The Emerald of Fate

Sword Master Jeff: After reading DJ Rodriguez's story, Latias Love for Ash, I have come up with this beauty of a story. If you use flames, they will be used to power up my fire sword. Thanks DJ for beta-reading this, and letting me use all of your characters and items. Ax Tail is my attack and Jack Hack is my character. I will let anyone who wants to use him to use him, but not Jeff. If you want to use him, you'll have to get my permission, as well as the emerald of fate.


"Blah."-Latias talking to Latios, thinking

"Blah."-Latios talking to Latias

[Blah.]-Latias/Ash in fate emerald

It has been two weeks after Ash Ketchum, the Pokemon master, and sole leader of all three Pokemon leagues went back to Altimar. There he saw Latias, the Pokemon that caught his heart the first time that he saw her in her human form. Now heading from Olivewood City, Ash was heading home, and then going to try to find what Latias wanted, to be a human. This was hard, because she was still considered a wild Pokemon; a lot of trainers came to try to capture her.

"I've heard that the legendary Pokemon, Latias, was travelling with you, Ash Ketchum. Is this true?" A trainer asked him, as he let his Alakazam out for the battle.

"Yeah its true. However, to get to her, you have to get past me. Go Raichu!" Ash said, mad that this trainer wanted to capture his girlfriend, the Pokemon, and human, Latias.

"This looks easy enough for Jack Hack. Alakazam, Physic attack!" the trainer yelled and his Pokemon obeyed, but Raichu dodged the attack and used Iron Tail.

"Not as easy as you though, huh?" Ash asked, and Jack just growled. Ash knew that Raichu couldn't do another Iron Tail, so he told Raichu to use Thunder. Raichu's attack hit him and Alakazam teleported after ten seconds of being under the Thunder attack, and launched a Psybeam. This connected and hurt Raichu.

"Raichu, you okay?" Ash asked the electric mouse, who had evolved after being beaten by Steven's Aggron and limped over to Ash's bag and got the thunderstone that was in Ash's bag. Ash got the thunderstone from Lt. Surge after beating him a second time, since he had to get all of his badges over again. He showed that he was still able to fight by standing up on his legs. "Good. Now lets finish this. Ax Tail!" Raichu charged up electricity in his tail, and ran towards his opponent and raised his tail high up into the air. He then brought it down like an ax, letting his stored electrical energy loose on him. Alakazam was beaten.

"Can't you guys just leave her alone? She wants nothing of being a Pokemon anymore, only a human girl." Ash said with hatred in his voice.

"She may want that, but she is still a legendary Pokemon. She will be hunted down until someone captures her, because she is a wild Pokemon. Although, I have heard that someone in Emerald Town has eight special emeralds. Fire, ice, wind, earth, electricity, light, darkness, and fate, each one with the property of what it is called. If she really wants to become a full human, you two should go see him. His name is Jeff." Jack said to Ash and Latias.

"Thanks Jack. Where is this town?" Ash asked the trainer, moments before was trying to capture his girlfriend.

"It's a little north of Indigo Plateau, but you need a lot of powerful Pokemon to get there. Do you mind if I tag along with you so I can go back home?" Jack replied.

It is a good thing that he doesn't know that I am a member of Team Rocket. She'll be mine before the day is over. I tried the honest way to get her, and now its time to go the evil way. Jack thought to himself as Ash took a pokeball off of his belt and threw it, and Pidgeot appeared. Stretching her wings, she noticed Latias immediately, and got into a battle stance. Raichu told that Latias was Ash's girlfriend, and did not pose a threat at all.

(I will let the Pokemon talk in human talk, so everyone can understand them, but if they are speaking to Ash, it will be regular.)

"Are you sure Raichu? It doesn't seem as if she is a part of Ash's Pokemon team." Pidgeot asked Raichu.

"I'm sure Pidgeot. She might be a Pokemon, but she wants to be a full human so she can be closer to Ash, and I think that Ash feels the same way, although he won't show it fully. If I can trust her, why can't you?" Raichu asked, mad at Pidgeot for judging Ash's thoughts and feelings. Latias heard everything that Pidgeot said, and was sad at Pidgeot for not trusting her.

"Pidgeot, can you fly us to Viridian City? We need to get to Emerald Town as quick as possible." Ash asked his flying Pokemon.

"Pidg, pidg." (I know where Emerald Town is; I'll take you there instead.)

