After All This: Chapter twenty

Odion's heart skipped a beat as he almost stumbled over the form that laid half in the river and half out. The river around him had turned red, blood red. Crying out, he pulled Malik up to him to check that he was alive. Once he was sure that Malik was still alive, Odion set him down and turned to face the shocked faces of the other five. "Danu. Do you carry any bandages with you? I fear I forgot to in my haste."

"Of course." Danu replied, stepping forward he took out his first aid kit and kneeled at the Egyptian's side.

While the two worked, the four standing of too the side watched in shock. Each boy wondering what took place. The sound of sadness soon filled the cavern.

Marik soon stood on the other side of his fallen Hikari, silent tear's fell down his face. Every once in awhile, Marik's image would disappear, leaving only the image of a blood covered Millennium item. Finally he spoke; his voice was so soft It could have been Malik talking. "It's my entirely fault. All he did was love me and I pushed away, pushed him away for my past. It's funny; he always said you can't live in the past. You have to live in the here and now. Of course I didn't listen, and look were it led me. He tried to kill himself, and he's succeeded. I can feel him slipping away." At this point, Marik had dropped the Millennium Rod, and the once silent tears had become heard by everyone. "He's going to die."

"No. He'll make It." Bakura said, walking over with Yami, to the other spirit's side.

"How?" Marik asked.

Bending down, Yami picked up the Millennium Rod. "By giving you, your own body. You see, when in your spirit form, your host is the one who supports you."

"So right now, Malik is working to keep you alive." Bakura said. "Making him weaker, with you in your own body..."

"Malik's body will work to keep him alive." Yami finished.

"Let's hope." Bakura added under his breath. "You ready?"

Yami nodded as he tighten his grip on the item in his hand. He brought It down slicing his palm open, his blood flowing over Malik's. Bakura then took the item and repeated the process. He then placed his bloody hand upon his Millennium Ring, keeping his right hand on his item, he held out the Millennium Rod with his left hand. Yami held onto the Millennium Rod also, using his right hand. Placing his blood covered left hand over the Millennium Puzzle. Soon all three items were glowing and the Millennium eye soon appeared on their foreheads. As the words from a chant filled the room, Malik's body began to glow and Marik's spirit form disappeared back into the item. By now, Bakura and Yami's bodies began to glow and soon the cave was filled with a bright flash of golden light. When the light died away, Marik was on his knees in front of Yami and Bakura. Both their hands had stopped bleeding and the cuts started to heal on there own.

Marik let out a gasp, and clutched his copy of the Millennium Rod. "Oh Ra! What a rush." Struggling, he stood up and glanced at his hands and arms. Tucking the copy item into his belt he glanced over at Odion and Danu, who were watching over Malik. "Did It work?"

"He's no longer bleeding and the wound is starting to heal it's self." Odion answered. "We should go to the nearest hospital, but I know he'll be fine."

"Good." Marik sighed, glancing down at his wrists he quickly shoved his hands into his pockets. "I feel drained."

"So do me." Bakura said. "I think It be best If the three of us go back into are items for awhile."

"We can still do that?" Marik asked surprised.

"Yeah, call It a perk." Yami answered. Quickly kissing Bakura, he waved goodbye to the others.

"We will let you know when Malik wakes up." Yugi told them all.

"Thanks." Marik smiled, then walking to Malik's side he bent down and kissed the boy's forehead. "Get well."

With that, the three disappeared back into their items.

"Well let's get a move on; our jeep is a ten minute walk from the cave." Danu said, as he started to gather his things.

"Right, I'll lead the way out." Odion said, as he gathered Malik into his arms, he quietly mumbled to himself. "His sister is going to have a fit."

"We're right behind you." Ryou said, as he let go of Yugi's hand and walked over to the Millennium Rod. "Can't forget this, now can we?"

"No I don't think that be a good idea." Yugi said, as they started walking. "I for one would like to get to know those two better."

"So would I." Ryou nodded in agreement.

