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*The Park*

~The girls orbed right into the middle of a park.~

Future Phoebe: "Nice orb Paige. Where are we?"

Future Paige: "Hey were not hurt on our own front lawn are we? NO! So stop complaining. We are in the park by the house."

Future Piper: "OK Stop arguing you guys. We have to figure this out."

~Blue orbs~

Future Leo: "Where are we?"

Future Chris: "We are in the park by the house."

Future Leo: "Hey there's the girls. They'll know how we got here."

Future Chris: "Yeah they probably brought us here." *He rolls his eyes*

Future Leo: "Shut up even if they did they probably had a good reason. Now grab Wyatt he is playing with dirt and lets go."

~They walk over to the girls~

Future Leo: "Piper what is going on. How did we get to the park.?"

Future Piper: "LEO? What are you doing here?"

Future Leo: "Well we live up the street Piper. But we were feeding Wyatt and we just suddenly orbed here."

Future Paige: "What is going on? How did we all get here?"

Future Phoebe: "I don't know but we need to figure this out soon"

Future Chris: "Figure what out?"

Future Charmed Ones: "How we got to the past and why our powers are working."