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BY Sansi


Chapter 4: Will you forgive me, will you love me


Yugi found himself in a big room. No, big was an understatement, and a big one. This room was as large as the game shop and their house together. Through the balcony you have an amazing view at the garden, where a lot of wonderful flowers were growing. The sunset was lovely and Yugi could feel the warmth of the last sunbeams on his face. The hikari looked around the room, noticing a desk and a chair decorated with gold. On the desk he found some paper, probably papyrus, but the hikari didn't dare to touch it. He examined the room carefully, running from one side to another, every time another thing caught his attention. Yugi was amazed. Never in his life had he ever seen such things. He felt like he was in another time ...

Then the large king-sized bed caught his undivided attention. It looked really beautiful with the golden ornaments and the crimson sheets. The lighter half went closer to have a better look. He touched the sheets and noted that the sheets where pure silk. Yugi could tell that this bed has been made for a very important person, because it looked very expensive. He wanted to know, if it was as comfy as it looked like. Carefully he crawled in and layed down. The hikari became very sleepy. The crying and the sorrow took the last bit of his strength and it was already dark. He wouldn't mind to fall asleep here and probably. The comfy bed and the alluring sent he smelled lulled him to sleep. Yugi wanted to stay awake to let himself fall a little deeper in this intoxicating smell. It was kinda exotic, but sleep was as alluring.

Yugi lost track of time and dozed a little, when suddenly the door have been opened. The lighter half immediately sat upright in the bed, his heart racing. (You know if you are half-asleep and half-awake and then you here something and it gives you a heart attack) Who could this be? Would they be angry with him, because he was in their room and dared to sleep in their bed?

Yugi looked up frightened to see the shocked face of none other than the cause of his heartache standing in the doorway. His yami in all his glory.

Yami was clothed in a white tunic, wrapped around his muscular body, doing a nice contrast to the bronze skin. It was held by a golden "belt" (What is it called?) around his waist. A blue cape was around his shoulders and reached the floor. A gold necklace layed on his chest, half covered by the cape. Two golden pieces were on the pharaoh's upper arms and another one was on Yami's left shoulder. As the golden linen end a few inches above the knees, he wore two more golden jewelleries on his lower legs. Where Yami usually was clothed in his dark boots he now has sandals on his feet. The golden earrings and the necklace were matching the millennium puzzle dangling against his stomach.

Yami's hair was wilder than normally, likely because of the golden headpiece with the Eye of Horus on it. This and the eyeliner gave the pharaoh an air of power and mysterious allure. (That's for all the fan girls out there! *fangirl squeak*)

Yugi found himself looking the pharaoh up and down in an interested manner. He failed miserably to hide his drool. Yami was surprised and confused and has yet to find out why Yugi was here and most importantly HOW he came here in the first place.

"Hey, Yami" Yugi began, to break the uncomfortable silence. Yami barely caught the words as Yugi merely whispered them.

"Hi Yugi. What brings you here?" Yami asked. Yugi flinched, noting the cold tone his yami used. He must have really hurt him. Yami hasn't even used one of Yugi's nicknames.

"Ah ... you see ... it's kinda funny ... ah yes ..." Yugi put his hand behind his head in an embarrassed manner, not really knowing what to say. It was so different when he practised the words in his head. Now, when he looked at his darkness, no words came out.

Yami didn't say a word, merely because he didn't know what his aibou expected from him. So he waited patiently for his hikari to continue. Yes, they broke up in a fight, but this wasn't a reason to forget all the wonderful memories the two shared, was it?

Yugi tried again and took a deep breath. Then the words came out in a rush "I want to apologize ..." Now it was said and he waited how the pharaoh will react.

Yami was caught of guard. He really didn't expect this and he wasn't sure WHY Yugi was apologizing. To put his thoughts in words he answered "For what?"

Now it was Yugi's turn to be surprised. Was Yami really that clueless? But he didn't want to make a mistake again.

"I'm sorry for yelling at you and distrusting you. I never gave you a chance to explain. I was afraid you would lie to me, betray me ..." Yugi continued and fought back the tears which were again forming his eyes. He prayed that his yami would understand that he was truly sorry. Yami didn't interrupt him and waited for him to continue.

"Jou told me what happened between you and her. I was just so afraid that you ... that you ..." A few tears were rolling from his eyes. He couldn't say it. The fear of reaction was too overwhelming. Why couldn't he tell him, that he loved him?

"I'm sorry too, Yugi. I didn't know that it hurt you that much. You know that I'm not interested in her. I thought you'd be happy when I do what you want and leave you alone. I'll care to much for you to hurt you." Yami told Yugi seriously.

"No, no ... that wasn't what I wanted. I was just so afraid that you'd left me ... that you'll never ..." Again he wasn't able to continue.

"That I'll never what? Please, tell me hikari. You know I'd never left you, when you want me to stay." Yami encouraged his aibou with one of his handsome smiles.

