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Sirius was the first of the first-year Gryffindor boys to wake up the next morning, and being who he was, Sirius was not about to pass up the chance to make his first day a little more… interesting. He sat on the edge of his bed, racking his brain for the spell he wanted. He had used it numerous times on his brother and cousins before… "Got it!" He shouted suddenly, leaping off the bed. Only after Sirius had yelled did it register in his mind what he had done. He slapped a hand over his mouth, and snuck over to James' bed. He whispered a spell, then snuck over to each bed in the room, doing the same thing at each one. Sirius then climbed back into his bed, climbed under the covers, and recited the charm that would set off the spells at every bed.

A loud ringing noise sounded off at each bed, and Remus leapt out of bed. (Sirius did, too, of course; it played into the joke better.) Peter threw his shoe across the room, almost smacking Sirius in the forehead, and James, with slightly better aim, hit Sirius in the stomach with his balled up socks.

"What is that?!" Remus exclaimed, leaping from his bed. "Sirius…" he looked over at the boy.

"What are you looking at me for?" Sirius asked in his 'I'm-so-innocent' voice. (*Snort* Yeah, right.)

"Well, seeing as I didn't do this, and both James and Peter are pelting you with stuff—"

"Hey, that is not pelting," Sirius argued, crossing his arms in front of them. "One shoe and a pair of old socks was all they threw."

James sniggered, then leaned over to Peter and whispered to him. "If only he knew how old those socks were, he might be saying otherwise."

Peter stifled a laugh. "Well, I'm with Remus on this one," he told Sirius, yawning.

"Fine," Sirius said, turning away with mock hurt in his voice. Remus threw a pillow at him.

The four boys got dressed and grabbed their schoolbags before heading downstairs to the Great Hall. When they reached their table, and sat down to eat, the Great Hall was only about half-full, but everyone seemed to be coming in after them. One of the prefects, Longbottom, was handing out everyone's schedules. The four boys looked theirs over, and immedietly groaned. The first thing they had that day was double Potions with the Slytherins, then Transfiguration, and then History of Magic.

"Great," Sirius muttered. "The Slytherins, the strictest teacher at Hogwarts, and Snooze-a-thon to top it all off."

"At least we can catch up on some of that sleep you deprived us of," James laughed, drinking some orange juice.

The four ate breakfast, talking, and complaining about their schedule.

"We don't even get Defense Against the Dark Arts until Friday!" Sirius moaned.

"And everyone knows that the potions master favors the Slytherins," James muttered.

"Yeah, potions would actually be enjoyable if we weren't with the Slytherins," Remus agreed.

Peter shrugged. "I'd be horrible at it anyway, but now he has something to put against me."

Breakfast was soon over, and they hurried down to the dungeons for their first potions class. Luckily, they managed to find four seats together, and sat down as the potions master came sweeping into the room.

"I am professor Riddle, for those who don't know me," he told them. "Now this class has little wand-waving, and such as that. Potions is about ingredients, measurements, and precision, not jinxes and spells. Now, we'll be starting simply enough, just a potion for curing boils, as it is your first day," he said, waving his wand so that the list of ingredients appeared on his chalkboard. "Now pair up and get going!"

Everyone scrambled quickly for ingredients, and began their potions, chopping, pouring, stirring. Peter was thankful for being able to pair up; he had no idea what he was doing, but Remus understood it, and helped him out a lot.

A few minutes in, the class was suddenly interrupted by screams, and about half the kids jumped up onto chairs or desks as a Slytherin cauldron tumbled over, the potion inside hitting James and Sirius in full force, but getting Remus and Peter pretty badly, too. Each of them was covered in different colored boils.

Professor Riddle just looked at them. "Up to the hospital wing, then," he said.

The four boys ran out of the room, and made their way to the hospital wing. It must have been quite a sight, they had agreed later, to see them, one covered in red boils, one in blue, one green, and one purple. Madam Pomfrey stared at them in shock as they burst through the door of the hospital wing.

"What on earth happened to you four?!" she shrieked in alarm.

"Potions," Peter moaned. "Boil potion."

"Lay down, all of you, take these beds," she ordered, hurrying off to get something to cure the angry boils, muttering something about incompetent teachers and something along those lines.

"Well," Sirius shrugged, "at least we'll get out of Transfiguration!"

James rolled his eyes. "Only you could turn this into something good."

"What can I say?" Sirius grinned. "I'm an optimist."

Remus snorted. "Right."

Kind of short, I know, and I wanted to do some more, but I've been really busy with school (well, mostly just language), so I couldn't write much more. Hope you enjoyed this, though! :)