A Wish upon a Star

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Summary: Kagome and Kikyou's parents have just announced that they have found the perfect 'grooms' for them both, now Kagome, who is getting engaged to Sesshomuru is spending her last months of summer in their palace, but what will happen when she meets his younger brother?

Chapter One
A wish upon a star

She tossed and turned around in her bed, the events of dinner still rang through her mind, 'How could everyone be so unfair to her?' She turned around and started to stare at the ceiling, 'She didn't even have a choice in this matter, and what kind of sister is Kikyou! She didn't even stand up for me; she was sitting in her chair, smiling as if her dreams had come true'

She closed her eyes and frowned at the memory.


'Something's definitely going on here' She eyed everyone around the table, her parents were talking to each other quietly, sending short glances to both Kagome and Kikyou once every five minutes. Her little brother was playing with his food, looking tense. A maid had actually come up to her and patted her on the shoulder. Kikyou on the other hand looked just as confused as she did.

A cough was heard from the front of the table, her father had stood up. "Kikyou, Kagome, we have an announcement to make"

'Finally...spill it!' She gave a quick glance to her sister before returning her gaze back to her parents.

"We would like to announce, that we have found both... you're grooms" Her mother finished off.


"What! NO way! Is this what you've been hiding! I do not want to get married to a complete stranger!" Slamming her fork down on the table she stood up from her chair and sent a glare to her parents. The maids and servants which had been passing by froze and all stopped to watch.

"Kagome dear, what's the matter with you? You're sister doesn't seem to mind the idea, you shouldn't either!" King Higurashi said, nodding towards Kikyou.

"That's because she's a year older than me! She's had more time to enjoy!" Kagome felt her cheeks go red with anger, 'no way, they couldn't be doing this to her'

"He's a very nice man, the son of the great lord of the western lands! His name is Sesshomuru, He's the older brother of Inu-yasha which Kikyou is getting married to, after you meet him, I'm sure you will like him very much"

She could hear the panic in her mothers voice, but she still wasn't going to ruin her life by marrying a complete stranger, she looked at Kikyou who had a huge beam on her face, she looked completely happy with the idea. How could she?

"But what if I like the younger brother instead? What was his name...Inu- Yasha?" She was getting desperate; she had to convince her mother to call it off.

"Nonsense!" Her father stepped in the matter "Kagome, you are getting married, and you are getting married to Sesshomuru, older brother of Inu- Yasha, and son of the great lord of the western lands, pack you're bags, you both are staying at their palace for the rest of the summer and you will get engaged in exactly two months! No questions about it!"


"No Buts!"

Flashback finished

And now, she was trying to sleep but achieved no such goal. From what she had heard, Sesshomuru seemed like a depressed robot, his name even sounded boring, he was two years older than her too, he didn't like to talk much and was a full demon. "Great, he seems like an interesting guy" She said out loud.

She was going to ruin her life now, by marrying a complete and totally stranger.

Considering the thought he was a demon another thought popped in her mind. 'I hope he doesn't kill me while I'm sleeping'

She was getting more tense by the moment, she needed to do something else to spend her time.

Getting up from her bed she walked across her room out to her balcony.

A soft summer breeze gently hit her face calming her down from her depression, looking up at the sky she saw a star, the same star her grandmother used to tell stories about.

"She told me that you could grant a wish to anyone who deserved it!" She yelled out, gazing at the star. "Well, I wish...I wish I know how true love feels like before I get married" a smirk appeared on her face. "Try to grant that wish!"


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