A Wish upon a Star

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Chapter Thirty

The Engagement, and the End.


Miroku stifled a cry as he sneaked into Sango's room... it was now or never – that dirty mongrel of a wolf had been flirting with her enough and if he didn't do anything, it wouldn't be soon until he heard they've gotten married and had two kids already.

Checking that she was surely fast asleep, he tiptoed to her side and took out the object which was safely wrapped inside layers of cloth. As he did so, he slowly placed it beside her arms.

Hoping to god she would like that poorly made "Me You = Love" pot he had made so long ago and was now giving to her, he patted her shoulder gently before tiptoeing out of her room again with one main thought circling in her mind.

If she didn't like it, he would run away and build an army to kill Kouga.


Inu-Yasha grumbled as the presence of someone felt amiss. Opening his eyes slowly he yawned and cursed the sun for waking him up so early... he was having a pleasant dream – something to do with Kagome...

Then it clicked.

Sitting up straight, he looked around worriedly, noticing immediately that Kagome had disappeared. He was about to jump off the bed and go looking for her when he noticed that it was the day of the engagement.

Meaning, she probably had gotten up early to get ready and meet her family.

Shrugging and plopping back down on the bed he smiled cutely with content as he smelled her beautiful and intoxicating scent on her pillow. Grumbling incoherent words and rolling over to the side of the bed where she had slept so he could bury himself in her scent he was about to fall back asleep in the oh so ever wonderful scent when the door burst open.

If he hadn't been so occupied with what he was doing, he would've already sensed the person arriving and would've jumped off the bed and would've hidden... but due to the fact he was actually occupied with what he was doing, the presence of the person who had arrived still remained unnoticed to Inu-Yasha.

"Inu-Yasha, what the hell are you doing sleeping on Kagome's bed?"

Inu-Yasha widened his eyes immediately, and for the second time that morning, he shot straight up and looked around worriedly.

"Nothing! I did absolutely nothing, I'm innocent I say!" he yelled out immediately and then smacked his head as his words seemed absolutely unconvincing.

Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow as he noticed Inu-Yasha flustered face and then shook his head as Inu-Yasha started to blabber out excuses.

"And – she said she'll murder me if I don't check the feathers on the bed!" Inu-Yasha said finished off his lame excuse... hey, who could blame him? He wasn't very good at lying...

Sesshomaru stifled a smirk and then walked in the room. "I was kidding..." he said and then ignored the glare that Inu-Yasha sent him for his embarrassment. "Mom saying you have to get ready, the weddings in fifteen minutes twerp."

Inu-Yasha widened his eyes and ignored the pang of sadness that hit him as a flash of Kagome getting married to Sesshomaru passed throughout his mind. "This early?" he asked and looked outside... it was barely noon, why the sudden rush?

"Yeah, even guests have started to arrive..." Sesshomaru said and gulped down the nervous jitters, half scolding himself for even feeling this way.

"Oh." Inu-Yasha replied and then slid off the bed to come face to face with Sesshomaru. "Well, Congratulations big brother!" he said, masking the sadness inside him with fake happiness.

Sesshomaru shook his head, not cracking even the smallest of smiles. "I know you don't want to get married to Kikyou." He said and then sighed. "You love Kagome don't you?"

Inu-Yasha widened his eyes. "W-what makes you think that?"

He shook his head. "No one knows a boy better than his big brother Inu- Yasha." He said and then punched him playfully on the arm. "And no big deal – I've gotten myself into a bigger web than you."

Inu-Yasha stuttered for words and was about to reply when he noticed Sesshomaru had turned around to walk out the door. "Hey! Come on; let's have a brother to brother talk... I mean, it's practically the last time we'll ever do that you know!" Inu-Yasha yelled out in an attempt so start a conversation to figure out what he had meant.

Sesshomaru smirked and then shook his head. "Dream on, now go get ready – your clothes are on your bed..."

