The Emerald of Fate

Sword Master Jeff: All right everyone, I'm back and so is this story, for at least one more chapter. A lot of people asked where was Misty when all of this happened, so this is what happens after the wedding. I am not doing a chapter about Brock, since he is happily married to Suzie and has a Pokémon breeder center in Pewter City. Please don't flame me! I just noticed that all of Ash's Pokémon so far are all females. I didn't mean to do that, but it works out anyways. The "Ultra-evolve" is a spin-off of Ultra Digivolution from Digimon, which I don't own.

Misty's Revenge

Two weeks after the wedding of Ash and Latias, Rudy decided to chicken out at the last minute of his own wedding with the water gym leader Misty Waterflower. Misty wanted to see Ash one more time to try to get him back, but looking in the paper, she saw that he was already married to a Latias Houou from Altimar, now known as Latias Ketchum. She couldn't believe what she was reading; the legendary female Pokémon that Ash, Brock and herself had helped save her homeland had married Ash. She knew that she had kissed her before they went on their way, but she never knew that it would go this far. She also didn't know that Rudy was having an affair, and it was a good thing because with a temper as fiery as her hair, the other girl would be dead and Rudy would have to face her, which wasn't a good thing.

'One way or another, I will get my Ash back.' Misty thought to herself as she thought of different ways to get the legendary Pokémon off of her back. However, she didn't know that Latias had become human by a series of mysterious events. Thinking of many ways she decided that she would show off her stuff again, to prove to Ash that she was the only one worthy of his attention. She picked out her Pokémon carefully, deciding on their various strengths and weaknesses. She chose Seadra, Politoed, and also Togetic. Her Pokémon evolved some time ago while training with her sisters, and now she was going to prepare them for battle! "You guys, this is important to me! We have to prove to Ash that I'm the one for him, not some bimbo Dragon/Psychic Pokémon!" she tells them. They didn't quite agree with what she was saying, frankly because they remembered the times when she was really bossy and pushy to Ash. However, she was their trainer and friend, thus they agreed with her.

Misty called her sisters, telling her them the situation and also her plan to get Ash back. "I was a fool to put faith in that Rudy character, but now I've seen the error of my ways. I want to get Ash back, by whatever means necessary!" she declared to her sisters. Personally, the Three Sensational Sisters objected to this because they see that Ash is very happy with Latias. But, they know that Misty will keep bugging them until they would agree to help her in her quest. So, Misty had gathered all of her reluctant allies. She smiles evilly after all of this is set and done and thinks, 'Ash, you will be mine once again! I'll shred that worthless Pokémon woman to pieces.' She didn't know that Latias had turned into a full human instead of being a Pokémon who could turn into a human copy of the caretaker of the Soul Dew.


Ash knew that Misty would have created a scene if he did marry Latias, and when she was around, he hated every minute of it. She was always bossy and pushy towards him. Now Latias on the other hand, was a beautiful angel that only heaven could have giving to him. Ash knew that Misty would have either said something to break the whole wedding off, or kill Latias. Both options did not look pretty to the Pokémon Master. It was also due to the fact that she was a human and that she tried so hard to become one as well so that she didn't invite Misty to the wedding. She was no longer a clone of Bianca, but a blue haired girl with green eyes. She was also a little shorter than he was, but he didn't care. 'I just wish Misty could have come to the wedding ceremony.' Ash thought to himself as he trained his two powerful fire types, Blaziken and Charizard. He trained them often, not because he was bored, but because every trainer had to fight him eventually, or his wife when he would help the Pokémon police force from Team Rocket. Jessie and James had been fired, and in their place were Butch and Cassidy. They usually tried some plans, but with Meowth, Raticate, Seviper, Wobbuffett and Cacnea, these two had a good team. Jessie and James had to give them their Pokémon, as punishment from the boss for failing so many times in the past.

His wife wasn't that happy since he was also helping the Officer Jenny's win against the war against Team Rocket and their boss Giovanni. He also knew that she wasn't happy about it, but it was something that he had to do. He felt that it was part of his duty as the Pokémon Master and Leader of all Leagues to help them since they were stealing other peoples hard earned Pokémon that they had caught. He would be in for quite a surprise when he saw Misty on the side of Team Rocket, the same team that she had helped Ash defeat many times in the past.

