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Harry was fed up. Fed up with Dumbledore's half truths and white lies. Fed up with not being told what he needed to be told. Fed up with the Order and their pitying looks. Fed up with the ministry and it's incompetent leader. Trust Fudge to always show up with his Aurors after the fact. After his Godfather was killed. Too little, too late. Well, maybe, just maybe, Harry was fed up with to little too late. It was always too little, too late. But what Harry was really fed up with was the one thing everybody told you that you could never change. Harry was fed up with fate. Wasn't it fate that sentenced Sirius to die a wanted man, never cleared of his bad name and unrecognized as the hero he truly was? Wasn't it fate for him to live to kill the Dark Lord or die at his hands? I'm mean, what gave fate the right? Nothing. Fate gave no answer to defend itself. Harry was fed up with questions with no answers. So he wouldn't be taking any more shit from fate. He would make his own destiny.

Harry stared intently at the time turner sitting on his desk, in his room at Number 4 Privet Drive. He felt a small amount of remorse of having stolen it from Dumbledore's office after being told the prophecy. At first, his only thought was to go back a little way. Just to save Sirius. But when he thought about it, why should he stop there? There it was, sitting there. His one shot. His only chance. His opportunity to change it all. To go back and save his parents. To spare Sirius from Azkaban and years of torment at the hands of soul sucking monsters. To save Cedric from death. To save Neville's parents from insanity. To stop Voldemort before he ruined everything. Before he ruined Harry's life. What a waste it would be not to take it.

Determination swept over him as he reached over and picked up the hourglass shaped time device. Last chance to stop, Potter. No turning back after you turn this glass. No backing out mid game. Harry paused a second, rolling this over in his mind. It was true. He was acutely aware of the fact that this was the last chance to jump ship. He was equally aware of the fact that he didn't care. The hourglass flipped, the sand fell, and Earth fell away from him. Ha. Take that, fate.

Dumbledore searched frantically around his room, overturning tables, knocking priceless magical artifacts to the floor. Where was it? The headmaster haphazardly flung open the doors to a cabinet and scanned the items inside. It wasn't there! How could it not be there! He desperately began throwing the contents aside, but still, it wasn't there. Dumbledore gave a moan of despair and sank to the floor. Time turners where not supposed to be misplaced. Dumbledore began cycling through the options of what could have happened to the time machine. It didn't take long before he knew. His eyes flew open.

"Oh, gods Harry, no."

There was no time to lose. He hastily grabbed a batch of floo powder from the mantle. The ministry had to have another time turner in storage. He had to stop Harry before it was to late. He would lose his job over this. There was no question. The instant he got back with Harry he'd be fired before you could blink. Never the less, this was his responsibility. It was his fault.

October 30, 1981

Harry landed painfully on his side, leaving him winded. He had decided on just laying there for a few minuets to recuperate when somebody screamed. Harry was on his feet instantly, glancing around fearfully for the source of the noise. His heart rate slowed down to normal the instant he saw the origin of the scream. A girl was sitting on a bed, staring at him fearfully. She looked about thirteen, pretty blond hair, cool blue eyes, and scared shitless. She had halted her screams in favor of hyperventilating.

"Calm down. I'm not going to hurt you." Harry tried to calm the terrified girl.

Her breathing slowed down and she seemed to be settling down until her mouth opened wide. She was going to scream again.

I do not have time for this, Harry thought, annoyed. Seeing no other option, Harry pulled out his wand. "Stupify!"

The girl collapsed in a heap on her bed. Harry let out a relieved sigh. Glad that's over with.

But it wasn't.

"Ginger! What's wrong, dear? We heard you scream." A frantic knock came to the door. For a second, Harry froze up. Then, he sprang into action, flinging open the window and jumping down into the bushes below. Harry landed on his ankle wrong, but ignored the pain and darted off down the street. He didn't rest until out of Magnolia Crescent.

Harry signaled for the Knight Bus, jumping slightly as it appeared in front of him. Boarding it, Harry paid the director and asked to go to Godric's Hollow. He fully intended on ruining his future.

Dumbledor paced back and forth in front of the assembled members of the Order of the Phoenix. Remus, Arthur and Molly Weasely, Tonks, and Mad Eye all glanced about, nervously. Except Mad Eye. He was never nervous. Just suspicious. Snape was absent, busy spying on Voldemort. Shacklebolt was on duty and Bill and Charlie couldn't be reached. Dumbledore stared at his members, wondering how to break the news to them. There really was no soft way. It would have to be the facts.

"A have distressing news." Dumbledore looked at each member with tired eyes. They glanced at each other nervously. This didn't look good.

"Harry has stolen a time turner from my office. I believe he intends to use it to travel back in time to save his parents and Sirius from being killed."

The room gasped in shock. Molly buried her face in Arthur's shoulder and he wrapped his arms protectively around her. Tonks shook her head, muttering something under her breath, while Moody glanced suspiciously every where. Remus just stood with an odd expression on his face.

Finally, Tonks spoke up. "So, what do we do?"

Dumbledore sighed, wearily. "We have to stop him. I've cleared it with the ministry to loan me a time turner to stop him. My guess is he'll go back to the night of his parents death and stop it from ever happening. We must move quickly. We cannot let Harry change the past." Dumbledore took a breath finished talking and sat down, expecting no further questions, but a voice rang out defiantly.


Dumbledore looked up and was shocked to find it was Remus who had spoken. Remus who was the calm and collected one. Remus who was always relatively quiet, never rebellious, and never ever questioning.

"Why cant we let him? Why do we have to stop him? What's so great about what has happened in the last fifteen years that we cant afford to let be changed? What's so great about now?" A rebellious light flared in his eyes.

"Remus, think rationally. We have no idea what will happen if he changes the past. For all we know-"

"So what! So what if we don't know what will happen! We don't know what will happen in the future and we make choices that change it every day! I say to hell with thinking rationally! Why should we stop him?"

Dumbledore's eyes narrowed. "Remus, are you saying we should help him change the past?" he asked quietly.

Remus glared back coolly. "Put it to you this way Dumbledore. I would go back in time myself and change the past, except for one thing."

"And that is?" Dumbledore leaned forward in his chair, gazing right into the younger man's eyes.

Remus smiled grimly. "I don't have a time turner."

Dumbledore sat back in his chair, disappointed. Remus could always have been counted on to keep a level head. Perhaps it was to soon after the death of Sirius for him to deal with this. He was obviously in no frame of mind to come with them on this mission.

Remus knew what the headmaster was thinking. He regretted his words now. If he'd only kept quiet about his opinion he could have gone with them and then helped Harry. But it was to late now. There was no way Dumbledore would let him near that time turner now, or ever. All he could do was pray Harry succeeded.

God speed Harry. God speed.

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