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Chapter 19:

The next day, it was Potions for Slytherin & Gryffindor. Hermione decided that she didn't feel like attending, it was no use attending a class you know you won't even pay attention to.

I mean Draco was going to be there. And she didn't want to associate with him, even if her life depended on it. Thank goodness Luscious threatened her. At least, when she tries running back into his arms, she couldn't, there would be something holding her back. But that was good, that something was holding her back from getting her heart broken in the end.

As Hermione finished her lunch, she walked out of the great hall and went into the Quidditch field. This place had loads of memories, but she didn't want to think of them anymore, it was useless. Why think about something that'll just make you burst out into waterfalls of tears?

As she walked over to the middle of the field, she looked around, dropped her books and her bag on the ground. She sat down and looked around. This was a place where energy was the most present during a game and the competition was always fierce.

She took out a book and opened it to read it, when she opened it on the book marked page, she found a rose, Draco had given it to her before. She plucked all the petals out angrily and threw the rose into the field and just broke out and cried.

With her head buried in her hands, she felt a hand on her shoulder. Afraid of who it was, she turned to see a tall blonde figure that was unclear, since the person was standing against the light.

"Very good, Ms. Granger. I see you're doing well." says the tall blonde man

"What do you want Malfoy?" She asked as she wiped her tears

"Nothing. You seem to be doing the job well, never expected it from you. And I also see that you made my son move on. Very well,

Ms. Granger, very well indeed." He said smiling

"Listen, if you want something else, ask it from one of the millions of sluts Draco sleeps with, they'd be glad to. Like they'd even notice." She responded standing up

"See, that's what I'm saying. Love isn't about commitment, love is about moving on, if you love that person, you'll let them go. You'll let them be free." He responded

"What do you know about love? It's not like you have a heart anyway." She commented

"tisk, tisk, tisk Ms. Ganger. Young love is nothing. It's foolish, it's blind, why do you even bother?"

"Because I want to take a chance. I want to do something daring. Something not too good for other people, but for me."

"Well, you are doing something daring now, Ms. Granger. You're testing my patience."

"Then good. It's not like I'd even care anyway."

"Poor child, so foolish and so care free about her actions."

"EXPELIARMUS!" She shouted and then knocked him out. She ran out of the field before it was too late. Then at the exit, she saw Harry.

"What's wrong? Why are you running?" Harry asked

"Malfoy, he's in there. I knocked him out. Look for yourself. It's Draco's dad." She said panting

As Harry ran inside, he saw nothing in the field except for Hermione's things.

"Hermione, you must be delusional. You must be tired, you've been through a rough week. Let's get you to your dormitory, you'll need some rest. I'll do damage control and cover up for you." As he said this, Hermione started pointing to the direction of the field and started saying "But he was there!" Harry replied..."Don't worry, I'll get your things for you. Now let's get you to bed."