Wildfox: Hey, hey beyblade fans and welcome to Whole Again, my very first fan fic ever, ever. I beg you from the bottom of my heart and sole to be nice and please no fire, bombs or any of that fun stuff.

Tyson: Wanna bet it sucks.

Wildfox: Shut up Tyson or I'll make sure I mock you more than I already plan to or maybe, just maybe I'll sick my goons on you.

Tyson: What goons?

Wildfox: (whistles) Kai? Ray? Sick him!

Ray: Charge!

Kai: I can't believe I'm doing this but charge!

Tyson: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh cough, cough ahhhhhhhhhh!

Wildfox: (smiles as Tyson is flattened and tortured) I love seeing him squirm (giggles).

Kai: (has Tyson's foot in his mouth) Ium ommy ooing fis cause oou shed ood kish me if I didumf!

Wildfox: I know but hey it was your choice. Just in case you didn't get that the almighty hotso Kai said: I'm only doing this because you said you'd kiss me if I didn't. Aren't I evil? Anyway I. . . huh?

Max: Hey guys what are you OH MY GOD YOU'RE WRESTLING! (grabs a chocolate bar with extra sugar, stuffs it in his mouth and runs) CHARGE!

Tyson: Owwww!

Wildfox: Like I was saying, if you read the summary at the beginning, this story will be told by none other than Kai Hiwatari himself. I know what you're thinking but don't worry, if he either refuses or is still busy fighting Tyson or knocked out (not likely) I have reinforcements; my other goons Ozuma and Kane or I have it recorded.

Ray: Tyson what do you eat this morning? Cause if that was you then now I know what death smells like.

Wildfox: If that wasn't disturbing I don't know what is. In the summary I also mentioned a girl named Alex. She's my made up character and is quite obviously Kai's sister. She has light blue bangs like Kai which are made up of two large parts at the sides and two smaller ones in the middle. She has a slight obsession over belly tops and baggy pants and big shoes and she like Kai has stripes on the sides of her face. Her eyes are a violent green and her bit beast is a yellow, orange and red pheonix named Dagger. She is Dranzer's sister and is extremely powerful. Alex is Ray's girlfriend. . .

Ray: Yay!

Wildfox: Yeah and I also apologize to Mariah and all those other Ray fangirls, but it just so happens that the hot sexy girls (in a guys opinion obviously not mine) with hot sexy brothers (quite obviously in my opinion and meaning Kai) always win the Rays. Sorry girls but. . .what the heck is that!?

Mariah: I'll teach you to steal my boyfriend. Come on girls kill her!

All the fangirls + Mariah: Kill her! Kill her!

Wildfox: Oh God have mercy on my sole! Goons help me! Help me!

Tyson: How about aces you got any aces?

Kai/Max/Ray: Sorry Tyson go fish.

Tyson: Oh come on guys I have half the deck. Can't I have an extra turn?

Everyone else: Fine. . .

Tyson: How about aces you got any aces?

Everyone else: (sweat drop and fall anime style)

Ray: You gotta stop asking for aces dude.

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Kai: Does Not!

Disclaimer: Does to!

Kai: Not!

Disclaimer: To!

Wildfox: (while running from others) This will probably be going on for a while so let me introduce chapter one. Hey don't stick that up there!

Chapter 1: I Wish It had Been Me

Three years had passed since the sudden death of Alex Hiwatari and I was still recovering. Did it always hurt this much? Was I the only one who felt this way after a loved one suddenly has to leave even though they've only lived for 12 years? These questions always filled my head whether I was beyblading or sleeping they never let me be. My name is Kai Hiwatari. I'm a 15 year old boy with light blue messy bangs and dark blue hair at the back which goes just above my shoulders and no further. I tend to keep to baggy blue pants and a tight shirt (in this case it was black with red bands going around the shoulder area) and my arms are barely ever not covered. Today I had returned to my red and silver gauntlets and white scarf which I had tied around my neck in two separate knots. My pants were full of pockets and my shoes were brown and were the reason for the bottoms of my pants to be hidden. Overall if you left me alone and gave me my space, I'm a pretty nice guy and am one of the 4 beyblde world champions. Together with my team the Bladebreakers and my bit beast Dranzer, I never lose a battle and play every one in honour of my twin sister Alex.