Misty also noticed that they were living in Altimar, so that Latias could still speak to her brother who was sealed away in the Soul Dew that they had to remake due to Team Rocket's influences. She remembered that whole ideal and saw that Ash was truly happy with Latias. Knowing that she wouldn't be able to kidnap or kill Latias, she had to come up with another plan. Misty saw that any other plan to reclaim Ash would never work, since he seemed to really care about Latias and she about him. Getting a ride on her new Pokémon Gyarados, she flew to Viridian City to meet up with Giovanni. She was captured on the spot, but told the Rockets that caught her that she had wanted to make a deal with Giovanni, so they escorted her there.

So, she decided to strike a bargain with Team Rocket. She goes over to Giovanni personally and makes a deal, "You bring me Ash, and brainwash him completely so that he remembers and loves only me. In return, I will bring you back Latias. I will return her in her Pokémon form, and her powers will be yours. However, I want to personally teach this bitch a lesson for stealing my man!"

Giovanni agrees after making one request, which was that she wouldn't kill her and she agreed, so the bargain was made and she told him that if he didn't keep his word, she would transform Latias back into a human. She didn't tell him how she was going to do it, but if he did double-cross her, Misty would use her new Pokémon to go back in time. She was going to use Team Rocket for her own personal gain! Now that she had Giovanni's trust, along with her sisters and Pokémon. She was going to dig into some research on ancient myths and legends to try and find someway to reverse Latias' transformation from human and change her back into the Pokémon that she once was and break her heart, all at the same time.

Giovanni had told her of Jack and the emeralds that Jeff had acquired on his journeys to rescue Pokémon from Team Rocket, the same team that Jack had worked for. When Misty brought up why he was talking of Jack in the past tense was because Jeff had killed him in a battle to the death.

He never mentioned anything about Jeff having ever helping a Ho-oh, so she looked at the emeralds and where he had gotten them from the various Pokémon that he had helped save. He had gotten the Fire Emerald from the legendary Moltres, the Ice Emerald from Articuno, the Lighting Emerald from Zapdos, the Wind Emerald from Rayquaza, the Earth Emerald from Groudon, the Dark Emerald from Mewtwo, and the Light Emerald from Altaria. He also got the Fate Emerald from Lugia. She also noticed that he had solved the problem without using any violence or Pokémon that and the fact that there was one more emerald that Jeff didn't take, the Emerald of Hate from Ho-oh.

Getting to the place where the Ho-oh was easy with Gyarados, and found her way to the tower that Ho-oh was currently residing in. Going through the twisted maze, she quickly became face to face with the legendary bird of fire and of hatred, hatred for humans.

"What brings you here, human?" the Pokémon asked angrily.

"I am here to use your Hate Emerald that Jeff refused to take." Misty replied back to Ho-oh. He thought it over for a bit and replied that she could take the emerald, after she revealed what she was going to do with it. Her idea was to use the Hate Emerald to change the Pokémon back to her original form, and the Pokémon was Latias!

"That is one of the cruelest tricks I have ever heard. Can I join you and see if it works?" Ho-oh asked Misty. Misty wasn't sure. She was a water trainer after all. He was a fire type and was everything that she didn't use in a fight. However, seeing that he would be a valuable asset to her team she shrugged her shoulders and said "Why not?" Misty threw an Ultra-Ball towards the legendary Pokémonand he was caught.

"Now it's off to Altimar, and to win back Ash!" Misty said to herself, getting ready to fly on her trusted water/flying Pokémon, she decided to try Ho-oh. Releasing him from his ball, he stretched his wings and knew what she was thinking. Lying down on his stomach, he let his master get on him. Making sure that she was secure, he rose up and flew towards the destination that she had wanted to go to, the town that held Team Rocket's Headquarters!


Latias had just gone to talk to her brother, so Ash had nothing better to do, other than care for the Pokémon. Even though Brock volunteered to tend for Ash's Pokémon, he didn't want to burden his friend with the traveling that it took each day to get to Altimar and Pewter City. (I haven't seen the movie. DJ has and has told me all about it.) He didn't mind, however, he still sent Ash his homemade Pokémon food every month, and was able to keep in contact with Brock. After making the rounds, he noticed that the Pokémon food for his favorite six Pokémon Raichu, Charizard, Mewtwo, Blaziken, Lugia, and Rayquaza. He called Brock, and Suzie picked up the phone.

"Oh hi Ash. I'll get Brock for you." Suzie said to Ash. A couple minutes went by and then Brock got on the phone. Suzie had to search for him, since he helped all of his Pokémon and her Vulpix as well.

"Hey Ash. Where's Latias?" Brock asked.