Inu-Yasha was about to reply but Sesshomaru took off on such a speed that he was left standing in the corridor.

Growling at his luck, he made his way to his room and opened the door. There it was - on the chair – were his wedding clothes. Putting on a puppy pout that was pretty useless because no one could see him, he picked up the suit and quickly put it on.

He growled as he looked at himself in the mirror... yuck... he looked so – so... he looked like something Kagome would laugh at. Shaking his head he forced the thought out of his head... he shouldn't be thinking about her right now, not when the engagement was in fifteen minutes.

Walking back out the door, he was about to look for Miroku to get some advice when he heard someone yell out his name from behind. Turning around, he grumbled silently to himself as he saw his step mother walking towards him.

As she reached him, she smiled warmly up at him. "You look so handsome, you know that Inu?"

He shrugged with embarrassment and then put his hands into his pocket. "I don't want to get married to Kikyou..." he said and then looked away as his step mothers eyes filled with worry.

"Inu-Yasha..." she started off and then surprised him as she pulled him into a warm embrace. "I've longed for this day, to see you getting married... but it wasn't supposed to be like this, you know?" she said and Inu-Yasha felt guilt hit him as he felt her cry into his chest.

"It's okay..." He croaked out in a loss for words, it was one thing when Kagome would cry – but another when his step mom would.

"No it's not!" She replied back and pulled back to wipe her tears. "I'm forcing this upon you aren't I?" she said and Inu-Yasha frowned as more tears fell down her face.

"No... of course not!" he lied bluntly. Oh god, the last thing he needed before he got married to the one he didn't love at all his step mother crying... great – this was just great.

His step mother shook her head. "Inu-Yasha, I want you to be happy, and if this isn't what you want – please just tell me."

He looked at her, could – could he possibly tell her that it was Kikyou's sister he wanted to be with?

As he looked into her eyes, his mind was overblown by the sheer sadness in them. There was no way he could reply to a question like that with disregard. Sighing he shook his head. "No mum... I'm just a little tense that's all." He replied and then smiled as she nodded.

"Are you sure?" she asked and then looked back up at him.

"I'm completely happy with your decision." He replied and then felt his guts screaming out to him at the bold faced lie he had just spoken.

His step mother smiled. "I'm so proud of you." She said and then cupped his cheek. "Remember, always stay true to yourself!" She said and gave him a small kiss on the cheek.

He sighed and frowned. Oh sure, she tells him to stay true to himself... how could he do that when he had so many people forcing him to do the opposite of what he wanted? Sheesh... try living in his shoes for one day and then they'd understand...

Forcing upon a fake smile as she turned around to go find Sesshomaru and have a sappy moment with him as well, Inu-Yasha sighed as he walked across the corridor towards the steps.

He wanted to talk to someone right now... someone like Kagome – it'd be nice if he had just one last chat with her, but she wasn't in her room, and he could tell by the absence of her scent she wasn't in this side of the castle either, meaning – she probably went to the other side of the castle to meet her family or so.

Running down the steps, skipping one at a time, he made his way to the ball room where the engagement/marriage would be held, where hopefully Kagome was at the time. As he opened the door he gasped as he saw hundreds of people finding seats as the time ticked away, leaving only sheer five minutes until the priest start to say the names of the soon to be married couples.

Gulping as nervous jitters overfilled his bodies, he looked around worriedly with one thought in his mind. Where was Kagome?

He didn't 'have' to talk to her one last time... he 'needed' to talk to her one last time. He was about to run back to the castle to have one last search for her when his father grabbed his arm.

"Inu-Yasha, no time left to go back now – we have to go inside in a minute or so." His father said and Inu-Yasha turned around to face him.

"Oh, hi dad..." Inu-Yasha said but not even his cheery voice could hide the fact he was extremely nervous or more and so worried.

"Everything okay son?" He asked and then patted him on the back to hear his reply.

"I'm real nervous." He admitted, pushing the sudden thought of Kagome running away to the dark corners of his mind.

