AN: This is going to be a one-shot fic that I have been inspired to write. Legolas's mother spies on her child and his friend in the garden.

Future Contemplations.

It was dark times. The forest of Mirkwood was being slowly taken over by the darker creatures of the world. She had always had a gift of future thought. She had this feeling of dread coming over her, very slowly, but she felt it coming none the less. Perhaps she would not have to face it, but her children would.

Legolas and Aragorn were out in the garden playing mock battles against evil. Little did they know that they would have to fight against that actual evil one day. They were too young to really understand it, they knew that it was bad and it had to be stopped. Every child deep down knew what evil was. Many tried to pretend to fight it, others wanted to hide from it, others wanted to help the victims of it.

Legolas and his adopted brother would certainly be there in the front of the battle lines fighting every creature that reared its ugly face.

She was standing behind a pillar watching them guard each others back from the foul monsters. How fitting it seemed to her. Legolas was light, Aragorn was dark, they fought together for the sake of friendship, brotherhood, and the good of the world. For all the Good of the goodly folk.

She knew what was coming. She had seen Helms Deep, she had seen the Black Gates. She had seen both fall, and yet the good still one. She saw how much pain and sorrow was coming. She knew how much it would hurt her son. But she also saw Legolas and Aragorn fighting side by side, with another friend. She saw them go into the Way of the Dead. They were brothers. Not by blood or race, but by spirit, they were brothers.

And they will be all right.

The pain will come, the death will come. The sadness will take many, the grieving, the mourning, the endless night in all of darkness.

But the sun always rises again.

And hope is always there.

They will do all right.

She smiled to her son and his brother through the tears that came down her cheeks and walked away as silently as she had come. Their laughter echoed throughout the garden as the sun began to set.

But it will always rise again.

They will be all right.


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