A/N: We all knew he was evil, but to try and spread lies? Here is his version of the story. Don't believe him! We all know I'm the good one, he's the most evilest evil!

It was yet again another beautiful time in Rune-Midgard, where night never comes nor rain ever fall. In the sunlit green field, a Poring, named Cornflakes, was hopping around happily, with no problems in mind and no bad intentions. Suddenly, a little Acolyte girl appeared into his view. She seemed friendly, even though her fake halo gave a feeling of unholiness, so the Poring decided to approach her to try and be friendly. The girl, named Kali Jadyn, got in friendly terms with the little innocent creature and talked with him for a while. Feeling that the strange Acolyte didn't mean any harm, Cornflakes hopped on her lap to get more comfortable. As he was innocently staring into the horizon, he heard a light ruffle behind him. He thought it was nothing, she was just searching for one of her items, maybe sunglasses… until he heard a metallic rattling. Turning around to see what was going on, he saw the betrayer, the perverse Acolyte holding a swordmace high into the air!

Cornflakes quickly bounced away so she couldn't reach him, and turned back with teary eyes. He thought she was his friend, that evil Acolyte! How did she get accepted into the church? But he couldn't wait anymore, as Kali was getting up to lunge viciously at him! The Poring went rolling (it was quicker, in the circumstances) into a nearby bush and zigzagged into the forest, while the mean girl ran after him. He heard her casting a spell, something that looked like "Agility Up!" Cornflakes gasped. She would keep up to him in no time now, he had to hide or else he would surely meet the Devil!

He finally managed to find a small hole beside a tree to hide in. The Aco girl went right past him, looking around furiously and laughing evilly. Shaken, Cornflakes could almost see the horns growing on her head, she was so perverse! Kali looked like she lost track of him, but Cornflakes didn't move, in fear that she would see him again and try to kill him, for who knows what devilish sacrifice ritual!

Why did she have to pick on a poor little Poring? How can someone be so cruel as to try to kill the cutest and most innocent creature living on Rune-Midgard? She was far from good, she was completely scary!

Cornflakes stayed in his hole for several hours, shaking in fear. He was paranoid; would she still be outside when he comes out? He couldn't stand the thought of meeting her again, that manipulative demon!

After what seemed like ages, Cornflakes decided to try his luck and come out. He came out slowly, looking everywhere for the bloody swordmace that almost got his life. Seeing nobody around, he sighed his relief and ventured further in the forest.

Minutes later, he heard footsteps coming from afar! Fearing for his life again, the Poring tried to move away from the sound, but he was too slow. Seeing nowhere to hide, he turned around and prepared to face his fate. But it wasn't a mean, cruel Acolyte girl that came out.

It was a tall Knight, his sword sheathed. His pure, short silver hair waved a little in the wind while his battered armor showed that he went through many a battle. However, he didn't look mean at all! He gave out an aura of purity and kindness that Cornflakes never felt before. The Knight passed some Fabres, smiling, and kneeled to observe them a little. The Poring thought to himself "maybe this kind-looking man can help me!"

Cornflakes approached the man, still looking at the Fabres and giving them some green herbs. He hoped his judgement was good this time, but how could such a person, with a mind as clear and white as it could be, have evil thoughts? He tried to speak to him, still cautious: "Excuse me" he said, "can you help me Mister Knight?"

He then turned his head towards the Poring, looking a little surprised that a creature approached him and spoke to him, and smiled kindly. "Of course, little one, what can I do for you?" he asked. Feeling relieved and looking straight at the man's eyes, which were also silver-colored, Cornflakes explained his situation. Shocked, the Knight stood up. "How can ANYONE be so cruel to a little Poring?" he said in a shaking voice. "And an Acolyte, to boot!" he added. The Knight looked pissed off and troubled. "Maybe the church isn't as pure and holy as I thought," he said softly to himself.

He accepted to help him strike back at the ill-mannered Acolyte and asked for the Poring's name. "My name is Cornflakes," the creature answered.

"Well Cornflakes," the Knight said gently, "my name is Silvale. We'll get her good, you hear?" he said encouragingly. Cornflakes jumped up and down happily, filled with joy. There were still good people in this world! This guy was nothing like the horrible, mean Acolyte from before! Cornflakes felt encouraged, supported. Silvale sure knew how to talk to make others feel better! Both smiling, they started planning how they would make that evil Kali girl never think of scaring Porings again, but…

"Hey you, ugly Knight! Tank me!" came a voice from afar. It was a girl's voice. Silvale turned around, looking slightly annoyed and starting to talk: "Miss, you should learn some…" but he stopped when Cornflakes screamed.

"It's her! It's that mean Acolyte!" he squeaked.

Kali Jadyn turned her stare onto the weak little creature and snickered. "Why, if it isn't the big ball of jello from earlier!" she sneered. "How about I finish what I started before?" she said, taking her swordmace again.

Silvale couldn't stand such evil talk. He stepped forward and talked back to the girl. "Miss, you cannot talk that way to anyone!" he said, getting pissed.

"You just shut up, jackass, it's none of your business," she answered with disdain. Kali then started advancing towards Cornflakes, smirking, but Silvale, not being able to stand this injustice, went between the two. "You won't approach this Poring."

Kali looked amused. "What if I do?" she asked. "You'll kill me?" Silvale pondered for a second. She was right, he couldn't really hurt her like this, it goes against his principles. He reached behind him and threw something towards Cornflakes that Kali couldn't see. She grew suspicious. "Okay you big ass, what did you just do?" she asked angrily.

Silvale blocked her view. "You'll see soon enough." He answered. He then stepped aside, letting Kali advance. "Go ahead, try to get him." He challenged her!

Snickering, the fake angel advanced towards the Poring. It was right on the ground, shaking with fear and looking completely helpless. This will be such an easy target! Kali swung her weapon down towards Cornflakes, who dodged easily. "What?" she said, surprised. She tried swinging repeatedly at the Poring, but her movements looked slow and shaky.

"No wonder she wanted a tank," Silvale thought, "she can hardly swing her weapon straight!"

Furious, Kali swung more strongly towards the Poring who kept dodging. She then decided to cast Agi Up on herself, quickly preparing herself. "Now Cornflakes!" Silvale shouted. Bouncing up at a speed Kali would never have imagined a Poring could have, Cornflakes tackled Kali hard, sending her on the ground gasping for her breath. The swordmace went flying further away, and the horrible Aco couldn't reach it anymore. Cornflakes, happy, continued tackling his opponent on the floor, making her writhe in pain. After a while, Kali could hardly move anymore, and Silvale had seen enough. "All right Cornflakes, I think she's had enough now." he said. His purity of mind couldn't stand seeing this girl suffering much more. Cornflakes stopped, feeling she had her lesson too.

Silvale stood over the moaning Acolyte. "This is what you get for being mean to others. Justice is served." Cornflakes agreed.

Silvale left a red potion beside the girl and left for Prontera City along with Cornflakes. Those two now had a strong friendship, and hopefully the mean and evil Kali Jadyn will think again before spreading evil again!