Malik's pov

Warning! Suicide attempt

After disappearing from Odion's sight, I broke out into a run. I'm not sure how far I ran but I eventually fell to my knees in the river, tear's quickly falling down my face. 'This wasn't how it was supposed to end; he was supposed to want me. I've wasted have my life on him.' I glared down at the Millennium Rod, ready to throw it across the cave as far away as I possible could. Then the glint from one of the sharp edges caught my eye and no thoughts crossed my mind at the time. With tear's still falling down my face, I ripped both my wrist bracelets off and brought my item down on my wrist. I hesitated for a second the dug the sharp item into my wrist quickly slicing it open. Pain flashed through me, but It was nothing like the pain he put me through. By the time I sliced my other wrist, I was shaking and my eyes were filled with tears. With the last of my strength, I chucked the Millennium Rod to the shadows. 'Gods Marik, I love you so much.' My eyes then felt heavy and then I was falling.

The next thing I knew, I was filled with great warmth. I could tell I wasn't dead for I was lying in a bed and could hear a faint beeping noise. I opened one of my eyes and mentally groaned. Both my sister and brother were standing over me.

End of pov

"Brother. Don't even try to pretend to be sleeping, I know you're awake."

Letting out a loud sigh, Malik glanced up at his sister. "Hello to you too."

Isis smiled at Odion and walked forward; taking her brother's hand she gave it a small squeeze. "I'm glad you're finally awake. You've been sleeping for at least a week."

"A week? You have to be kidding me." Malik sighed.

"Were not kidding. What were you thinking Malik? You nearly died!" Odion all but shouted.

"That was the point." Malik muttered under his breath.

"Malik." Isis said sharply.

"Sorry." Malik muttered, glancing down at his bare wrists, he gasped in surprise. "What the?"

Isis eyes followed to were Malik was looking. "Oh." Isis turned towards a table. She picked up the Millennium Rod and she past It to him. "Maybe you and that Yami of yours should have a nice long talk. He's actually not that bad once you really get to know him." Smiling she grabbed Odion and pulled him out of the room.

Malik glanced down at the Millennium Rod, and smiled at the familiar warmth. "Marik?" Malik called out. He gasped as it glowed brightly and a figure appeared. A solid figure. "What?"

A smile formed upon Marik's face at seeing Malik awake and looking better. "Hello Malik."

"Ma... Marik?" Malik's mouth dropped open. "Your form. It's solid."

"Yeah, Kura and Yami gave me, my own body." Marik told him, as he sat down on the bed. "It was the only way you stood a chance of making it. The minute your body no longer had to support my spirit form you were able to heal faster."

"Oh." Malik said, in shock. Shaking his head he gestured towards his wrists. "Do you know why there isn't any mark?"

"Yes." Marik answered simply.

"Oh? Do tell." Malik responded.

"I blamed myself for everything that happened. Bakura was right, I was a fool. I loved you and thought I loved Bakura more because the two of us had shared something five thousand years ago. I was living in the past. I didn't wish for you to carry the scars of my betrayal towards you." Marik brought his hands up and pulled off the bracelets on his wrists. "So instead, I carry them."

Malik's eyes opened wide in horror at the angry looking scars upon his Yami's wrists. "Oh Ra. Why did you do that Marik? You shouldn't have."

Shrugging, Marik covered the scars once again. "I wanted to. Malik, oh Ra I don't know where to start. I love you and I've loved you for a very long time. I was just too blind to see that. For the past few weeks, I've put you through hell and I'll never forgive myself for It. I'm not even going to ask you for your forgiveness, because I don't deserve it. All I can say is that I'm incredibly sorry and I just wish we could start all over again."

Malik glazed into his Yami's eyes to see it there was truth to his words. When tears began to fall down Marik's face he knew his Yami had spoken the truth. "I love you too. I also forgive you and I hope one day you can forgive yourself." Malik smiled softly to himself as he watched his other's reaction. "As soon as I get out of this stupid hospital, we can start over again. Make a new life."

Marik smiled and quickly dried his eyes. "Don't forget about this battle city tournament your sister keeps going on about. We might have to wait till that is all over."