"Ash, Pidgeot knows where Emerald Town is, so we don't have to walk from Viridian City." Latias said. Being a Pokemon and a human sure did have its pluses. She would be giving that all away, just to be near her Ash, but then again, there were so many negatives along with being a Pokemon as well.

"Great Pidgeot. Lets get going then, shall we?" Ash told Pidgeot and asked Latias extended his arms out, he continued, "Ladies first."

"Thanks Ash. I didn't know that you were a gentleman as well." Latias replied, and Ash started to blush at that comment. Raichu went on next, and Jack got his own flying Pokemon out, a Charizard.

"Wow! I didn't know that you had a Charizard as well." Ash exclaimed.

Jack replied that He is good at flying and battling. I saw Raichu out, and I thought that since Charizard is a flying type, he wouldn't stand a chance."

"True, but ever since I started with Pikachu, he didn't want to go into his pokeball. Even now he doesn't. Why do we need strong Pokemon to get to Emerald Town?" Ash asked.

"It is because of the Pokemon there; they are at level 100." Jack replied, as they were flying towards the town, but Ash just laughed. He said that he had leveled his Pokemon up to the level of 110 and didn't think that they would have any troubles.

As they were flying, it turned to night, and Ash told Pidgeot to take them down. He didn't want his Pokemon to stay up at night, just so they could get to somewhere. He always thought of his Pokemon first, and never pushed them to hard. Pidgeot landed, and Ash got out two sleeping bags, one for Latias and one for himself. Jack got his own sleeping bag out, but Latias wasn't tired yet and told Ash that she was going to be flying around for a while. She started glowing for a while, and when the glowing stopped, Latias was now her true self. As she flew around, she started to talk to her brother, Latios, mentally since he was trapped in the mystical Soul Dew, protecting their hometown, Altimar.

"What do you think of Ash, brother?"

"I find him to be a good choice for you Latias. Also, since he is eighteen, you can marry him, if you want to, since you are old enough. I know that you are going to change into a full-fledge human for him. Do you know what that means?"

"Yes brother, I do. It means that I won't be captured by Team Rocket, stopped being stalked by trainers, and able to have human feelings. I also know that I won't be able to understand the Pokemon language, or talk to you anymore. Good-bye, brother. I will miss you always."

"Not for always sis, how do you think that Ash connected to you, mentally? It is because he can talk to physic Pokemon who know the ability to talk."

"I know that, but the distance is short for him. I don't know if he could do anything to make it go farther."

Latias ended her last communication with Latios, and came back to Ash and Raichu, sleeping, but she didn't see Jack anywhere as she came upon the landsite. She didn't trust him, nor did Ash. He only let Jack travel with them because his home was where they were heading. As soon as she had landed, she saw Jack writing in his journal. Jack finished it up, and turned his flashlight off and went to sleep. Latias glowed again, and she was in her nightgown and she went to sleep.

The next day, they stretched out and Ash called Pidgeot out. Latias, Ash and Raichu got onto the flying Pokemon, while Jack got his Charizard out.

Flying over Indigo Plateau was the most stunning thing that either Ash or Latias saw before.

"It's beautiful." Ash and Latias whispered to themselves at the same time, taking in the view from above. Jack just shook his head, and thought of how he could get Latias away from Ash.

"Knowing Jeff, he'll let her use the Fate Emerald. Her body would be trapped until she decided on a fate. Until that time, she is stuck in there. Maybe that is when I can get her. But what about Ash?" Jack thought to himself, knowing full well that Jeff acquired those emeralds for doing extraordinary things for the gym leaders and Pokemon that he encountered on his journeys with him and that was why he knew so much about the emeralds. He was thinking so hard that when Charizard nudged him, to signify that they were there, he jumped and if he weren't on the ground, he would have fallen to his death.

"Thanks for telling me that we were on the ground, Charizard. Now lets get them to Jeff's house. Return!" Jack said to the flying and fire type Pokemon as he was transported back into his pokeball. He ran to catch up with the two lovebirds, and told them that they were almost there. When Jack saw a sign over a house that had eight emeralds and a sword hanging above it, he told the two that they were there.

When they got inside, Jack yelled, "Jeff, I'm home. I also have a person who wants to use the Fate Emerald!"

