A/N: So a friend and guild mate of mine thinks I'm evil. Maybe because he's the evil one. I wrote this story to tell the truth about him and his evil ways.

BTW, yes, it is supposed to be corny and overly exaggerated at points. Don't take it too seriously. And hopefully Silvale won't beat on me anymore for trying to get the truth out there.

It was another beautiful day in Rune-Midgard. Cornflakes, a Poring, was bouncing around happily through the land. He wasn't bothering anyone, only playing happily among the flowers.

Till suddenly, a big, bad, mean, vicious Knight came named Silvale. He was watching poor, innocent Cornflakes as he frolicked along. Cornflakes got the sudden feeling he was being watched, which he was, by that perverse, sadistic Knight, from behind a tree.

Cornflakes moved away from where he felt the watching eyes come from, hoping he could make an easy get away with no violence.

But no; as soon as the Knight realized the Poring had spotted him, he attacked. He jumped from behind the tree, stabbing his Bastard sword into the ground after the poor innocent Poring. Cornflakes jumped 20 feet into the air to avoid him. The Knight began to swing at him now, laughing so coldly you could see the frost coming from his lips. Cornflakes cried, the only thing he could do was run. The Knight was way bigger then he was, and seemed to be so evil and mad that Cornflakes dared not go near him.

Cornflakes bounced away as fast as his little body could go, dodging and weaving in the grass to try and shake off the Knight, all the while listening to him laugh at him.

Finally, Cornflakes managed to find a hole to hide in. The Knight passed right by it, and Cornflakes cried as he had no idea why anyone could be so cruel to such an innocently little creature.

Cornflakes stayed there for the rest of the day and night, crying his poor little heart out. He could barely sleep for he kept hearing the cold laughing in his dreams and see the evil demented face of that Knight chasing after him.

When morning finally came, Cornflakes emerged from the hole. He came up slowly, making sure no one was around. He was scared and shaken now. He felt so alone and hurt.

As he sat there shivering like mad, Cornflakes then heard someone approach from behind. He jumped back in the hole again in case it was that mean Knight come back.

He listened, the foot steps came very close, then right over head, then moving away. Cornflakes peeked out, praying that it wasn't that Knight. What he saw was very different indeed. Instead of a mean, vicious Knight, it was a cute innocent Acolyte girl. She was humming peacefully to herself, heading toward the cliffs at the edge of the landscape. She was very cute for sure, thought Cornflakes, as she was wearing Angel Wings in her short brown hair. He watched as this Acolyte sat down near the cliffs edge, the wind picking up and blowing her hair gently in it's breeze. She hummed some more, looking at peace with her surroundings.


Maybe she can help me,' Cornflakes thought to himself at he stared at her. She seemed very harmless. Cornflakes emerged from his hiding place slowly, cautiously, hoping that he was not mistaken. He moved to the cute Aco girls side, and spoke gently as to not scare her. "Umm," he squeaked, "Ms. Acolyte. Please, can you help me."

The Aco girl turned in surprise, looking down at the poor scared Poring next to her. She could see he was looking sad and hurt, so she smiled at him gently. "What is wrong?" she said softly. Her voice sounded like an angel, Cornflakes though.

He began to cry, and told the Acolyte about the big bad mean Knight. The girl listened in disbelief. "Oh my, how can anyone be so mean," she sad sadly. She picked up the poor sobbing Poring and held him in her arms. Cornflakes felt so safe there, so peaceful, almost like her gentle touch was healing him of all his wounds. "There there now, you are safe with me," she said. "I won't let him hurt you anymore."

"Thank you," Cornflakes sobbed, burring his face in her chest as he cried. When he finally settled down, he looked up at her and asked, "What is the name of the angel who holds me."

The Acolyte blushed. "My name is Kali Jadyn," she said.

"That is a very pretty name," Cornflakes said smiling.

"And do you have a name little one?" Kali asked.

"Yes," he answered, "my name is Cornflakes."

Kali smiled, "That's a cute name."

So Kali and Cornflakes sat by the cliffs edge, looking out to the water below. Cornflakes felt so safe there with her, nothing could hurt him now. That is, until...

"Hey! You there, bitch, come heal me!" came a booming voice from behind the two. Kali and Cornflakes turn around, and to Cornflakes horror, there stood the Knight who attacked him yesterday. Cornflakes gave a horrifying gasp. The Knight looked at him and laughed. "If it isn't the little pink turd from yesterday. Lousy little punk," he said, spitting at him.

Kali stood up with Cornflakes tightly in her grasp. "That is no way to talk to people," she said angrily.

"Shut up bitch, I didn't ask for your opinion," the Knight spat at her, looking down on the Aco girl who was about a foot shorter then he was. "Now give me my fucking heal right now or I'll beat your ass down too. And while you are at it, I want a Bless and an AGI up, plus all your Zennies."

"No! I will not give you a thing until you apologize to me and this Poring," she demanded. Before she could say or do anything else, the Knight struck her across the face, making her stumble back and dropping Cornflakes to the ground.

"Damn you whore. Don't talk to me like that! When someone tells you to give them a heal, you do it! You got that!" he screamed at her.

Kali held a hand to her face in disbelief.

Cornflakes was scared at first, he didn't know what to do. But then he realized he couldn't let anything happen to his new friend Kali. She was so nice to him. She healed him, comforted him, was nice to him even though he just met her. He was not about to let this Knight be as mean to her as he was to him yesterday.

"Hey! You big, mean, rotten Knight! How dare you hit a girl like that," squeaked Cornflakes from the ground, looking up at the Knight with rage in his eyes.

"Oh yeah!" the Knight laughed, "And what are you gonna do about it pink punk?" And with that, Cornflakes lunged at the Knights hand and bit him. The Knight screamed and threw the Poring away from him. His hand was now bleeding from the deep teeth marks Cornflakes left on him. He grabbed his sword and screamed "You'll pay for that you stupid pink spore!"

Kali watched in shock for a few moments before reacting. "Agility up!" she chanted, pointing her hands at Cornflakes. He suddenly felt a whole lot lighter and faster. The Knight swung at him, but unlike yesterday, Cornflakes easily dodged the swing. The Knight swung several more times, and each time Cornflakes dodged with ease. "Bless! Angelus!" Cornflakes heard Kali chant again, and this time he felt a whole lot stronger. The Knight managed to hit Cornflakes with the back of his sword, but Cornflakes only felt a small push. Whatever Kali did, he was a whole lot tougher now.

"Get him Cornflakes!" he heard Kali shout to him.

He felt invincible, feeling like he could take down a Baphomet if he wanted! The Knight swung at him some more, and Cornflakes dodged around, finally finding an opportunity to attack the Knight's face. Cornflakes lunged his whole self right at him, hitting him square smack in the middle of his face. The Knight fell backward with the force of the Poring, and laid sprawled out on the ground, dazed, and out cold.

Kali ran over to Cornflakes and picked him up, giving him a great big hug. "You did it! See!" she said, pointing down at the Knight who was knocked out with a bloody nose. Cornflakes was shocked. He did that? He couldn't believe he took down that Knight all by himself. He squealed happily in Kali's arms. He was so ecstatic.

Together, Cornflakes and Kali took off for the city of Prontera, leaving the Knight behind to rot. He deserved it for being so mean to Cornflakes. Maybe next time Silvale thinks about picking on poor innocent Porings, he'll always remember the time Cornflakes whooped his ass and handed it to him!