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Chapter 10

Minerva lay sprawled out on the top of Albus's bed. She was pale so pale.

"Stay with me tonight," she purred almost playfully. "Please." She smiled a
seductive smile at him. He was shocked. How could she be like this when in
her mind she was planning murder and suicide? How could she do that? It was
impossible to do such things. She watched him as he changed for bed. Even
with his back turned he could still feel her eyes boring into his back. As
if she was sending out small lazar beams that burnt into him. He returned
to the bed after he was changed. Curling up underneath the covers. She
joined him quickly. Her cold breathe stinging the side of his neck were she
buried her head. Her frozen hands moving up and down his body. The coldness
seeping through his thick night clothes. She purred ever so slightly when
he held her. She was so cold.

"Albus." She moaned into his ear softly. "I want you to do something for

"Anything," he answered unaware of what was to come.

"I want to get out Albus. I want to be away from this place." She muttered
very softly, was she... was she crying?

"We can move we could go to my cottage," she shook her head.

"My Albus, my sweet Albus. Not just away from this house. Away from
everything Albus, away from the world away from him. There's no way I could
kill him, I just want out Albus. Even if he was gone I would never find
peace. I feel... I feel like I have had the dementors kiss. My soul seems to
have been buried there is nothing? Nothing at all here for me. Except you
Albus. And in time you will leave me to. Help me Albus. Help me end my
madness. Help me leave this place." He looked at her, she couldn't read his

"Don't ask me that Minerva."

"I don't want to ask you Albus. But I can't do it on my own. The killing
curse doesn't work if I point my own wand to myself I don't want to do it
any other way. I don't want anyone to find me. It would be horrible for
them. I just want to go. Leave as little pain as possible behind me." She
had tears welding up in her eyes.

"But you will leave pain behind you. What ever you do there will be pain.
You're a loved woman Minerva. Your students love you. Your friends love
you. I love you! You can't leave us like this." His own tears were now
falling she whipped them away with her fingers softly.

"I'm not myself Albus. He's turned me into something awful something mad. I
fear what I will do, to you to anyone. I want to leave now I don't want
them all to remember me as the woman who was driven mad then killed
herself. I want my students to remember the teacher they could come and
talk to. I just want to go now before I do something, I could never
forgive. Please help me my love. Please, it's not as If we will be apart
for ever. Think of the children Albus! I love you; please do this one thing
for me please." He hated to see her in this pain. Maybe she right. Maybe
she did need to go. He scolded him self for thinking such things. But he
knew deep down he knew she was right and so was he.

"I love you to much."

"You're not killing me Albus your helping me. You're saving me. Its one of
the bravest things you could ever do. Wasn't it you who used to say death
is, but the next great adventure. Let me go Albus. Let me be free."

"But I don't want to let you go!" The tears were forming Minerva had never
seen him like this. He was always so cool and collected. But now he was
hysterical. She slid her chilled hand onto his worn cheek.

"If you love me you'll let me go." Her eyes shone brightly. They showed her
pain the pain she was trying so badly to hide. He felt his heart slowly
break as she sat before him. This pain was unreal, how could this hurt so
much? He nodded slowly.

"Thank you." These words he knew would be in his dreams for the rest of his
life now. She smiled softly, pressing her lips to his sharing a kiss with
him he knew to be their last. And then she sat in front of him just waiting
and waiting. He had always known he would be the first to die, it was
supposed to end this way. He always wondered years after the incident how
he had ever done it. But the words had come from his mouth so effortlessly.
How could those small words destroy someone so easily? He watched her as
she hit the bed softly. Her arms falling beside her unmoving form. He held
her while her heart stopped. He held while her brain slowly died.

He wondered if he would ever feel guilty. Taking the life away from her.
The truth was, he always did.

"Good night my love, may you find your way into the light safely."

Albus couldn't help but wonder while he clutched her lifeless form against
him, what he was to tell the order the next morning. Minerva was dead. Yet
their love continued, even through the barrier known as death. They would
pay for this, Albus told himself. Just like Grindlewald had paid all those
years ago. Voldemort would fall, and Eros would die beside him. Albus
Dumbledore would make sure of that. Stories begin and end everyday, Minerva
McGonagall's ended that night.


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