After All This: Chapter one

Disclaimer: I don't own any characters just the plot.

Summary: Sequel to Differences! Bakura, Yami, Ryou, and Yugi are all in Egypt with Ryou's dad. Things are going great for most of time until they run into and old enemy to one and an ex lover to another. Can the arrival of this person cause a huge problem with Bakura's and Yami's relationship? Will it end or will it become stronger? Read to find out!

Warning: I'm only going to say this once, if you read my other story you know this is going to be slash, so I won't have to say it again.

It's been so long since I've been to the surface. The last time I was up here was just before I killed that boy's father and claimed what was rightfully mine. Now I have full control of both the millennium rod and the boys' body. Letting out a long twisted laugh, I walked away from my old dwelling's throwing a hood over my head at the same time. I left under the cover of darkness, and was proven lucky for none had stopped me. I wandered for what felt like hour's entering a market that seemed to be empty, minus the few whispers that I heard. I silently crept forward so to hear what was being said, I soon stood near a river under the shadows of a tree while glancing down at the two who were being bathed in the moonlight. I let out a gasp as the one moved out of the shadow of the other and the moon reflected upon his head of silver. I watched in silent as I had stopped breathing, as the young man raised his head so his brown eyes were staring straight at me. I backed up further trying to be more hidden. 'Those eye's... but it can't be him can it? The Pharaoh had him killed five thousand year's ago... Bakura... is that really you? Did your soul really get trapped in the ring as was told?'

"Bakura? What is it, did you hear or see something?"

I gasped at the name, it was him. Then the other turned and I was double surprised to see the Pharaoh there. 'What is this? Pharaoh and Tomb robber are just standing there and talking... what is going on?'

"It was nothing love, just the wind."

'Love? Did Bakura just call the Pharaoh is love?'

"Oh, well let's go to bed shall we."

I growled in anger as I watched the two share a deep kiss before walking across the bridge and disappearing over the duns.

Bakura's pov

I nodded my head slowly, in agreement of what Yami had just said. The five of us; Danu, Ryou, Yugi, Yami and I have been in Egypt for a little over three weeks now. Tomorrow would be the day that we'd be entering the town that Yami lived in. Amazing enough his home still stood like it did the last time I saw it, the reason I know this is because I can see it from where I'm standing. I went to answer one of Yami's questions when a flash of movement under a tree behind him caught my eye. I moved over slightly so I could see past Yami, my trained eyes glanced around. 'Maybe it was just the wind...'

"Bakura? What is it, did you hear or see something?" Yami asked.

"It was nothing love, just the wind." I told him with a smile.

"Oh, well let's go to bed shall we." Yami said, as he leaned in.

Nodding, I leaned in a kissed him. "Sound's good to me." I whispered before taking hold of his hand and walking across the bridge. Halfway across, I glanced over my shoulder and I could have sworn I could see someone standing there staring at us before they turned and left. I shook of as my imagination, but what I saw would trouble me for sometime...