Alex had lived with me until one of the coldest days in December when a bullet met her chest and she was dragged into a train headed for who knows where by several men from the abbey where we lived. I had protested and later found out that the reason for our separation was due to our extreme strength in blading. Our grandfather Voltaire, had feared that with this strength we could over power him and his people and take over the world so Alex being the less obedient one had to go. I had tried to get her back but my knees felt like jelly and before I knew it I was on the ground with hot tears running down my face. I hadn't cried since my parents had died but I certainly hadn't cried this much. Alex had meant so much to me and now she was gone, forever and I Kai continued to live on regretting it more and more each and every day. Maybe she wasn't gone after all and she was waiting for me somewhere. Ya that was it she was alive and I would see her soon.

I continued to think about this as the Bladebreakers' bus ran through the early morning puddles spread across the road. It was raining hard and it seemed to express my mood this morning. I thought of nothing but Alex and this was unusual because we were however headed for one of the most important beybattles of our careers and obviously I should be excited, but pain and loss overpowered this emotion. I sighed as I rubbed my hand along my eyes when suddenly Ray caught my eye.

"Hey Kai what's up?" Ray asked with his usual smile spread across his most adorable face. Alex would have liked him and I could tell.

Ray was tall like me with long black hair which when untied touched the back of his knees. He however kept it in a long white strand of fabric which only allowed a small bit to poke out the end. He was wearing a white shirt which went all the way down to his knees as well and it was kept together with two blue pieces of fabric which caused him to look even more Chinese. He was wearing two black gloves with a Ying-Yang on the back of each and he had a pair of black puffy pants equipped with two black slippers. A red sash was tied around his waist, keeping his shirt from looking too baggy and around his head there was yet another piece of red fabric with another small Ying-Yang. Ray was always happy and confident yet quiet but when he wanted to he could be loud either laughing or yelling whichever. I like Ray most of all because of his spirit and for the fact that he understands me and could normally interpret how I was feeling. Obviously he could right now.

"Oh, um." I paused as I thought about whether I should tell Ray or not. "Well you see my sister. . ."

"Alright everybody off! We're here!" yelled the plump and bald Mr. Dickenson from the front of the bus causing Ray to fall off the seat and me to lose my train of thought. The two of us remained with the same blank expression until Ray snapped out of it and looked at me again.

"I'm assuming that you want this kept quiet so after the match I'm all ears and I hope I can help you."

"That is if we survive this battle. I have a funny feeling we won't." I replied glumly picking up my brown bag and standing up.

"I know I'm nervous too but just as long as Tyson doesn't screw up or make us look stupid I think we'll be fine."

I couldn't help laughing as the Bladebreakers filed out into the rain and into the alley straight ahead. This was the location of our battle or at least that's what the note said and also the team they would be facing was called the Alley Bladers so the location only made sense. I wondered what they would be like as Ray shook the rain from his head beside me. He didn't like getting wet and neither did I but I knew that these battles would be just as long as our other ones but maybe it was drier inside the alley. However, it was only wetter since all the water drained into this alley and since Dranzer was a fire bird I didn't know how long he'd last. I screwed up my face as much as I could to look concerned and it certainly caught the attention of my companions but they only sighed and continued to shiver as they walked to the exact end of the alley and waited.

Wildfox: (tied up but can still talk just for the sake of the story) Sorry that chapter was kinda short but I don't want to put too much until I know all yall like it. You dig? Anyway, no Kai is not gay because I don't do gay pairs only opposite sex pairs, you know girlfriend boyfriend relationships. Please review!

Mariah: Okay Wildfox, time to meet Mr. Scissors and Mrs. Gel.

Wildfox: Not the hair no please not my hair! Why me? Goons help me please help me!

Kai: Okay Tyson I hope you're happy. You have the entire deck so now you can ask yourself for your dumb aces.

Tyson: Hi Tyson you got any aces? (Pause as he waits for a response) So you don't like to talk huh? Oh well I can wait. . .