"Welcome home Jack, now who is the person that wants to use my precious emerald?" Jeff asked the three, and Latias stood in front of Jeff and said that she was. "Now why do you want to do that?" Jeff asked, "Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Jeff Hack, and you are?" Jeff asked Jack's companions.

"I didn't know that Jack was your brother. I am the legendary Pokemon Master and the sole leader of the Pokemon League in the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn regions, Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town!" Ash said.

"I am the Legendary Pokemon, Latias from Altimar!" Latias exclaimed quietly, and continued, "I am here to change my fate from a Pokemon to a human. Can you help me?" She asked.

"Sure I can. But I can not just change it for you. You have to change it yourself." Jeff said.

"How is that?" Latias asked. Jeff got the Fate Emerald off the shelf, and told them.

"I got this emerald from the Pokemon, Lugia. The same Lugia that you have Ash. He told me that this emerald could change anyone's fate, no matter how impossible it seemed. He said that it would only work for someone who wanted to change his or her fate for a very good reason. I assume that you two are girlfriend and boyfriend. I say that love is a really good reason for someone to change his or her fate. Will you accept the challenge that the fate emerald gives you?" Jeff asked Ash and Latias.

"Yes, we are." They both said at the same time, and blushed, since they were holding hands.

"Fine. Latias, you go first. Just put your hand on the emerald and it will do the rest." Jeff said as handed her the emerald that could either change her fate for the better, or for the worse.

As soon as Latias put her hand on the emerald, the emerald glowed, and she was sucked into the emerald.

"Don't worry about anything Ash. She will be fine within the emerald. It is the only way to test her heart and what she believes in. To change her fate, she has to confront her fears. Now lets get some sleep. Trust me, she will be fine." Jeff said to the sole leader of all three Pokemon leagues.

While they were getting some sleep, Latias was seeing something that she never wanted to see. That sight was Misty and Ash together.

[No, this can't be happening. I thought that she was with someone from the Orange Islands. Obviously, her thoughts were heard.

"Why did you say that, freak? I love Ash, just as he loves me. He just thought of you as a friend, you were the one who had a crush on him. He only helped you and your brother with your town. He never loved you, he only loved me." The fake Misty told the Pokemon/human.

"I know that isn't true. He showed how much he loved me, by helping me with my town and family problems." Latias replied, thinking that this reality was real.

"I never loved you. I only helped you out because you were a Pokemon that was in trouble, and I always help a Pokemon in need. I have held Misty in my heart ever since she fished me out of the river after I hit a Sparrow with a rock." The "fake" Ash said to the Pokemon.

"I was going to turn human for you Ash, but now I won't, seeing as if you don't love me." Latias said and started to walk away.

It's not true. I still love you.

"Ash? Is that really you?" Latias whispered out loud.]

It really was him, but what she didn't know was that he was dreaming about her. Jack made sure that Ash and his brother were asleep, and then he took the emerald of fate and left for Viridian City, where the headquarters of Team Rocket was, and the boss, Giovanni. He would be pleased that he had Latias, a legendary Pokemon.

"Send Jack in here. I want to talk to him." Giovanni said, and Jack came inside.

"Are you proud of me, boss?"

"No, you brought me a useless emerald instead!" He said, angry at what he brought him.

"You don't remember that my brother has eight special emeralds? That emerald, right there, is his fate emerald. In it is the Pokemon Latias, trying to become a human. Until she chooses, she stays in that emerald." Jack stated to him, and Giovanni changed his mood.

"Why does she want to become a human?" the boss asked, and Jack replied that she was doing it for Ash's stake.

"Are you saying that we have the twerp's girlfriend here, the same twerp that always messes up our plans?" Giovanni asked, and Jack nodded his head. "Excellent! Now let us make a ransom note to him."

"Brilliant boss. Now he'll probably stop interfering with our plans. Also, put that you have me as well that way, when they come to rescue us, my brother would be in for a big surprise." Jack said.

"Okay. We have to beat up your Charizard up first, so it looks real when he delivers the letter. Is that okay with you?" he asked, and Jack replied that it was all right.

The next morning, Jeff found his brother and the emerald missing. He woke Ash up, and told him what he thought had happened. Ash was furious that he didn't put it in a case or something. Jeff started to head out, when he saw his brother's Charizard coming in, beaten and bruised. Jeff saw a note tied to his foot, and when he landed at the doorway of his house, he fainted. Jeff rushed the Charizard over to the Pokemon Center, after he untied the note from his foot. He read it over, and gave it to Ash. Ash read it over also, and grew angry.

