Title: A Thousand Words...or at least half

Author: D.L. SchizoAuthoress

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Profanity, references to suicide and drug use

Summary: Word association in story form.


"A Thousand Words...or at least half"

Brian Johnson. A brain.

Awkward. Stumbling over his words. Under pressure from a nagging mother. Snide comments from a little sister, who doesn't understand, one day it will be her in his place. Math Club. Physics Club. Academic, different from the others. But still trying, always trying, because he doesn't know what else to do. Wanting to find a common ground. No parental compassion. Dope stuffed into his underwear. Sunglasses. Shrill, embarrassed tears. Fear of failure. Flare gun. Ceramic elephant lamp, something that even the dopes in shop class can make better than he. On the edge, trembling, teetering, falling. Shattered, broken, busted. What was the gun for? Thoughts of suicide. Pieces, jagged and irreparable, scattered on the tile floor. No other alternative?

Andy Clark. An athlete.

Powerful. Short-tempered. Varsity boy. Forced to relive his father's failed dream. Stories of wild days, deviant behavior, and escape from punishment. Athletic tape. And now he's being punished...so how is that fair? He lashes out, blindly, to hide his own weakness. His father hates weakness, and he can't think for himself. Letterman jackets and wrestling trophies, everything on display. He is on display, his father's finest achievement. Acrobatics. Screaming, in rage, in joy? Waiting on his free ride, so scared to lose it. His father-cold, unloving, a machine. Broken record: 'win win win!' Intensity. Does he even want this future, is it even his dream...?

Allison Reynolds. A basket case.

Ignored. Bizarre. Avoiding the others. Never noticed, anywhere, and always pretending not to care. Home leaves so much to be desired. One of those faceless people in a crowd, and yet, oddly unforgettable. Chirping, squeaking, hiding laughter. Pixie Stix and Cap'n Crunch, with mayo and cheese on wheat bread. Outrageous and strange, demanding attention even as she shuns it. Lies, lies, lies. Dandruff snow scenes. Stolen wallets. Dead and dying hearts. Dark makeup and clothes. Long skirts and heavy coats. Fur-lined hood and messy hair, hiding troubled eyes reflecting a mind disturbed by hypocrisy. To run away, live in Paris, anywhere but here. Is she, in her future, a shopping bag lady, talking to herself?

Claire Standish. A princess.

Spoiled. Rich. Showered with material treasures. Pep Club. Used like a tool, as her parents try to one-up each other. Graceful under pressure to be perfect...on the surface. Only on the surface. A mask of conceit, of beauty, of happiness. Turmoil lurks below. Frightened, really, that no one loves her-that there is nothing to love. Would the school shut down? Prom queen posters. Vore for me! Empty words. Shopping. Nail polish. Diamond earrings on Christmas. Expensive leather boots, probably Prada. Sushi and soda. Lipstick. Camp, seventh grade. Furious tears, confusion, anger.

John Bender. A criminal.

Hurt. Full of fury, but also full of the truth. Defiance. Screams. He knows what matters, knows that the world is imperfect, and he isn't gentle in sharing this knowledge. Sarcastic and sorrowful. Switchblades and cigar burns. Shop class and smoking weed. Heavy metal vomit parties. Fear. Climbing statues. Pointless jokes. Escaping something, something dark and dangerous and hateful...but never really free of it.