"It's okay, that's how I felt when I was marrying... never mind..." he said at the slip of the tongue. Inu-Yasha simply shrugged and then frowned as he saw Kikyou arriving with Sesshomaru, a flustered Sango and Miroku nearby.

"Dad... we can't find Kagome – I think Kikyou and Inu-Yasha should go first, we need more time." Sesshomaru said and glanced at Inu-Yasha for a mere second.

Inu-Yasha looked at Kikyou, she was hiding something... the fact she had gone pale at once at the sound of Kagome's name meant she surely knew something about Kagome's disappearance...

He was about to pull Kikyou to the side, ignoring the fact she looked stunningly beautiful in her wedding dress when he heard music start to boom out from the ball room.

His step mother who had arrived shortly after the others squealed as she heard the music. "It's time Inu-Yasha!" she said and Inu-Yasha took a deep breath, this wasn't good... he had to see Kagome... but where the hell was she?

Inu-Yasha's father walked in first as the Demonic Wedding rules had said so, and not soon after, it was time for Inu-Yasha and his mother to walk in as well.

Embracing Inu-Yasha's arm, she passed through the doors which had opened and started walking in with an equally upset and worried Inu-Yasha who was hiding a pout which wanted to slash across his face.

As Inu-Yasha passed the smiling faces of the people sitting in the rows and rows of benches laid across the ball room hall, he couldn't hide the feeling in his guts which told him something was wrong.

As he stood in front of the altar and the priest, he looked passed everyone and started bluntly at the floor, ignoring the fact that Kikyou was now walking in with her mother beside her.

Just as she reached her spot and stood in front of Inu-Yasha, everyone in the room had figured out by the unhappy and frowning expressions of them both – that something was being forced upon in the marriage, and a ripple of murmuring crossed the room.

As the music finished, Inu-Yasha glanced up, despite his guts screaming at him to tell everyone to stop this marriage right now and then, he looked at Kagome's... or Kikyou's mother.

Surprising himself he wondered why... why she looked – so sad.

He was lost in his own thoughts when the priest spoke up.

"Now, as we know... two..."

Inu-Yasha cursed himself and blocked out the priest's voice... he didn't want that bastard telling everyone a lie. He knew, Kikyou knew, Sesshomaru knew – and only if the whole damn world knew he didn't want to go through with this marriage.

He was staring bluntly at the floor when his father nudged him from behind. Jerking his head up, he stared blankly at Kikyou who was holding in a giggle. Looking around confusedly, he wondered why everyone in the room was staring at him.

"What?" he said out loud and to his reply, Kikyou smacked herself on her forehead.

The priest glared at him and then shook his head. Sighing he repeated what he had just said. "Do you promise to stay with your soul mate, through sickness and through health, through thick and through thin, through -?"

"Yeah, Yeah whatever." He replied and the audience held in a surprised gasp at his antics.

The priest held in a glare. "Uh... so you do?"

Inu-Yasha frowned... if he says 'I do' now... there would be no turning back, taking in a deep breath and trying to push back the nagging feeling which was telling him he shouldn't do it, he opened his mouth and said the words. "... I do."

The priest sighed and then turned to Kikyou to repeat the same verse.

It seemed like it was taking forever, but he just wanted to run out of this horrid ball room and run away from all of these problems. But, as he remembered his step mothers teary eyes, he gulped... he wouldn't be able to run away – he had to live with Kikyou and spend a miserable life away from happiness... in other words... away from Kagome.

Inu-Yasha was in his own world once again when the priest told them to exchange rings. And another nudge from his father brought him back to earth.

Sighing as he picked up the ring from the velvet cushion, he turned to Kikyou, and avoiding her gaze completely – he took her hand in his.

Her hands felt cold... unlike Kagome's... ugh! He had to stop thinking about her; if he was supposed to spend every day with Kikyou... then Kagome had to stay out of the picture.

