~Paige looks at her sisters~

Future Paige: "Why do I feel like i've done this before?"

~The future girls giggle and the past girls look confused~

Future Phoebe: "Maybe because you have "

~Paige walks toward Patty. Patty walks out of her glow and embraces Paige in a hug.~

Past Prue: "Mom what's going on?"

Patty: "Girls do you remember Sam my whitelighter?"

Past Piper: "The one you were in love with?"

Past Phoebe: "Yeah mom, what about him?"

~Patty sighs and at Paige, grabs her to look at her again and gets ready to tell the girls, but Prue interupts~

Past Prue: " Don't mom. I get it. Come here sis."

~Past Piper and Past Phoebe go to walk over but Paige knows that Prue is talking to her. She walks over and they hug~

Future Paige: "I'm so happy your not angry."

~Paige starts to cry~

Past Prue: "Oh don't cry. I thought you've done this before silly. You act as though I died or you never met me or something."

~Paige steps back, wipes her eyes and looks at her sisters who are also crying and looking down. Prue looks confused, and then she gets it.~