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Chapter one: "Harry?" Hermione said as she crossed her legs on the train.

"Yup?" Harry replied as he looked out the window "In a few minutes, the train will taxi and I'll have to move to the back of the train to sit with the Head Boy."

"So? Your point is?"

"What if he's a total pervert? Or a slut? Or maybe a snob? What if he'll hit on me? What if he'll annoy me?"

"Mione, you'll have to take this chance to get to know him, I mean, you'll be living with him all year round."

"Wow, you've made me feel so much better." She said sarcastically. "Don't worry, Mione, you'll always be my Mione. No matter what happens I want to be informed every single time. Promise?" Hermione nodded as she stood up reluctantly.

"Well, here goes." Harry kissed her on the cheek and said, "If you get hurt I'm there, just scream. Got it?"

"Ok. See you in school." She hesitantly picked up her backpack and walked towards the end of the train. "There's no one in here." She said out to herself as she reached the last compartment.

"Well, there won't be anyone in here unless you get your ass to enter the damn compartment."

A cold voice was talking behind her ear. She could feel the cold breathe of the person behind her. The cold breeze made her spine shiver with electricity.

"Well, well, well, Granger seems to have gotten Head girl out of pity." The cold voice was now speaking a centimeter away from her ear.

End of Chapter one A/N: Hope you liked it.