His heart was hammering against his chest, this was it – after the rings were exchanged, every possibility of canceling the marriage would be turned from slim to none. As he raised the hand with the ring and drew it close to ring finger, he stopped his finger for a second before he decided he would slip it on.

Just as the ring touched Kikyou's finger, the main doors burst open.

Everyone froze as all heads turned towards the entrance and Sesshomaru widened his eyes from the place where he was sitting as he noticed who was standing at the big oak doors.

Rin panted as she held onto the doors in an attempt to catch her breath. Looking up and staring straight at Inu-Yasha and Kikyou, she held up a note despite her breath taken figure.

"What is this interruption!?" The King boomed out as he started to walk towards the now terrified Rin.

But before he could reach her, she shouted out the most horrific sentence anyone could've ever heard... and Kikyou knew it all too well.

"LADY KAGOME!" She stopped to stop to take a breath. "LADY KAGOME HAS RUN AWAY!"

The only sound that was heard in the next second during the pin drop silence was the sound of the ring as it slipped from Inu-Yasha's hand and clattered on the floor.


Reaching the shore of the beach, she sighed as she saw her boat waiting. This was it... once she got on, there was no way she could ever return. Reaching the boat, she looked around for the captain... the same one she had met when they had planned on going to Totosai Island with.

Spotting him on the deck, she pushed aside all the guilt, sadness and regret waving into her body. Letting out a weak shout, she surprised the captain with her presence.

Looking up, he smiled and ran up to the front of the ship where he jumped off so he could talk to Kagome. "Aye... aint' thinking you were 'gonna come this ear'ly" he said, his voice heavily masked with the accent of a seaman.

She smiled weakly and would've rather cried. "I know... but I couldn't wait..." she lied and then looked up at the seaman.

"Hmmm... I remember telling my lady that I was 'gonna take her and her husband on a trip across the seas, not only her alone!" He told her, his voice distinctively giving away the idea he was confused.

Kagome winced... shit; he wasn't going to give her a lecture now was he? "Care to take me alone?" she asked and looked up with him heavy lidded eyes.

He sighed. "I aint' 'gonna go against my lady's wishes... but are you sure?"

She felt her stomach churn. "... positive," she sighed. "Help me on the deck now will you?"

He nodded though Kagome could tell he was still in doubt. Pulling down the ladder which led up onto the deck, he was about to hold her hand when a thought popped into his head. "This gotta' do with the second son of the King aint' it?"

Kagome froze and tried to hold in the tears which welled up in her eyes at the thought of Inu-Yasha. "... Maybe..." She said and then, all of sudden, burst into tears.

The captain sighed and then pulled her into a hug, knowing it definitely did have to do with the second son of the King. "Tis' okay..." he said and then glanced back at the castle which could still be seen looming up from behind the tree's... he had an idea – despite the fact it didn't abide by any rule ever been heard by mankind.

Pushing her back, he forced her chin up so she could look straight into his eyes. "Let us go back and fix this misunderstanding... shall we?"

Kagome shook her head furiously and wiped away the tears which fell hopelessly down her face. "I just can't!" She yelled out

The captain grumbled to himself...she had to go back, one way or another.


Inu-Yasha swore at no apparent person as he kicked over one empty bench. Everyone had left the ball room as they heard the news about Kagome running away... all of them had left to search for her, leaving him alone in the empty ball room.

Well... alone with five depressed people.

Miroku and Sango... who were both blushing furiously whenever they made eye contact – were silently praying to god someone would find Kagome, Sesshomaru – and the flustered Rin were talking quietly to one another about something... embarrassing as both of their cheeks held a tint of pink.

And Kikyou, she had taken a seat to mourn the moment...

Back to Inu-Yasha - he was furious... furious with himself, furious with Kagome.

He had been worried dead sick about her and she had decided to run away? Meaning one thing, she didn't care for him... and all chances for the idea that she might actually care for him had vanished in an instant. Even if she did care about him... she wouldn't have ran away – she would've considered how moronic his life would have become.