"She's visiting her brother. I was just about to go to her. Brock, I just ran out of Pokémon food for my favorite six Pokémon." Ash replied.

"Sure. I'll send Crobat with the food as soon as possible. See ya Ash." Brock replied as he hung up the phone. Ash did the same, as he called for Raichu and recalled the other five into their PokéBalls. He started walking towards the path that Latias took a few seconds ago and when he was halfway there, he heard Latias scream as she released two Pokémon. Seeing lighting and ice as he came closer to the scene of where he heard his wife scream, he figured that she had let out Zapdos and Articuno. When he got there, he found all of her PokéBalls including the ones that held the legendary Pokémon by a letter from Team Rocket.

Dear Pokémon Master,

We have Latias and if you ever want to see her alive in her human form then come to Cerulean City alone in one week. Bring all your Pokémon. –Team Rocket

Ash knew that this could happen because of the one emerald that Jeff told him that he didn't take, the Emerald of Hate, which could make the person who had the emerald make whatever they hated come true. A week before, he had come upon Emerald Town once again, as there was a Team Rocket station that was there. When he got there, he saw them harassing the one person that helped them. Ash defeated the members that were attacking Jeff with Pokémon, and afterwards, he gave him the information as well as a weapon that could help him later on, the Dragon Slayer Bow. (MINE!) He taught him how to use it and how to call on it quickly. Ash thanked him for the information as well as for the bow and training. He had left and returned home and then this had to happen.


Butch and Cassidy were holding a struggling Latias, even after they had tied her hands and feet so that she couldn't run away. Still, she was struggling to get away from her captors, but had no success.

"Stop struggling wench. You are going to be the bait for our new supervisor." Butch said to her as he was carrying her towards the beach that they themselves would meet her.

When they got to the beach, Latias got the biggest surprise of her life; the new supervisor was none other than Misty!

"Misty?!" she asked, scared of what was happening all around her. She was confused, and asked what was going on. Misty slapped her hard for doing that, and told her to be quiet. This interaction had powered up the Emerald of Hate's intensity, but she was going to wait until she had Ash in her presence to use it. She had also stole the Emerald of Fate, just incase Giovanni double-crossed her.

They had left, and waited at her old house, while her sisters were out. She made sure that they had plans and were out of Cerulean City for as long as a week. That was how long she had to wait to get Ash back to loving her and stop loving the bitch named Latias.


A week had passed and Ash told Pidgeot the predicament that he was in. she understood what Ash was going through, and putting all his Pokémon in his PokéBalls, he boarded the flying Pokémon and told her to head towards Cerulean City. Once he got there, Butch stood and as Ash recalled his Pidgeot, Butch told Ash to follow him. He did as he was told, and when he got to the place where the Cerulean Gym was, he saw someone that he never thought he would see again, Misty.

"Misty, what have you done?" Ash asked the newest member of Team Rocket.

"I wanted to get you back. Rudy abandoned me, and I see that you have married her. Now let me show you my hate!" Misty screamed back to the Pokémon Master as she revealed the Emerald of Hate. Ash's eyes grew large, and he started to get very scared. He pulled out his bow from the small emerald with lighting fast speed, and said that he would shoot the emerald if she did anything to Latias.

"Fine, then I would never be able to change her back because of the fact that these two emeralds are connected. When the Emerald of Hate is destroyed, so is the Emerald of Fate. He knew that he was beat, and put his bow back into the small emerald and then the emerald back into his pocket. He knew that he was defeated, and could only watch in horror as she put the Emerald of Hate that was on a necklace onto Latias. Her hatred for the Pokémon that turned into a human was unleashed, and the emerald had turned her back into her Pokémon form.

"NO! Misty, you'll pay for that!" Ash said screaming towards his ex-girlfriend.

"No you won't. For I still hold the Emeralds. Butch, knock him out!" Misty said and screamed towards Butch. Butch did as he was told, and knocked Ash out cold. He then tied and gagged him, and made sure that he couldn't get away if he woke up on their way back towards Viridian City. She had what she wanted, and Giovanni had what he wanted.

Getting back quickly with Ho-oh, Giovanni was giving the Pokémon, as Ash was then brought to the brainwashing machine located deep within the underground hideout.

The doctor made sure that Ash remembered nothing of Latias, or of them ever breaking up. He didn't want to anger Misty, especially since she had captured the legendary Pokémon Latias. After what seemed like forever, Ash had remembered only Misty and that he loved her with all of his heart.

