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Chapter 4: A Place for My Head

Night was once again falling over Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The rain from the night before had carried through the day and now fell still over the moss covered bricks of the castle. Harry watched it fall from a window in the Gryfindor Tower. His lake lay on the ground below him; calling for him to come. He could not. All he could do was sit in his tower and pine for it like the fairy story princess does for her knight. Was this what he was reduced to? Having romantic notions over an over grown puddle? This was stupid. He should be doing homework or something important. He should be training to fight Voldemort or Bellatrix. He should be inventing ways to cause her pain. Pain for what she did to Sirius. There were dark arts books in the restricted section. He should go and-

The mermaids began to sing. He could tell be the way the fish became more active in the lake. He could not hear it though. He could not feel the waters comforting touch or have solitude and nirvana lulled into his weary soul… But what of it….. Life's not perfect. Pain and sorrow don't fade with time, they become a part of you. They form your being as the heat of a fire purges the impurities and lesser metals from the true steel that is needed. Life is only series of emotions, victories and defeats, valleys and mountains. All that is required of a man is that he not waste it. The lake had taught him that…. Somehow. It was time to move on.

Harry caught one last look at the lake, and for an instant wished….. Wished what? That his parents had never died? That Sirius would appear suddenly next to him and say something like "Dead? Me? Twelve years in Azkaban and I'm dead just because I fall through a hole? Harry, it takes more than that to kill this old dog." That Remus could sleep through a full moon with out turning into beast? That Draco Malfoy would hurry up and become a Death Eater so Harry could kill him? Brutally?

No. Such thoughts were useless. None of that would happen (except maybe the part about Draco, so he would continue to hope.) so to spend time doing so would be to waste the precious gift of life that his mother and father, and now Sirius, had paid for with their lives. The desire that came to his head when he looked out on the lake was of a baser, more natural origin. He wished for a place of refuge from the world. A place for his head.

I want to be in another place

I hate when you say you don't understand

I want to be in the energy

Not with the enemy, a place for my head

-A Place for My Head-

Linkin Park