But she didn't.

Meaning, she only cared for her own well being... and not his... and no one else's either.

Growling as he sat down on the ground, he buried his head in his hand... screw the world... screw everyone around him. He just wanted to go and kill himself now.

And all because of Kagome... just because she had stupidly decided to stay at their palace for three freaking months. If she hadn't come, he wouldn't have fallen in love... and if he hadn't fallen in love, he wouldn't be feeling so... downhearted right now.

He was lost in his own world when someone put a hand on his shoulder. Jerking up he came eye to eye with Miroku. Growling, he shrugged of his hand and returned to sulking.

Miroku sighed as he looked at Inu-Yasha. "Listen big guy... you should go after Kagome..."

He shook his head. "Get lost Miroku, I'm not going to run after someone who obviously has no feelings for me whatsoever and only cares about herself-."

"- Kagome does care about you... you idiot!" Kikyou yelled out and slammed her hand on the bench she was sitting on.

All members of the room snapped their head at her at her sudden outburst... they had barely heard Kikyou say a word during her visit and now she was yelling her head off? Well... this was suddenly a difference.

Inu-Yasha glared at Kikyou but decided to remain silent; if he spoke... everyone would immediately find out that... well...

"She ran away because she couldn't stand you getting married to me!" She stood up to walk towards Inu-Yasha. "She didn't want you knowing that she cared about you because that would obviously change your mind about your decision!"

Inu-Yasha grumbled some incoherent words and looked away from the furious Kikyou. "Inu-Yasha, don't you get what I'm saying?"

Sango nodded. "I do..."

Sesshomaru nodded along with her. "Same here..."

Miroku patted Inu-Yasha on the shoulder. "You've really busted yourself out on this one..."

Inu-Yasha once again shook Miroku's hand off of his shoulder. "NO I DON'T... and I DON'T want to! Understand Kikyou!?"

Kikyou sighed and glared at Inu-Yasha as he stood up and turned his back at all the staring occupants.

"Inu-Yasha..." Kikyou started and frowned at Inu-Yasha as he slumped his shoulders. "Kagome... she loves you."

Inu-Yasha growled as a number of different emotions rushed throughout his body. He didn't know what to do – five people in the room were telling him to go after Kagome... and all of them agreed on the fact that... Kagome... that she... that she could possibly love him.

Ugh... curse it... curse all this confusion – and curse all these problems. They had just defeated Naraku – with no time to celebrate, and now – the problem of his marriage popped out of no where...

It wasn't fair... why did it have to be HIS life which was so complex?

"Well, I don't love her!" He yelled out, not thinking about his choice of words, his ego meaning more to him than the situation right now.

Kikyou widened her eyes and looked back at the other five remnants of the room. Rin... who hadn't spoken a word since the whole ordeal started was watching with great interest. On the other hand, however, Sesshomaru looked furious – along with Sango and Miroku.

"How dare you toy with my friend's feelings like that Inu-Yasha!?" Sango yelled out but stopped when Miroku tugged on her arm, as she turned around she raised a confused eyebrow as he silently told her not to say anymore.

"Inu-Yasha... you're lying to yourself..." Miroku said and took a step forward but stopped as he turned around.

"UGH! I FEEL LIKE WE'RE HAVING A THERAPY LESSON!" He ran to a bench and furiously knocked it over. "All of you just leave me alone!" he said and sent furious glares to all of them.

Kikyou was about to reply, when Sesshomaru coughed and stood up. "As you wish little brother." He said solemnly and made his way out of the ball room with Rin walking behind him though the expression on her face told everyone clearly that she didn't want to leave.

Miroku sighed and shook his head, turning around to leave as well – and as he started to walk out, Sango gave Inu-Yasha one last glare before leaving as well.

"You're hopeless Inu-Yasha." Kikyou said before turning around to join the party.