"Oh right." Malik frowned. "Isis has been going on about that for ages now. No doubt she's already taking Obelisk the tormentor from my deck to give to Seto Kaiba."

"Yeah, she also took and gave Yami you Slifer the sky dragon." Marik informed him.

"She what!"

From outside the room, all those standing in the hallway heard this shout.

Isis paled slightly. "Uh, I guess Malik just found out I gave Slifer to you Yami."

Odion snorted. "You might want to stop taking cards from his deck."

"Well I left his Ra didn't I?" Isis replied. "What more could he want? Come on Odion, let's go get something to eat now that we know are brother is going to be okay. Does anyone else like to come?"

"I'll join you." Danu smiled. "You kids coming?"

"Nah, we'll catch up with you three later." Yami smiled.

"Right, take care." Isis smiled.

Ryou and Yugi shared a look and glanced over at their Yami's.

Ryou stood up, pulling Yugi up with him. "Guy's were going for a walk. So we'll see you later."

"Say hi to Malik for us. Behave yourselves you two." Yugi waved.

"We shall try." Bakura smirked, as he snuggled closer to Yami. "What can we do out in the hallway of a hospital?"

"Knowing you two, you'll think of something." Ryou told them, as the couple disappeared around the corner.

Yami chuckled and pulled Bakura closer to him. "I'll just be happy to go home. Back to Japan."

"I know what you mean; Egypt isn't our home any more." Bakura sighed. "School starts in three weeks. It will be nice to see all the guys again. Ugh, except that annoying girl."

Yami laughed at the look on his lover's face. "Tea isn't that bad."

Bakura shot him a 'ya right' look and rolled his eyes. "Well I can put up with her, but only when I have to."

"Okay. I'll make a deal with you. Three days out of a week we will have lunch by ourselves." Yami told him. "How does that sound?"

"Hell! You have a deal." Bakura grinned, leaning in he gave his boyfriend a quick kiss. "So how do you think those two are doing?"

"Dunno. Shall we check on them? It has been rather quiet." Yami pointed out.

"I think that is an excellent idea. If we can't do anything in a hospital, then neither can they." Bakura replied.

"What makes you so sure that they'd be doing anything?" Yami asked.

Snorting, Bakura stood up and walked over to the closed door of Malik's room. "I know how Marik thinks, and scary enough Malik most likely thinks the same way."

Laughing Yami got up and followed Bakura into the room.

Neither boy was surprised to find the two blonds deep in lip lock, Bakura coughed loudly to get the two boys attention. He frowned, when this went unnoticed by the other two. "If you wouldn't mind removing your tongues from each others throats we came to talk to you two."

Marik quickly pulled himself away from Malik and frowned at his old friend. "Bakura, can't you see were a bit busy here?"

"Catching up on lost times, yeah I noticed." Bakura smirked. "It was just too quite in here for my liking, so we decide to pop in and check on you."

Marik rolled his eyes and sat back on the bed. "Nothing is ever good enough for your liking."

"You noticed that too, huh?" Yami grinned.

"Hey! whose bloody side are you on anyway?" Bakura asked, as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Everyone is out to get me."

Malik laughed. "Bakura I think I speak for everyone when I say you're such a drama queen!"

Bakura smiled at the sound of Malik's laughter. "I'm so happy to know that I'm loved!"

Another round of laughter filled the room.

"So Malik, when are you getting out of this dump?" Yami asked, as he glanced around the room with disgust.

"I believe I'm getting out tomorrow." Malik said, as he looked up at Marik.

"Yeah doctor is signing him out a noon tomorrow." Marik said.

"Awesome!" Yami smiled. "So, when are you guy's moving to Japan?"

"Isis has had the place packed and ready to move since she had the vision of the Battle city tournament." Malik smiled. "My sister is a bit of a nut. Taking my cards like she did!"

"So are you guys both entering?" Bakura asked.

"Nah, I'm not." Marik answered. "I'll let Malik take that one."

Malik smiled slightly.

"So with Millennium item of your sister's, does it always show a true vision?" Yami asked.

