A Ragnarok Online Fiction


"I see..." he murmured. "Want to have some?" he asked, as he offered an apple juice to her. She shakes her head. "So, where do you think we can see the Holy Light?" she asked to him, looking at him with her red, sparkling eyes. "I've heard of it but I don't know where to find it. Besides, I also don't know what is that. It can be an armor, a weapon, a monster or another human." He explained to her what he knows.

Suddenly a group, consisting of three swordsmen, came to them. "Hey, this is our territory." One said to them, trying to bully Neon and Amethyst. "Yeah. If you want to stay here, you have to give us a big amount of zeny and let that cute girl over there, stay with us." Another one said to them. Neon and Amethyst stood up. "Hide, behind me." Neon murmured to the acolyte. Amethyst did what he told her.

"Over my dead body..." Neon answered them. "Then, we have to deal this in a harsh way." The third one exclaimed as he draw his sword. "If you will catch us..." neon smirked as he suddenly took Amethyst's hand and drag her, running away from the bullies. "Follow them!" the leader cried.

They ran as fast as they could until they ended up in the middle of the Archer's village. He stopped and looked behind them. They are still following them. "It leaves me no choice..." he murmured as he faced them and bring out his stiletto. "Good. So you are going to fight!" the leader cried as he saw Neon draw his stiletto.

"Are you going to fight us? We are three... and both of you are helpless." The leader said as he tried to slash the thief with his lapier. "Who says we are helpless?" he asked as he dodged his attacks.

Suddenly, the two other swordsman grabbed Amethyst on both hands. "Let me go, you fools!" she shouted while trying to take her arms off their hands. "Then let see what can a thief do if his girlfriend is near the hole of death." One of the swordsmen who were holding Amethyst said as he drew a knife and pointed it mercilessly to the acolyte.

"Give up or she'll die?" he asked, smirking as she gently touched Amethyst's face. "Neither." He smirked and in a fast movement, he took the knife of his hands and slashed both of them with his stiletto. Blood spilled in the precious ground of the village as Neon turned his face to the leader. His eyes were like blood. Full of anger.

"I-I give up!" the leader cried as he hurriedly went away from the area. "Are they dead?" Amethyst asked as she knelt down beside the injured swordsmen. "OMG, they are already dead." She exclaimed as she tried to get any signs of living. "Y-You killed them." She said angrily as she looked at Neon.

"Choose, live or die. In this world, its either you die or someone die. This is the survival of the fittest. The weaklings die and the strong shall reign supreme." He said at her.

She became more furious. She suddenly held her hands at the corpses and suddenly a light glowed around her. A bright light bound her and one thing is for sure, she resurrected them. "Why did you do that?" he asked her, frowning a little bit.

"You have no right to kill somebody." She murmured under her deep breath and Neon heard it. "Choose, you die or they die?" he asked. "I am willing to die, rather than see people commit crime just to spare my life." She replied as she was trying to concentrate healing the two. "Acolyte will always be acolyte..." he murmured as he looked at Amethyst, healing the two unconscious men.

After spending the last drop of her energy, Amethyst felt that she was having a blurred vision and suddenly everything went black. She almost fainted and good thing Neon suddenly caught her before her whole body dropped on the ground.