"Oh well, even if I did love her, we won't be able to do anything would we? I'm already married to you!" He screamed out and then kicked over another bench.

Kikyou shook her head. "Not exactly..." she said but then sighed as she turned around to leave.

Inu-Yasha growled as he walked back in front of the altar to sit down. He needed some time to think... half of him was furiously angry at the fact that Kagome had ran away but the other half...

It was weeping at the loss.

He growled as he heard the main ball room doors open again... oh great, now who had come to taunt him with their presence?

"Ah lad, you must be the second son of the King, may I know if I am correct?" A heavy lidded seaman accent reached his ears and he burrowed his face in confusion as he remembered not once befriending any sea man... meaning, he didn't know shit about the situation and wasn't here to taunt him at all.

Looking up, he raised an eyebrow as he saw a sturdy man standing at the door. "Yeah, whadda'ya want?" he said, his voice coming out sounding contorted.

The seaman smiled and then coughed. "I juss' had to brin' a lil' someone here..." he said and then went back outside.

Inu-Yasha raised an eyebrow in confusion as he stared at the vacant stairway... what did he mean by that? He was about to stand up and go to see when he heard someone step in.

He widened his eyes as he saw Kagome walk in dully, avoiding eye contact immediately. It seemed like forever, but as she reached him, she sat down shyly beside him.

"... hey..." she croaked out and by the smell of salt coming from her, Inu- Yasha could tell she had been crying.

Inu-Yasha grumbled out a 'Hi' before blushing beet root red and looking away. Damn... this was going to be hard...


The captain of the ship grinned as he peaked inside at the blushing couple. Then as he turned around, he ran for the searching party...

He had to get them... so they could see for themselves what really was the match made in heaven.


Inu-Yasha glanced at Kagome who was staring blankly at the floor... somehow, it seemed much more interesting than any other thing in the room... well, more interesting than each other as they both just continued to stare at either the floor... ceiling... walls...

Then, Inu-Yasha finally made a move; he coughed.

Kagome glanced at him, wondering if he was going to say something – but as she saw he only coughed, she sighed and went back to her staring.

Inu-Yasha glanced at her. Wasn't she supposed to say something like...? Bless you? Oh no – wait, that was when people sneezed... taking in a deep breath he held in a growl. "Why'd you try to run away?" he said out bluntly.

Kagome mentally scolded herself as she felt herself tremble as tears welled up in her eyes again. Cursing herself as she started to cry, she tried to speak but they only came out as chokes.

Inu-Yasha, who was flabbergasted beyond words, just stared surprisingly at Kagome as she began to cry. Rising up his hands, he tried to comfort her but it only made her cry even worse.

"Oh... please don't cry!" He said and tried to pat her shoulders.

"But... you hate me now!" She told him between a wail and tried to pull out of his grasp.


"AND you're married now... I feel so useless and pathetic; I probably ruined Sesshomaru's marriage as well!" She cried out shrugged off Inu-Yasha's hand just in the same manner Inu-Yasha had done to Miroku.

Inu-Yasha scratched the back of his neck in wonder... how was he supposed to break the news to her - that he hadn't apparently gotten married to Kikyou?

"I didn't -... I mean, I -." He started off but was cut off as Kagome's tears turned to sobs.

"I know, you're going to yell at me now, for ruining your life! I really shouldn't have even come here to say goodbye to you one last time, you were probably getting ready to go on your honey moon with Kikyou!" she said and was about to get up but was yanked down when Inu-Yasha grabbed her wrist.

Kagome let out an 'oomph' as she felt herself being pulled into Inu-Yasha's lap. Opening her eyes as they had been shut closed during the fall; she blushed as she noticed how close they both were.

"Umm... you know, if Kikyou or anyone comes in here this moment..." she said but was stopped as Inu-Yasha cussed out loudly.

"You know, for a girl like you – you're pretty dumb." He said out blankly.