"Why would they capture my brother; he had nothing to do with this. Hell, neither did I." Jeff stated angrily, and Ash told him why.

"Your brother was holding the emerald last night, wasn't he? Instead of taking the chance to wake him up and startle us, they kidnapped him and my girlfriend. Those crooks are after rare Pokemon, and since I have meddled with there plans a lot of times, this must be there revenge. Damn it!" He explained to Jeff, mad that he wasn't able to stop them.

"It will be alright. That is, if Latias doesn't believe that her fears are real." Jeff started.

"Why is that, Jeff?" Ash asked, with concern in his voice.

"If she does believe in her fears, she will never come out of that emerald. Lugia told me that also, but I didn't want to tell her, just in case she wanted to back out." Jeff said, knowing that he was treading on thin ice with what he just said.

"It is all right. I would have let her done this, even if she did know the risks because I love her with all my heart. Ever since I had to leave her after saving her hometown, my heart felt empty, and I knew that Latias was the only one who could fill my heart back up. I would have not even used Celibi to make us go back in time just for me to save her brother. I know that if I changed one thing, it changes everything." Ash explained taking a pokeball from his waist, he opened it up, and out popped his Alakazam. "Alakazam, can you teleport us to Viridian City?"

"Alka, Alakazam!" (Sure thing. I can feel how much she means to you.)

"Wait, let me grab the other emeralds and wake Raichu up." Jeff said, and he returned very shortly, with his emerald inside his hands, and a sword tied around his back, and a very angry Raichu. "Lugia taught it to me just in case I need them all at one time and I use my sword instead of Pokemon, I don't have any myself." Jeff explained.

Alakazam grabbed Ash's and Jeff's hands, and teleported to the Pokemon Center in that city.

["I don't believe that I could have a sister like you fall in love with a human!" the "fake" Latios yelled at his sister. He added more fuel to the fire, "It was because of him that our father was turned evil. You belong back here, at home, with Bianca, her grandfather and me." He finished up, but Latias was confused.

"Brother, you told me that I could do whatever I wanted with my life. Bianca wished me good luck before I left, and you are trapped within the Soul Dew so there is no life for me there. I told you once, and I am saying it again, I will miss you forever." She finished up, and her brother faded away.]

"Alakazam, Return! Mewtwo, come on out!" Ash finished as he zapped his physic Pokemon back into his pokeball, and threw another one out.

"How is it that you can carry more than six Pokemon at once, Ash?" Jeff asked, and Ash replied that being the sole leader had its advantages. At this time, Mewtwo decided to see what his friend wanted.

"What do you want, Ash?" Mewtwo mentally asked his master and friend.

"The Pokemon, Latias has been kidnapped by Team Rocket. She is also my girlfriend." Ash replied back to his Pokemon, and saw that Mewtwo knew how he felt. He went inside the gym, and the two followed him.

"GIOVANNI!" Ash yelled, after running to get to the center arena.

"Ah, Ash, I see you got my letter. Now do what the letter said, and she won't get hurt.

"What about my brother, you bastard?" Jeff yelled with hatred in his tone.

"You mean me, older brother?" Jack asked Jeff, stepping out of the shadows with the emerald in his hand, and a Rocket uniform on him.

"You mean that you were working for them the whole time?" Jeff asked Jack, getting angrier by the second.

"Yes I was. This emerald ensures that Ash will let us do whatever the hell we want, until we have successfully completed three robberies in the next three months, or we tell her what she fears the most, and then she will be trapped within the emerald for eternity." Jack said victoriously.

"It also said that if I came here; I could challenge Giovanni for the emerald. I am making the conditions for this fight. First off, it will be a one to one battle. If I win, I get the emerald back, and if I lose, I give you all my Pokemon. Fair?" Ash asked.

"Agreed. Ho-oh go!" Giovanni started out, and Ash sent out Lugia.

"Ho-oh, use Sunny Day, and then prepare a Solarbeam attack!" Giovanni yelled the orders out, and Ho-oh gained enough energy for it to make Lugia faint in one hit, but Ash knew about this combo, and how Lugia could block it.

