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*The girls are hiding behind a couch. There is a huge demon standing right in front of them*

Phoebe: "Piper freeze him! Paige potion NOW!

*Piper freezes him as paige throws the potion*

~Green goop flys everywhere~

Paige: "Did we get him? Is he gone?"

Piper: "Yeah we got him. Lets go to bed."

*the girls get in bed. It flashes to each of their rooms showing them sleeping peacefully*

*Down in the underworld Tempus is looking at the girls through a glass ball"

Tempus: "I'll get them all this time. The Charmed ones are mine"

*Tempus waves his hand and you see the days going backwards*

*The next morning. (Four years earlier)*

Prue(thinking): "MMM Breakfast smells so good. I love it when Piper cooks. Better hurry and go before we get attacked or something and they explode my damn food"

*She turns looks in the mirror and smiles She turns and heads downstairs*

Phoebe(Thinking):"Oh I don't wanna get up! But it smeels so freakin' good! Wow that is a shrilling scream! Better get up."

*Phoebe gets up and puts her slippers on. She heads for the kitchen.*

Piper(thinking): "Hurry Hurry Hurry! It's getting cold! God damnit! Oh good there's Prue!"

Piper: "Morning Prue! Your breakfast is on the table."

Prue: "Thank You my beautiful sister!"

Piper: "Phoebe get down here NOW! breakfast is ready."

Phoebe: "Piper settle down the neighbors up the street can hear you."

*she walks over and gets a cup of coffee. Then goes and sits*

Piper: "Shut up and eat"

*piper sets down her food*~They all laugh~

~Skip to the stairs~

Future Phoebe: "What is going on where am I?"

Future Piper: "I don't know but it looks like the morning of the day Prue died"

*Piper and Phoebe look at eachother. Suddenly they hear Paige*

Future Paige: "Where the hell am I?" Oh the manor but why is Prue here and two of you guys what is going on?"

Future Piper and Future Phoebe: "We don't know"

Future Piper: "All we know is this is the day Prue dies"

*Paige sits on the stairs. They all look teary eyed"

Future Paige: "Looks like we save our big sister! Why else would we be here?"

*They look at eachother and it cuts out*