Kagome raised an eyebrow. "That doesn't make any sense... but I'm sure, coming from you – it's supposed to be an insult."

He rolled his eyes. "Listen you wench, Kikyou and I didn't get married."

Kagome blinked innocently as she processed the information in her mind. Then, as it hit her, she blushed bright pink. "Oh... never knew..." she choked out and then tried to squirm out of his tight grip.

But Inu-Yasha had not intention of letting go. "You aren't running away again."

Kagome sighed, a little part of her had brightened up at the sudden news he hadn't yet been married to Kikyou. After seeing that he was definitely not letting her go, she slumped in his hold. "Inu-Yasha... there's something..."

"... I have to tell you ..." he finished off, the feeling completely mutual between them both.

"... Right..." Kagome said and then blushed as she thought of the certain 'something' she had to say.

"You go first." He said and then tried to hide the pink tint in his cheeks by looking away but Kagome had already seen it.

She smiled. "Fine..." She said and then sighed.

"Go on." He told her, turning his head back.

"I haven't even started." She said and then stuck out her tongue at him.

"Oh, yeah... right..."

Kagome laughed. "I have a problem..."

"Oh, yeah – so do I." he said and then looked down at her, locking a gaze between them both.

"I've..." Kagome said and then blushed as she noticed how close their proximity was.

"Yeah... same here... I've... um..." Inu-Yasha said - a loss for words as he stared down into her beautiful brown orbs.

"You see, I've fallen..." she said, mesmerized by his alluring golden eyes.

"... Yeah, I've fallen somewhere... as well..." Inu-Yasha said and felt a purr of content in his stomach at her warmth and almost magical scent. Drawing her even closer so he could bury his head in her neck gently, Kagome felt the now familiar though ever so warm and cuddly aura he gave her.

"... I've fallen in love..." she said and felt her body shudder as his hot breath trailed across her from her neck and across her cheek.

"... So have I..." he said huskily and for a moment opened his closed eyes to stare into her seducing orbs... what the others had said... could it actually be true?

Kagome felt her heart hammer against her chest; it was beating so fast she could swear her ribcage could break any second. He was too close... all control would break loose if he didn't pull back any second now. But before she could do anything, she finished off her sentence in a mere whisper.

"With you..." she whispered out and a shudder coursed through her body as Inu- Yasha purred at her warm and soothing skin.

Inu-Yasha felt as if he had just moved to cloud nine and before he did anything, he leaned to whisper right next to her ear. "... I love you too."

Kagome felt her skin tingle and a chill sprite down her spine as he started to trail white hot, though gentle kisses down her neck. Twenty five percent of her mind was telling her this was wrong and that she should pull back, the other twenty five percent was telling her who cared, throw the rule book in hell, the other twenty five percent was too lost to think, and the other twenty five percent was telling her that numerous people were definitely watching.

Inu-Yasha felt himself growl with possessiveness as he trailed his kisses down her neck... had he gone mad when he thought he could possibly let her marry his older brother?

Kagome bit her bottom lip as he started to trail his kisses upwards... oh god; she was enjoying this too much to notice the wide eyed audience.

As Inu-Yasha reached her lips, he murmured one word which was meant for everyone to hear, but only Kagome did. "...Mine."

All thoughts ceased in her mind as Inu-Yasha placed his lips on her own in a chaste kiss. It seemed as if everything in time had stopped to cherish just this one moment.

As Kagome regained her senses, she surprised herself and Inu-Yasha as her tongue tapped against his lips to express the kiss. As he opened his lips for entrance, he regained control of his lead as he slid his tongue into her moist cavern.

Their moment was interrupted as someone coughed, breaking them apart at once.

Looking back at the entrance of the ball room floor, their already flustered face became even redder as they saw everyone who had come to see the wedding, including Kagome's family, Inu-Yasha's family, Sesshomaru, Rin – Sango, Miroku and Kikyou standing all gathered at the entrance, watching open mouthed at the scene.