"Lugia, use Safeguard, Now." Ash told the Pokemon that had helped calm the beast of the sea. Lugia glew green, and when Ho-oh's attack failed, Ash knew that Safeguard had worked. "Now let's give it everything we got Lugia! Use Aeroblast. Gaining as much energy as he could, Lugia used Aeroblast. That had hurt Ho-oh, and he knew it.

"Ho-oh, use Recover, and then use a Fire Blast." Giovanni ordered, and the Pokemon obeyed. Lugia's Safeguard was still in effect, so it did little damage to him.

"Lugia, let's try to end this now. Use Ice Beam." He shouted to his friend, and she replied. This attack was really effective, because when it melted, it made water, and since Ho-oh is a fire-based Pokemon, this hurt. Ash let Lugia do this two more times, and Ho-oh fainted.

"Damn it! It doesn't matter if I won or not, because I don't have the emerald, Jack does." Giovanni said, making Ash mad. He also had his Mewtwo out.

"Mewtwo, Psybeam!" Ash yelled, angry with Giovanni for not handing over what was rightfully his. Mewtwo used his Psybeam at full force, taking out his revenge on the old man.

Going back to Jeff and Jack, Jack was not going to give the emerald up. Jeff knew this, and threw the sword that he brought with him down at Jack's feet. He then called forth his own mythical blade, Chaos Blade. "We will fight for it, tame sono oujou!" 1 Finishing his statement in Japanese, he got into his ready stance.

Jack was mad at the fact that he would do something for a total stranger, than forgive his own brother. "Ikketsu." 2 Picking up the sword, he got into his own stance. Unable to stop his brother, Jack parried and jabbed, but his brother blocked it.

"I know everything there is about sword fighting, and I have only begun to teach you. Temae mune shitsumei! 3 Jeff jabbed at Jack, but he blocked and thrusted. Jeff ducked the thrust, and came up with his sword, making sure that his sword had hit. "There is a reason why the master never teaches his student everything. It is so that the student doesn't try to overtake the master!" Jeff yelled at the dying Jack. "You brought this upon yourself, little brother. I am sorry." He finished, apologizing to him. Taking the emerald from his hand, he decided to check up on Latias.

["Latias, how was the test?" Jeff asked, noticing that he was bleeding.

Latias saw him bleeding and immediately asked him what was going on. Jeff told her everything that had happened, and Latias was just speechless. "Are you alright?"

"Hai. Oh, sorry, yes. The question is have you decided your fate?" Jeff asked, and Latias replied that she wanted to be beside Ash forever, as a human.

"My fears almost had me going though, it made them feel so real. I didn't believe for more than a second though because I knew that Ash had always loved me. I just have one question. If I turn human, will I still look the same way, for now at least?" Latias asked, and Jeff replied that she would be forever a human, starting from now on, and that she would age like a normal one.

"Now it's Ash's turn. Lets get you out of here Latias, take my hand."

Latias grabbed Jeff's hand, and he transported them out of the emerald. As soon as they were outside, she started to glow, and she felt that her Pokemon side was disappearing. It was a good thing that she learned of her emotions while she was inside of the emerald, or otherwise she would have gone insane just from what she was feeling right now.

"Ash lets get home. It's your turn now. Lugia also told me that love was a two way street. One can not love the other, without the other loving them. You must make sure that you love her forever.

"Sure. Alakazam, come on out!" Ash said, as he threw the pokeball one more time.

"Alka, Alakazam!" (It is good to see you have her back.) Latias blushed at this statement, and Ash asked him if he could teleport back to Emerald Town.

"Alka!" (Sure!) Ash picked Latias up, bridal style, and held Alakazam's other hand. Alakazam teleported back to Jeff's house, and gave Ash the crystal. After a second later, he told Latias that he was going to supervise over what had happened.

[Ash noticed that two doors were just inches behind him, and when he checked to see if he could open them, he couldn't because they were locked. He also saw two women fighting over something. When Ash went closer, he saw that it was Misty and Latias.

"We can not interfere here Ash. This fight must take place because it is what is happening in your heart. Your love that you had for Misty and your love for Latias and now they are dueling for your love. Whoever you love the most will win Ash; pray it be Latias, for she has gone through her fears and has given up everything for you." Jeff wisely said, looking downwards at the fighting women. They saw the battle scars, and it showed that Latias was losing.

"No, I don't want Misty to win. She has left me and moved on. I must do the same, and fight with Latias."

