're saying that someone put something in our drinks?

Piper nodded.

That man! That slimy bastard that pushed me back into the water! -Prue was now enraged.

Calm down Prue -Nervously warned Phoebe- You'll pop a vein or something.

Calm down, calm down? As if we didn't have enough trouble already with all those freaking demons coming after our asses almost on a weekly basis! Now we have to deal with God knows who, trying to do God knows what! Great, um, that's just great! -Prue's eyes were now bulging-That little piece of shit!

Prue! -Phoebe was now frightened watching her sister's outburst.

We'll figure it out Prue, I promise. -Piper put her arms around her sister and gently took her back to the sofa; She kissed her forehead and sighed deeply. We'll be just fine, we'll just have to be more careful; that's all.

Yeah, that's easier said than done. -Whispered Prue-