Kagome buried her head in her hands at once as she pictured the scene which was surely going to happen.

"... That was... surprising..." Inu-Yasha's father said, his face having a tint of pink at what he had just experienced.

"Never expected it." Miroku added, voicing everyone's thoughts.

"Well... father, what are we going to do now?" Sesshomaru asked, though his voice already told everyone distinctively he knew what he wanted to do.

"Well, after seeing that – we can't let them... not get married can we?" Inu- Yasha's mother told everyone and then raised an eyebrow at Sesshomaru's pride filled expression. "Sesshomaru honey, is anything on your mind?"

He smirked, glancing shortly at Rin, then at the blushing couple who still sat in front of the altar.


Kagome smiled as she ran down the staircase of her new home... her new palace. She was living a dream, and everyone could tell by the lovingly happy face she held day long that she couldn't ask for more than she had.

Four months ago, she had gotten married... and not to some stranger – in other words: Sesshomaru.

She had gotten married to the one she loved... in other words: Inu-Yasha.

It had been Sesshomaru who had brought it up... saying it didn't matter to him if Kagome didn't marry him, saying that he had already fallen in love, which shocked his parents greatly – but they accepted the idea without a word.

It had been the happiest day of her life, and she could tell Inu-Yasha had felt exactly the same way as they exchanged vows, exchanged rings and had kissed to prove their love. Their wedding day had been ecstatic. People were cheering, everyone was laughing and the air couldn't have been fuller with love than it had been at that day.

Life after that day had been just as wonderful, Inu-Yasha staying close by her wherever she went, pouring undying love to her every second that he could. And all the love she held for him... well, she couldn't put it in words.

As she reached the dining room, she smiled brightly as she saw Inu-Yasha waiting for her. Reaching him, she gave him a big hug as he scolded her slightly.

"Sesshomaru's already arrived here with Rin... you're so late!" He said and Kagome pouted as she leaned back.

"I had to get dressed!" she said and then leaned up to give him a small kiss.

Inu-Yasha grumbled but kissed her back before leading her back to the entrance of their new and completely their own palace.

"I can't wait to see everyone...!" Kagome said happily as she saw carriages lined up at the gates.

"It's only been four months Kagome," Inu-Yasha smirked. "You can't miss them already."

"Oh but I have!" Kagome said and then smiled brightly up at him, melting his heart immediately. "I can't wait for this family reunion!"

"... Rin's getting a baby." Inu-Yasha pointed out blankly, remembering that he had forgotten to tell Kagome when he had found out.

Kagome widened her eyes as she glanced back up at Inu-Yasha. "Really?"

"Yeah... wonder what Sesshomaru did to her..." Inu-Yasha said before smirking.

Kagome punched him on the shoulder lightly. "Oh, please..."

"Hey – I thought I could talk about anything with my wife!" Inu-Yasha exclaimed and laughed afterwards.

"Just after you get your mind out of the gutter!" Kagome replied and then shook her head as Inu-Yasha put his arm around her shoulder.

"Oh, there – look... Miroku and Sango are coming in that carriage... I can sense them." Inu-Yasha said, changing the topic immediately as he saw their good friends.

"Oh, the last time I saw them was in their engagement... I can't wait till they get married..." Kagome said and squealed as she saw Kikyou jump out of a carriage with Kouga coming out right after her.

"Kouga and Kikyou... such a weird couple eh?" Inu-Yasha mused out loud and smirked as he saw Sesshomaru lift Rin out of the carriage, making sure she didn't fall in any way.

"Not as weird as us." Kagome said and laughed as Inu-Yasha smirked at her.

"You're right..." He said and then smiled as he saw his parents arrive from afar, following Kagome's family's carriage.

"Ready to go greet them?" Inu-Yasha asked and looked at her.

Kagome smiled. "Let's go." She said and felt her heart do a little jump as he took her hand in hers, leading them towards the arriving guests.










The End.

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