"Hey Mist, long time, no see my love." He said and that made her very happy. What happened next was outstanding, as he then swept her off of her feet and carried her bridal style to her room, which Misty instructed him to where it was. He didn't want to intrude into her room because the brainwash said that one time he had been pushed into her room when she was changing. He got slapped real hard and was pushed out of the room by a blushing Misty. Never wanting that to happen again, he kept a close watch on her door, and waited outside her door. As soon as she changed into her normal clothes and came out, he followed her almost everywhere.

"I'm glad that things are back to normal." Misty thought to herself, as Ash stood right behind her. She didn't mind that he was following her, but she didn't know that the brainwash had a side effect, the fact that he wasn't permanently under the spell. He would be under the spell as long as he didn't see Latias, at all.

They had to run errands all day, Ash being tested on to see if he was stable enough for working with Team Rocket. The doctor told Giovanni that he found something that didn't bode well, a side effect. The doctor told the boss that the brainwashing device didn't make the brainwash complete, but it would still work unless he saw or heard of Latias. His heart will then start fighting against the brainwashing program, and will eventually win; he finished with a scared look in his eyes. He knew that the boss didn't like failure.

"It's okay Dr. Eric. He won't have the time to see Latias at all because she will be kept in her PokéBall at all times. If she were able to get out, she wouldn't be able to get to him anyways, since this door has a password and scanner that will only let Ash, Misty, and me into his room.". This started the long torture of Latias, who had the emerald necklace around her at all times. If it was taken off, then the Fate Emerald could kick in and would revert back to her old self.

A few months pasted by, his Pokémon getting food and training, but they remembered what their life was like before all of this happened. When his Pidgeot tried to sneak out to help Latias, Rayquaza stopped her by saying that she would get hurt, but Pidgeot didn't care. Rayquaza took measures into his own hands, and knocked her out with Thunder. (I know that he can learn this move. I have it on mine.) She returned to her ball, and he was able to go back into his ball. He didn't like what he was doing, but he didn't want Pidgeot getting hurt. He was the legendary dragon Pokémon, and couldn't have any feelings. He was having a hard time sleeping, while his master was out like a light.

"Do I love Pidgeot?" Rayquaza thought to himself. He was also thinking that if he did, then he should helped her instead of stopping her. He was going to have to talk to Groudon later on. He fell asleep knowing that he could have a possible feeling towards the flying bird Pokémon.

The next day, they did a robbery at the Pokémon Mart in Celadon City. Ash and Misty were the last two to get out of the building, and by that time, officers had them surrounded. Ash pulled the Bow Emerald as he called it, and called forth the Dragon Slayer. He instantly started firing arrows that were made by the bow. He had hit enough officers for them to get away safely, but he never killed them. They gave Giovanni what they stole, and went back to their separate rooms. Misty could not sleep, so she decided to do the one thing that eased her mind, star gazing.

Getting to the field, Misty went back to one of her favorite moments with Ash, before ever meeting Latias and Rudy.

{Flashback: Misty was looking up at the stars one night in the Orange Islands, wondering on how to tell her feelings to her crush, Ash. Without warning, he appeared and asked on what she was doing. Misty blushed slightly, praying to any god she had that he didn't see it. She replied, "I'm just watching the stars, thinking."

"Mind if I join you?" he asked. He sat down beside her, gazing out now at the multiple diamonds lighting the sky. Both gazed out into the endless sky, lost in thought. Ash then shifted his attention towards her, seeing the way she seemed to glow when the moonlight touched her. Misty looked at him, and saw that he was staring at her. "Ash? Why are you staring at me?" she asked. Ash quickly looked back at the sky, his blush apparent on his face. "Nothing! I'm not staring!" he replied. Misty just smiled and giggled silently at this lie. She then scooted closer to the young boy, now hoping that one day, she and him would be together forever.}

"That was before I met Rudy, or what I wanted to see. When I met him, my feelings for Ash started to slowly ebb away," she said sadly to herself, tears threating to fall. She then remembered that sad day, the day she made the most foolish decision of all of her life and decided to leave Ash for Rudy.

{Flashback: She was now in the harbor of Olivine City, intent on going back to the Orange Islands and getting together with Rudy. She turned back and saw her friends see her off, but there was one problem. She saw Ash and the look of extreme hurt on his face. After the ordeal with Rudy, Misty seemed to push him further and further away. The more he tried to get close to her, the more she resisted. She just waved at all of them, turned around, and boarded the boat that would take her back to the Orange Islands.

