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Chapter Three: In so many words.

The next morning, just before dawn, Harry woke feeling like crap. His warming spell had worn off in the night, waking him up from his peaceful slumber. After only a few seconds of trying to discover what was going on, Harry had recast the spell and gone back to sleep. Unfortunately, he was soaked and his spell didn't seem to be enough. Now he had a bad case of the common cold to show for it. Harry made his way back to the dorms, wondering how to explain to Ron and Hermione how he'd caught a cold in a cozy, warm bed.

Thankfully, his friends didn't ask any awkward questions when they woke up. He just simply explained he wasn't feeling well and that he would go see Madam Pomfrey in a little bit. He just needed a little rest at the moment. They nodded understandingly and didn't badger him about it. So it was that Harry found himself spending the day in the infirmary with Madam Pomfrey mothering over him like a hen

Harry stared at the plane white walls of the infirmary with dispassionate interest. They were his prison walls for the day. Normally, he was held down by the work load of the day, but today seemed to have taken a twist and decided to lock him behind the plain, confining walls of the school infirmary. It was his own fault, he told himself. He should have placed more warming charms. He should have cast a drying charm on the grass he slept on. He shouldn't have gone out that night…. No scratch that. He had to go out that night. He had to go out every night. The lake was his, and he would never give it up.

A knock brought Harry form his thoughts causing him to start in surprise. There standing in the doorway was the Headmaster, Dumbledore.

"Hello, Harry. Enjoying you stay?" Dumbledore asked, his eyes twinkling away. Harry wondered idly if there were contacts that could make your eyes do that.

Harry smiled weakly. "Not especially." he shrugged. He knew why the headmaster was here. He wanted to know why he had caught a cold. He wanted to take away his lake. His peace. And he would.

"How does one come to catch a cold in a nice warm bed. It really is curious. Perhaps you could enlighten me." Dumbledore quirked an eyebrow. It was no use to hide it. He already knew. Harry hung his head, refusing to meet his eyes.

Dumbledore sighed. "Harry, I've known what you were doing since the first day you went out to the lake. I allowed you to continue because I hoped with time you would make peace with what has happened. I know with time you will. But you I cant risk you going outside anymore. Promise me you wont."

No! He wanted to scream. You cant have it! It's mine! It's all I have; all that's me. And you cant take it! But he knew that wasn't true. He could take it, whether he promised or not. There was nothing Harry could do about it, either. So he promised.

Dumbledore looked at Harry deeply before speaking again. "I'll need to take your map and your cloak as well."

Harry's head snapped up and he stared at the headmaster in shock. He'd all ready promised. What more did he want? He wasn't going to go out anymore, so why did Dumbledore need the map and cloak?

Once again Harry repressed the urge to argue, and instead found himself nodding. Glumly, He pulled out his wand and summoned the last bits of what he had of is father to his hand. Harry felt as if he was giving a part of him as he handed them to the headmaster.

Dumbledore let a small smile grace his face, though it didn't reach the old mans eyes. "I'll just keep these safe for awhile."

Harry nodded and the headmaster walked out, leaving the boy to lay back on his infirmary bed. Harry contemplated the conversation he'd just had, and other words that had been left unsaid. He had gotten the message. It was a hard one to take, and it hurt him deeply. He felt it gnawing at his insides as he struggled to come to grips with the new revelation.

Dumbledore didn't trust him. The headmaster had even told him so, in so many words, said and unsaid. It weighed heavily on his mind, even as he drifted off into a his dreams.

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