After he said that, the two onlookers saw that the girls were glowing, one in gold and the other in red and Misty was screaming, while Latias was being healed.

"How dare he choose you over me freak? We have been through everything together!" Misty yelled out, and Ash knew that since his words were heard once, it would help again.

"Misty, we have both gone our separate ways after you broke up with me. You have moved on, and so have I. I am sorry, but I love Latias now." Ash told Misty from afar, and went into the battle. He knew it was wrong, but if he didn't stop her, Latias would be dead, and he couldn't, and wouldn't see that happen, not if he could help it. Stepping in-between the two, Ash held his hand, acting as if he wanted this to stop, but Misty wouldn't have it.

"Can't you accept that I have moved on with my life?" Ash asked Misty and she replied that her life had ended the moment that they broke up. "Good-bye Misty." Ash said.

Jeff pulled him out of the battle and brought him back outside the emerald. "It seems that you would fight against your ex-girlfriend to protect her. Now that is what I call love. Good-bye Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town, and Latias Houou from Altimar, I hope that you two have a wonderful life together. Oh, Latias, your new last name suits you well. It means mythical phoenix bird in Japanese. Ash, don't mention me when you tell them what happened to her." Jeff said. Ash replied that he would and gave him a good-bye.


It has been two weeks since Latias had turned human, and now everyone knew about it. Honoring Jeff's request, he said that a trainer helped him and his girlfriend, and when the press pressed (no pun intended) the issue, he would just claim that a trainer had helped them in their dire need.

"Jeez. Sometimes I wish that I was never a Pokemon master in the first place." Ash stated, still not used to the fact that he was famous.

"But if that was the case, then you wouldn't have met me." Latias said with happiness inside, because she was with Ash.

"True, but maybe not, for I would have come back to see you again." Ash stated, and continued, "I have loved you with all of my heart ever since I met you. In the emerald of fate, I saw that you and Misty were fighting, and you were losing. I didn't want you to lose, and as soon as I said that, you glew golden, while Misty glew red. She was getting hurt, and you were being healed. You know that I love you, right?" Ash asked, waiting for Latias to answer.

"Yes, and you know that the same holds true for me." Latias replied, wondering what he was doing.

I am glad to hear that Latias." Ash said, and pulled out a diamond box. "I know that we have been boyfriend and girlfriend for a short while, but will you marry me?" he asked, getting on one knee as he finished up with what he said. Latias didn't even have to think about it, and replied that she would.

Later in the day, Latias was thinking real hard upon what to do next. She wanted to have her dream wedding come true, but since she wasn't a Pokemon anymore, so you could see her predicament. She was so deep into her thoughts that she didn't hear Ash come up to her.

"A penny for your thoughts?" Ash asked, and Latias told him that the day before he came back, she had a dream that when they were having their wedding ceremony, she had saw Pokemon and humans, and that was how she wanted it, but now that she was human, she was still having problems.

"Why don't we do that? It doesn't matter if you are a Pokemon or not anymore, phoenix?" Ash asked, calling Latias by her pet name. "Anyways, why don't we do it by the Soul Dew, so your brother can see you."

"Thank you Ash. I didn't know that you could be so considerate. Latias called Bianca and told her exactly what had just happened, and she was thrilled for her friend. Two hours later, Latias gave the phone to Ash, and he asked her if they could use the shrine around the Soul Dew as the place to hold the wedding. Bianca agreed, knowing full well that Latios could see what was going on. A week before the wedding, Bianca helped Latias, while her grandfather was helping Ash.

The wedding day had come. Ash had invited all of his friends, Gary, Brock, Suzie, May, Max and many other people that he had made friends with along the way, as well as the whole town of Altimar. Ash knew that she wanted the legendary Pokemon to see this as well, since she was one herself, so he let Mew, Mewtwo, Entei, Suicune, Lugia, Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, Ho-oh and the Unown out. Beautiful wedding music started to play, signifying that the wedding was going to start. Latias was being walked down the altar. The people rose when the young bride walked down the aisle, Bianca's grandfather was going to give her away. They exchanged vows, and Pastor Ray4 exclaimed that they were now looking at Mr. and Mrs. Ash Ketchum.


1-tame sono oujou! = to the death!

2-Ikketsu. = Agreed

3- Temae mune shitsumei! = You will lose your life!

4-Pastor Ray is a real pastor. He is my pastor at the church of New Horizon Fellowship, and really good as well.