'Rudy is just the man I need! He doesn't go headfirst into battle, or recklessly use his Pokémon like Ash does! I know he's a better man then that boy could ever become!' she told herself.}

"I was a fool to go back to that jerk, Rudy! I saw the way he truly was, when he abandoned me at my own wedding!" she screamed at no one. She was surprised that he couldn't hear her ranting. It was then that she realized that her love for Ash was not gone. In fact, it had gotten stronger over time. But now, it was clouded by her jealously and hatred when she read the newspaper on the marriage of Ash and Latias so long ago.

"Soon, Ash. I will take you back, and make sure I never let you go!" she vowed. It was all a competition to her, a contest on who could win the ultimate prize in the entire world... the heart of Ash Ketchum, Pokémon Master!


However, there was one person who did hear it, the other "competitor". Latias, but all she could do was sadly watch the love of her life being taken over by her rival, yet she could do nothing to stop him from going down the wrong path.

"If there was only a way for me to break this curse." Latias thought to herself, but being a Pokémon, her brother was able to contact her.

"Don't worry sis. You'll be able to get him back somehow; besides, you can talk to his Pokémon mentally. I say Rayquaza because he doesn't know of his feeling towards Pidgeot." Latios thought spoke to Latias. She wasn't surprised that she was able to talk to Latios this far away, since she was a Pokémon.

She replied to her brother, "But how can he love a different type of Pokémon?"

"I don't know. But maybe because he was a Pidgeot before he evolved." He replied.

"What?" Latias replied back to her brother.

"Somehow, a bird was able to evolve past his final state. I have heard of this before, but it is rare. Rayquaza is one of those types. If he is able to show her his love, or if she loves him and he gets hurt, then maybe she will 'ultra-evolve' as well." He replied and stopped speaking. This had renewed her strength of her heart, and tried to communicate to Rayquaza. The dragon Pokémon was thinking of her at the time, and was shocked when he heard the voice of his "master's" wife. He was also shocked about the next evolution, and understood why he loved her. She also said that he could help her evolve by helping her do what she wants.


Ash and Misty were hanging out together, hands intertwined as they walked around Cerulean City.

Misty was talking about the newest movie that was coming out soon, and Ash asked if she wanted to see it. She said that she did, so that night, they paid for their movie tickets and saw the show. (They may be part of Team Rocket, but they still have to keep up their disguises.)

After the movie, they returned back to headquarters and went to sleep. Misty was having a hard time sleeping, so she went for a walk. She came across the boss's room, and knocked on the door.

"Come in" he replied quickly and Misty opened the door.

"Ah, Misty how are you?" Giovanni asked and she replied that she was fine, but couldn't sleep. After talking for a while, Misty started yawning and said that she was going to go to sleep. She walked back towards her room and fell asleep, making sure that the Emerald of Fate was secured to the necklace that she had made as she hid it under her pillow to hold some leverage over Giovanni.


All Pokémon had different names, not just the ones that the humans had given them. Rayquaza's real name was Ray and he also knew that the Pidgeot that he was in love with was named Emi. Ray got out of his poke ball and went towards Emi's as well. After talking with Latias, he decided to help her in her quest to restore Ash to his former self.

"Emi, I'm sorry for hurting you. I was afraid that you would get hurt with all of the security around Latias and the lab. I've decided to help you with your quest to release Latias from her torture and Ash from his curse." He said in front of her poke ball. Emi came out and stretched her wings.

"You're forgiven Ray. Now lets get going." She replied while stretching her wings. They went out of the room, and flew towards where the lab was, and where Latias was held. Emi used her Sand Attack, which showed all of the security lasers. When they got to the Lab, she used another Sand Attack to see the second set of lasers, and also took out the cameras within the building. They proceed quickly, Emi using her Sand Attack every so often so that the cameras wouldn't spot them. As quick as they entered the lab and went through the halls, they found the room that Latias' poke ball was kept.

Beside the door, stood two Pokémon, a Dragonite and an Aerodactyl. They were the last resorts to any person who thought of double-crossing Giovanni himself since they were his Pokémon. They were waiting patiently for anything that seemed out of the ordinary. When the two Pokémon went through the door, the two security guards started attacking. Dragonite started it off with a Dragon Rage, but Ray slammed into her, which made the attack miss, as Ray used his own Dragon Rage too seriously hurt Dragonite. Emi used her Wing Attack on Aerodactyl and Ray told her to get out of the way, as Dragonite tried to use Wrap on her. Emi just dodged and countered with a quick attack. This did little damage towards the dragon Pokémon, but it caught his attention as Ray used a Hyper Beam to make him faint. While that had happened, Aerodactyl had sneaked up behind Ray and used a point-blank Hyper Beam. Ray fainted on the spot, and this made Emi mad!