"Well... most of the time." Malik answered. "You see, my sister had this vision of the tournament... ah what was it, a year ago almost?"

"Yeah around this time." Marik nodded.

"That was before Yami and I got together." Bakura said.

"Yeah, also before you guys had your own bodies." Marik added. "I wouldn't really go by what Isis says anyways. Bunch of crap."

"Hey, If I were you I'd be careful what I say to my sister. Do you want a room in the house she's getting?" Malik questioned.

"I don't really care one way or another. I plan to spend most of my time in your bed anyways." Marik said hotly.

"Well if that's how you plan on doing things, you better not piss me off or you'll find yourself sleeping on the street." Malik told him.

"What! You wouldn't throw a young, hot thing, like me on the street!" Marik said.

"Thing is right." Bakura muttered under his breath, and then added. "Don't worry; I'm sure Malik is just kidding."

"Hardly am I kidding, but if it allows you to sleep better at night." Malik said, shrugging his shoulders. "So be it. So guys, tell us about Japan."

"Well it's a small but crowded and busy country." Yami started. "It's an island surrounded by water."

"What else would it is surrounded by?" Bakura asked.

"Shut up, unless you want to tell them about it." Yami told him.

"Shutting." Bakura said, taking a seat.

"Yes, so the city we live in is called Domino city. It's pretty small, there's only one major mall and about five schools. We go to Domino high; it's one of the bigger high schools in the city. The principal is a gay dude so it's a friendly high school for gay people." Yami told them.

"So do we take up most of the school or what?" Marik asked.

"Pretty much." Bakura answered.

"Hmmm, seeing as my taking over the world plans were a failure, how bout taking over the school?" Marik asked excitedly.

"No taking over of anything." Malik warned him.

"Bah, Hikari's are no fun." Marik frowned.

"I know! I wanted to take over the mall once and Ryou wouldn't let me. Do you remember that Yami?" Bakura asked. "That day was awesome!"

"Yeah sure, got us in jail for a day. That was not a fun experience." Yami said. "Spent most of the time trying to not become someone's bitch."

"I'm sure you enjoyed the attention that you received." Marik laughed.

"I didn't get any attention what so ever!" Yami said.

"Err, and then what was the problem then?" Malik asked, confused.

"I had to work to keep those men away from Bakura. One guy broke my arm, so I sent him to the shadow realm." Yami told them.

"You should have seen the look on the guard's face when he came back to find only two of us in the cell when there used to be ten. It was priceless." Bakura chuckled.

"I did have fun sending them to the shadow realm, but I got my puzzle taken away from me for a month." Yami sighed.

Bakura rolled his eyes. "It was a week Yami, only seven days."

"It was a month to me!" Yami snapped. Fake tears filled his eyes.

Marik and Malik shared a quickly glance before looking at the couple in front of them, then quickly back at each other.

"Were moving into a town filled with nuts." Malik stated quickly.

"At least we can send a bunch of people to the shadow realm. You have to admit its kind of fun." Marik smiled happily.

Malik smirked slightly. "I'll admit that it was a bit fun. Hmm, I guess taking over the school wouldn't be that bad either. I'm sure Bakura and Yami would like to help us."

"Of course, we always need to recruit the other Hikari's." Malik added. "I'm sure Ryou and Yugi also have a bit of a dark side to them."

"Yugi took the puzzle away from Yami that takes a lot of evil doings." Marik told him.

Malik shot him a quick look at his choice of words. "Right."

Outside the hospital, underneath the shade of a tree stood the two spoken Hikari's. Ryou sat with his back against the tree with a lapful of Yugi.

"I can't wait to get home and tell the gang about our summer." Yugi smiled. "It's been one of the best yet."

"Yeah, but I sure am going to miss the peace and quite of Egypt." Ryou said, as he glanced around. "Sure the heat is something but... you get so used to it. I understand why my dad can spend so much time here. I kind of don't blame him much for not wanting to come home so often."

"You know he loves coming to see you and spend time with you." Yugi told his boyfriend, a frown planted on his face. "Don't think your father doesn't love you."

