Future Piper: "Leo, I want you to take Chris and Wyatt to elderland. Explain what is going on, see if they know why we are here and why we have powers."

Past Piper: "Leo go with him. Make sure they are helpful. I love you."

~They kiss as the future pair looks on sadly~

Future and Past Leo: "What if you need us?"

Past Prue: "They're right. What if we need healing?"

Chris: "Mom, is that..."

Future Piper: "Yeah sweetie it is. I take it you never met her?"

Chris: "No but that's not the point. I want to help. I can stay behind and heal if I need to."

~The past girls look on wondering what the heck is going on. Especially Piper~

Past Prue: "Umm did he just call you mom? Who is the baby and the guy? What is going on?"

Future Piper: "That's fine Chris you can stay. We could use the help. But Leo you go. I want Wyatt safe and I want some answers from the elders."

~The two Leo's orb out~

Future Piper: "This is Chris my son and the baby was Wyatt, his brother."

Past Piper: "That's impossible! He is too old to be your son, my son ugh! Even three years from now. And the other kid is a boy, I went to my future, I have a girl!"

Future Piper: "Well things change! You are blessed with a very powerful little boy. Make that two very powerful boys. Chris is from the future. Well my future. He is actually a year younger that Wyatt. I am pregnet with him right now." Past Prue: "Have you ever thought that saving me might change all of that?"

~Piper looks at Chris~

Future Piper: "No. But I believe that my two boys were my destiny. Saving you may change that but I also believe I was sent here to save you. So this is a risk that I think I have to take."

~Chris looks at his mother and smiles~

Past Phoebe: "Enough of the family reunion lets do this. Dr Griffis has already headed back to his office. We have to kill Shax before Shax kills him. Cole can you go to the underworld and try to see if any demon could be behind this?"

Past Cole: "You got it babe."

~He shimmers out~

Future Piper: "Ok from what I remember we went out to the ally and killed him. But our magic was exposed and we had to reverse time and do it again. Only things got really screwed up and Prue, well, you didn't make it. So if we can summon Shax and kill him without exposing magic then this should work."

Past Prue: "Ok Phoebe go get the summoning spell."

~Phoebe comes back 2 minutes later with the spell in hand. All of the girls hold hands and read the spell~

All Charmed Ones: "Earth, wind, and fire, bring me a hateful desire. The sources one and only hire. Bring him here with all our power."

~The door flies open and Shax appears. For a moment the girls seem frozen~