Yugi opened his mouth, but then he noticed something odd. Yami shined in an orange-red light. If he looked good with his pharaoh-clothes he was beyond gorgeous with this light on his soft features. The sight mesmerized Yugi. The rising sun was the cause for the beautiful colours in the room. That means it was now ... Valentines Day.

Yugi gulped. He promised himself to tell Yami today. His shaking hands reached in his pockets and held the item securely in his arms. He took a few determined steps towards Yami, until he was standing face to face with the pharaoh.

"The reason I avoided you and why I was so angry when I saw you and her kissing is ..." Yugi bit his lip nervously.

Abandoning thoughts and words he took Yami's hands and gave him the item. He squeezed the pharaoh's hand to confirm the meaning of the present. Then he waited nervously, but patiently for his darkness to open it.

Yami looked puzzled from his aibou to the little crimson box in his hands. He opened it carefully and gaspered when he saw it's contents. There were two identical pieces of jewellery in form of a heart in it. Where one of the pieces was black with a white circle in it, the other was mostly white with a tiny bit of black. They were splitted in two, but they surely fit together. Yami knew that this was the Ying-Yang symbol, also known as light and darkness, but he wasn't sure what the meaning of his aibou's present was. The pharaoh has a suspicion, but wanted to make sure, so he looked at his hikari, hoping to receive an answer.

"Well, you see ... I wanted to tell you this for a long time ... ah ... I love you, Yami" There he said it. Yugi lowered his head and waited for the rejection, he was sure to get.

Instead he felt something around his neck. He looked down and saw the Ying symbol (Ying is light, isn't it?) The hikari wanted to question his yami, but was stopped by warm lips upon his. There was noting demanding in this sweet kiss and Yugi responded eagerly. Yugi put his hands around the pharaoh's neck and unconsciously deepened the experience. He felt hands sneak their way around his waist and Yugi moaned and melted in the embrace.

After a few moments Yami broke the kiss, but both didn't bother to remove their hands from each other. Yami smiled at his koi (love). "I waited so long to hear that from you. I love you too, Yugi. My heart. My soul. My everything"

They kept looking at each other, joy sparkling in their eyes.

At the same time hikari and yami leaned forward to fulfil what their hearts were telling them. They met again in a chaste kiss, but this time, this couldn't satisfy them. Yugi fisted one of his hands in Yami's soft hair. The other hand he used to explore his yami's face and neck. Yami pulled his hikari's shirt free and slipped his hands under the material to caress and tease the pale skin under it and Yami was rewarded with a moan of approval. The wandering hands were the cause for the shudder, which was running down Yugi's spin.

The darkness slowly lead his koi to the bed and carefully laid him down. His forward hikari, not wanting to break the contact, pulled his yami on top of him, the pharaoh's hips on either side of his body. Yami ran his tongue over Yugi's bottom lip and asked for entrance, which was granted him immediately. They kept kissing fiercely, naughty hands exploring until the need to break forced them to part.

Yami looked down at this beloved, admiring him. His hikari was deeply flushed; less from embarrassment and more from the breath-taking action they were sharing.

His hikari pulled the pharaoh down to continue with their making-out session, but his yami seemed to have another idea.

Yami stopped and he remembered something important "I haven't a present for you, koi" he told Yugi. Yugi mentally face-faulted and rolled his eyes. What was Yami thinking? He didn't care as long as Yami won't stop kissing and touching him ...

The hikari answered shortly as he was very eager to go further with his darkness "Don't care. Don't stop" and hoped Yami will forget it. His skin was burning and he graved for his yami's touch. The 'innocent' boy wanted Yami and he wanted him NOW.

Yami smirked, mentally laughing at his hikari's antics. He knew what his 'innocent' love wanted, but decided to tease him a little. They have time after all and he wanted to make it perfect.

He closed his eyes and concentrated. All the while he let Yugi caress him, as the hikari tried desperately to get his lover's attention back. The urgency of the touches was telling him that his aibou was getting annoyed and impatient. He held back a laugher as he heard his hikari growl.

A bright light filled the room and Yugi closed his amethyst eyes as well. He only opened them again when he felt a warm breath against his ear "Happy Valentine, my love". Yugi gaspered in surprise.

The bed was filled with red rose petals. The closed curtains (Think what you want, but I say the ancient Egyptians had curtains ^.~) and hundreds of candles gave the room a very romantic atmosphere.

Teasing lips on his neck brought him back, knowing that Yami tried to catch his attention and he wasn't one to question his yami's desires and his as well, I might add.

Then they shared hours of love and passion in each other's embrace.


They were again at home. Yugi was sitting comfy in Yami's lap, cuddled against the spirit. They went home after they awoke in the early evening after their 'activities'. (chuckles ^o^) Yami used the power of the millennium puzzle so his people won't remember that their pharaoh returned to them after he had saved the word from the shadow powers.

The light and the darkness were kissing deeply, barely noticing the sunset, both thinking that this was the best Valentine's Day the will ever have.



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