Ryou chuckled slightly. "We wouldn't be here if my father didn't love me, don't worry. I'm not really that lonely anymore. I mean, Bakura has always been there for me and now I have you." Ryou planted a kiss on the other boy's cheek. "Yep, defiantly not lonely."

Yugi smiled, and glanced up at Ryou. "Yeah, Bakura. You've been around him to often; you're starting to laugh like him now."

"Not that evil laugh of his." Ryou said.

"You were doing it when your Yami tried to take over the mall." Yugi pointed out.

"Well It was kind of funny." Ryou pointed out.

"Slightly." Yugi said. "Now we have three Yami's in Japan. Marik is going to be a bad influence on those two."

"Well at least we have Malik. I'm sure he can tame his Yami down a bit." Ryou said.

"I sure hope so." Yugi said. "You think those two are together yet?"

"Wouldn't think anything else." Ryou answered. "Egyptians are horney people. According to Bakura."

"Oh, yeah something about it being hot from six in the morning to two in the morning." Yugi grinned. "I never found the heat to be a problem."

"Having an air condition room makes a huge difference love." Ryou smiled.

"Oh I know that, just image what it would be like doing it out in this heat." Yugi said, as he turned to face Ryou.

"Right now?" Ryou asked, surprised as he quickly glanced around.

"It's too hot for normal people to be out here. Besides were covered by the tree and the hospital is pretty far away." Yugi grinned, before leaning forward and catching Ryou's lips. "Trust me, It will be fun."

"I do like having fun." Ryou smiled, before returning the kiss.

The two were soon wrapped up in a world of their own.

Next day

Malik quickly got dressed in the clothes Marik had handed him. Once he was dressed, he placed his bracelets on and strapped his Millennium Rod to his belt. Glancing at a mirror, he quickly fixed his hair and stepped outside to join the others.

Isis walked over and hugged him. "I just finished signing the release forms. We can leave now."

"Good. So when are we going to Japan?" Malik asked, as he quickly attached himself to Marik's side.

"Were leaving with Danu and the other's tomorrow." Isis answered.

"Wow. That quick huh?" Malik commented.

"The under ground cave has already been cleared out and all our things are all located in the house in Japan." Odion told him. "It was taken care of while you were in the hospital."

"I figured now would be the best time to get moving." Isis told him. "The Ancient Egyptian exhibit in the local museum of Domino city has already been set up. In a day after our arrival to Domino, Seto Kaiba shall be announcing his tournament."

"Will he now?" Marik stated cheerfully. "Did you get that Yami? Day after we arrive. Remember that."

Yami chuckled slightly, but stopped at seeing the murderous look about Isis face. "Err, yes... Kaiba will be announcing it on the day after our arrival; I do believe Isis is quite right."

"Kiss ass." Marik muttered this was followed by a quick "ouch." as Malik rammed his elbow into his lover's stomach.

"Play nice Marik. Remember those streets?" Malik reminded him.

Marik frowned slightly and then quickly put on a fake smile. "Your right Yami, I myself have never doubted Isis ability. One time, she stated that Malik was about to lose something 'pure.' She was quite right on that one."

Malik blushed slightly and coughed. "Yes well, shall we go and eat lunch some place. I myself am quite starving; one can't live off hospital food."

"Quite an excellent idea Malik." Danu smiled. "There is this one place here in the city that is quite good; I went there once before on an earlier dig."

"Good, let's go then shall we." Malik smiled quickly and then dragged Marik out of the hallway.

Bakura smirked slightly, and turned to face Yami. "This is one summer I'll never forget. We've faced so many trails in our relationship in this past year. This summer proves that we were meant to be together forever."

Yami smiled and took Bakura's hands into his. "Forever we shall remain. I'll never stop loving you. You're the air that I breathe and without you my life is meaningless."

Bakura smiled and leaned in for a kiss. "I know what you mean." He quickly whispered before kissing Yami.


Note from the author:

I just wanted to thank everyone who read and reviewed Differences and After All This. Your words of encouragement meant a lot to me and helped improved my writing, and also to get the grammar and spelling fixed. So a huge thanks!