Welcome to my V-fic. This story contains Yaoi (boyxboy). The pairing is YamixYugi. There will be some Tea bashing – sorry Tea-fans. But I think you can do a good plot with her. Don't like don't read.

YxY fluffy Valentines-day fic

To tell: "I love you". You can go the easy part and declare your love for them or you take the difficult part with a lot of rocks on the road. But don't wait to long or you lose them forever. (not a dark fic)

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OOC at the beginning, but don't be scared and go on reading. It's just the first part. Some angst in the following parts, but the end will BE FLUFF LOT OF FLUFF.

'...' Yugi's personal thoughts

*...* Yami's personal thoughts

/.../ Yugi to Yami

/.../ Yami to Yugi

(...) annoying interruptions by Sansi




Yugi's POV

Tomorrow. I waited nearly over a year, but tomorrow it will happen. I waited that long and now the time has come. It was so hard not to tell and think every day and every moment about it. But everything is worth it. It will be perfect. Last year it was different, but not this time. Everything is ready, I'm ready. I won't let this chance slip away again. No, not this time.

I'm always the nice guy, who does everything for his friends. But not this time. Tomorrow will be my day and nobody else's. So don't try to get in my way! Yes, you heard right. I will get it and nobody, I mean NOBODY will interfere.

You're frightened, right?! You better be. Don't cross my way, or you'll regret it.

Come on, don't be that surprised. Yes, I saved the world and all the crap, but tomorrow is MY day ...

... I apologize ... I didn't mean it like that. You probably wonder why I'm acting that way. You see ... tomorrow is Valentine's Day ... and ... and ... I wish for something. I never ever want something else. Just this time. I want it. I NEED it. You probably wonder what it is, don't you?

I'm in love. No, that's not right. I'M CRAZY IN LOVE. I can't eat, can't sleep and can't think. All thoughts come back to them. Yes, the person who stole my heart, even if they don't know. They are everything to me. My heart. My soul. My love. My yang. My soul mate.

You probably guessed it by now. Yes, I'm in love with my yami. I'm in love with Yami, my yami. The ancient powerful pharaoh who saved the world countless times. The brave ruler, who is so cold to his enemies and everyone who treats his hikari but kind enough to comfort his little light, when it has a nightmare.

I think I have to tell you the whole story then. It all started when I solved the puzzle. I don't know when I fell, but I did and very hard. Yami was always so distant. But as the time went on, we got close, very close. The bond we two share let us know what we think and feel. I'm the only one who see him laugh and making fun. He is that carefree just around me ... probably there is a chance? Even with our friends around, he is never himself ...

Then last Valentine's Day it happened. I wanted to tell Yami how I feel. But I never got the chance, because she came. Tea, my supposed friend, declared her love for him. I can tell you the exact moment my heart broke. But he told her that he didn't feel the same way about her and I was relieved. But this didn't change the fact that she ruined the moment. I wanted to tell him and everything should be PERFECT. But she destroyed everything. I couldn't have walked to him and tell him the same as she did. It would have been too stupid and embarrassing ...

So I have to get everything ready for tomorrow. I sense him coming.

/Aibou, what are you doing?!/

/Nothing Yami, just thinking/

/About what?/

/You'll see/

Yami blinked at this thoughts. His light was acting strange lately and his hikari's mischievous grin was making him more suspicious. What was his innocent little hikari up to?


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