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Chapter 1: A Rude Awakening

It had been just over two years since Alex and I had been reunited again and life was all good. She had joined our team only days after she had met everyone and the only person who hesitated her joining was none other than Tyson. He really didn't like the idea of having a girl on a team of only boys, but seeing as Max and Ray both agreed that she should join he was out numbered. Kenny had said that he agreed with Tyson but I think that he was just trying to make him feel better. Ray was most fond of Alex and I could tell that she really liked him too. They were meant for each other and trust me you could tell by the way they gazed into each others' eyes every time they got the chance. Romance really isn't my thing but even according to me they're the prettiest couple I've every seen. They were impressed with her style of blading and it amazed each and everyone of us that she could defeat all of her opponents so quickly. Well everyone but me of course. Our matches strangely always end up in a tie and even to this day it continues to confuse me. Unfortunately it was all too good to be true because just yesterday Alex left me again, standing not knowing what to do as she lay there suffering life pouring from her body as crimson blood and her eyes growing misty white with every second. This is my story of how this horrible day was seen through my eyes and it all started like any other day in July early in the morning.

I remember waking up at about six thirty in the morning for some odd reason. I had had a nightmare that was for sure but I couldn't remember what. All I knew was that it had made me shake and sweat and I had seen Alex's face in there somewhere. Was it trying to tell me something? Suddenly a horrible thought occurred to me and gasping and moving to an upright position, I looked over to my left to see if Alex was still there. Sure enough she was gone. Panic arose within my still shaking body as I jumped to my feet which were still bare, and ran throughout Tyson's house yelling for Alex at the top of my lungs. My hair was extremely messy and as I passed a mirror I noticed that it looked as if a bomb had went off on my body. I didn't care though and I still continued to call her name and search frantically. Suddenly I heard something coming from outside but it wasn't at all bad. It was the sound of a fiddle and the music was fast and upbeat with happiness. Slowly I made my way toward the music as it grew louder the closer I came until finally I found its owner.

It was Alex and as soon as she noticed me watching her, she stopped and placed the beautiful instrument back into its case. Then picking it up she walked over to me and hugged my body with the utmost of effort. Sighing she let me go.

"Good morning!" she said with her usual good spirit ringing in her voice. "How did you sleep?"

"Uh. . ." I paused as I tried to remember my dream but in the process of looking for my sister I had forgotten. "Great!" I lied and sure enough it made her shine with happiness.

Suddenly we heard footsteps behind us and turning around at almost the exact moment we noticed Ray. He was trying desperately to put his hair into his white strand of fabric yawning in the process.

"Good morning." he said yawning and groaning. "How come you guys are up so early?"

"Oh I couldn't sleep so I came out here and Kai had a nightmare and came to join me."

"How did you. . . ?" but she cut me off by simply tapping her temple and winking at me.

Alex had always been one for knowing the future and tapping into the unknown which I found strange but she found it most interesting. She could predict what even the most advanced could not and she could even read palms. Mom had taught her but I had never been interested but I did learn to play the fiddle and that I enjoy. Closing my eyes I shook my head. They were doing it again, you know the gazing into each others' eyes but I pretended I didn't noticed and suddenly my shoe seemed rather interesting. Looking at her watch (which was around one of her belt loops) Alex noticed that it was almost 7:00am.

"Time to wake up Tyson." she said and walking away she pondered to herself about how she would wake him up this time.

This left Ray and I alone and smiling he walked to the railing and gazed at the sunrise. I quickly joined him.

"Your sister's great Kai." he said closing his eyes as if imagining himself with her. "You're really lucky to have one like her."

"I know and to tell you the truth Ray she really likes you too, but I have to assume that you knew that."

Ray looked surprised for a minute but then he laughed.

"Ya right Kai."

"No I'm serious she talks about you all the time. She says she loves your eyes and your face and well. . . everything about you. She thinks you're really funny and she loves how you beybattle. She says you do it with grace and you care about what your opponent is feeling. You must be great if she likes you because to tell you the truth she's pretty hard to please." I said as Ray looked back at the sunrise confused I guess at why she would like him so much.

I too looked back at the sun until suddenly a shrill scream split the silence and caused me to jump out of my skin.

"Tyson!" we both said at the same time and after only seconds we bolted to the bedroom hoping that Alex hadn't done too much damage.

Tyson was slammed against the wall on his head with his legs and arms in all directions and a obviously sleepy but shocked look on his face. Alex was standing nearby twirling a strand of hair around her finger and sniggering.

"Wakey wakey sleepy head its time to do some serious training. Oh ya, and any refusals will just result in more pain so if you're smart you won't do it."

"You do not know how badly I want you dead right now." Tyson mumbled under his breath as he got up and grabbed his usual clothes.

"What did you do?" I asked as Ray and I joined the circle of Bladebreakers.

"Oh let's just say I picked him up and threw him against the wall. It really isn't fair if he gets to sleep and we're all awake. Am I not right brother of mine?"

I slowly nodded my head up and down not really sure of what to say. Tyson wasn't the best guy in the world but even he didn't really deserve to be thrown against a wall while he was trying to sleep. However, I always respected what Alex did so I just simply agreed.

Tyson was dressed within minutes and strangely had his beyblade on his launcher. Alex had her back to him and that was what was worrying me. Just as I had predicted he "let it rip" clearly aiming for my sister's head. Turning on her heel at blinding speed she launched her beyblade (Dagger) back at him. The two blades clashed together sending sparks flying into the air blinding both Ray and I for a few seconds. When we had regained our vision again, Tyson was on the ground with Dragoon beside him. He was groaning with extreme emphasise as Alex caught Dagger in the air with her left hand and with her usual grace, walked towards the door. I looked at Tyson managing a smirk. Ray laughed beside me as Tyson got to his feet and felt his now purple cheek. Clearly he was ready to do it again.

"You shouldn't have done that." I said to Tyson. "Alex never loses and there's hardly ever a time when she's wrong. Do us all especially you a favour and don't do it again."

He just stuck his tongue out and went into the kitchen clearly to make himself some breakfast. Suddenly Max poked his head out of the door and smiling he asked us what happened.

"You don't want to know." Ray and I said together and laughing to ourselves we walked out the door.