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Type : Angst,

Warning: Verey sad, I cried writing this story

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Date: 1-23-04

Remembering the Dead


To all who have lost friends and family. My grandmother died/was murdered a year ago today


Also I would like to thank Vanessa and a buddy of mine, Lex, for reading this before I posted it.

On this day I sit and think of what I remember most about her. I remember her smile and how it would comfort me when I was sad; the kind words she told to lift my spirits when I was hurt. I remember thinking at one point that she would always be in my life. And then she died.

Now I know that she is gone, because I sit here by the cliffs thinking about her on the anniversary of her death. I wonder she looking in on us she left behind, making sure were doing fine, or if she is planning her Death Day party, much like Sir Nicolas from the "Harry Potter" Books, or is she visiting with friends and family that had died before her.

I now know that she lives on in me, having taught me how to use my smile to comfort the sad, to use words to lift the sprits of the hurt, and so many other things, but the most important is how to give and receive love.

I also know now that I will live on in others when I die because of the impact I will have had on the others around me.

With that last line ,Jonny closed the notebook he was writing in, and said out to the sea his mother had loved so much, "I still love you Mom, and always will." With that Jonathan Quest walked back in to the house.


In Loving Memory of my Grandmother:

Elizabeth Olga Lajewski May 10, 1913-January 23, 2003

MEP: Gram where ever you are I still love you.