This fic came to me when I heard this song. Gollum's song Where once was light

Now darkness falls

Where once was love

Love is no more

Don't say - goodbye

Don't say - I didn't try...

These tears we cry

Are falling rain

For all the lies

You told us

The hurt, the blame!

And we will weep

To be so alone

We are lost!

We can never go home

So in the end

I will be - what I will be

No loyal friend

Was ever there for me

Now we say - goodbye

We say - you didn't try...

These tears you cry

Have come too late

Take back the lies

The hurt, the blame!

And you will weep

When you face the end alone

You are lost!

You can never go home performed by Emiliana Torrini

The blood of a red rose


Her scream's rattled through the empty halls. The blackness and silence interrupted by her gagging and blood curdling screeches. She had looked into the vast abyss of darkness and the darkness had claimed her. The time is brimming with a brooding misery. What is to come even I can not know. It is big and pain filled. It would lead to my end. Let the blackness sting my friend as this story is told. His blow fell so fast that she had no time to move with it. His fist struck her hard on the cheek, and the force of the blow knocked her flat on the bed, she didn't cry out. Instead, she touched the bruise gently and stared up at him.

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