She started glowing and after she was done, there stood a new Rayquaza. The weirdest thing though, was that she still had her Wing Attack and Sand Attack, but she also had two dragon moves, Dragon Claw and Outrage.

"But how was I able to evolve again?" Emi thought to herself while in her new state. She couldn't focus on it now, but gave Aerodactyl a vicious fury of Dragon Claws. It might not have been effective, but it was able to cut down one-eight of his total health, and after eight hits, he fainted. Emi pushed the button to open the poke ball with one of her teeth, still not used to the fact of being a dragon and flying without any wings. As soon as she touched the ball, Latias came out and saw two Rayquazas. One was knocked out on the floor, and the other one was next to her.

"Emi?" Latias asked into her mind. She had just guessed that was who the dragon Pokémon was in front of her.

"Yeah, its me. I don't know what happened though. There is a way to cure your torture, by letting Ash see you. That is the only way for it to work." Emi replied to Latias.

"Really?!" Latias asked the new dragon Pokémon, and she just nodded her head.

"Ugh, what happened to Aerodactyl" Ray said, as started to get back up, and that was when he saw Latias and whom he thought was Emi.

"Emi, is that you?" Ray asked, hoping that she had ultra-evolved into the dragon Pokémon that he was.

"Yes. However, I don't know what happened though." She replied back to her love, even though he didn't know it yet, but he knew.

"I'll tell you on the way back to our room. We got to get Latias out of here before these two numbskulls decide to wake up and beat the living daylights out of us. So they left, having Emi use her Sand Attack to get through the lasers and cameras once more. When they got back to the room where all of Ash's Pokémon were kept, they went into their respective PokéBalls. Latias hid in an empty poke ball as the next day rolled by.


Misty got up and took the necklace from her hiding spot and put it on after changing into her normal clothes. Ash gout up as the same time and got dressed and went to the room to collect his Pokémon, not knowing that Latias was there and that Pidgeot had evolved. Latias got out of the poke ball, and waited until Ash came back, which would be at night. Giovanni had asked them to do another mission, and after lunch, they left towards Johto to steal Professor's Birch newest discovery, a Pokémon that looked like a virus.

Ash was challenged to a Pokémon fight and Ash quickly destroyed him with his Mewtwo. When he used a Dustox, Ash sent out his Pidgeot, but out came Rayquaza.

"What's going on?" Ash asked and Pidgeot responded and told him all about the ultra-evolving, her love, and that Latias was waiting for him. As soon as he heard Latias' name, he started to remember what had happened before all of this in his life had unfolded and he had became a member of Team Rocket. When they got back, Giovanni had some bad news for Misty, someone had beaten his Dragonite and Aerodactyl and taken Latias.

"Great, just great. Now Ash can get his memory back." Misty said, as Ash went back to his room. (This one of the things that he told Misty when she couldn't get to sleep.) His heart was trying to break through the brainwash's effects as he heard the name Latias. His heart was facing the powers of the brainwashing device, and after he fell asleep, his heart had won. Latias knew of this, so she waited by his side, with the emerald around her neck. When Ash woke up, he saw Latias sleeping beside her bed, and after he told Misty that he wasn't feeling well, she told him to get better soon, so now he had a reason to stay in bed. He also told her that he was allergic to chicken noodle soup.

"Now that Misty can't interfere, and the cameras are being shown a fake picture of me in bed with a cold, what happened to you while I was here?" Ash asked his wife. Latias told him everything that Giovanni did to her, and it got him mad at Giovanni, and Misty for capturing her and starting this whole thing. She then explained what happened to Emi and Ray, Pidgeot and Rayquaza, and how they helped her escape and how Emi evolved past her final evolution. He then thought of how to get back the Emerald of Fate from Misty so that he could give it back to Jeff and not let Misty have something to use as leverage over him.

Later that night, Ash snuck out of his room and with Raichu and he used his tail to pick the lock of Misty's room. He had brought the empty poke ball that Latias had hidden in, and carefully traded it with the emerald. Having the Emerald of Hate and Fate, they fled the scene after Ash had collected his Pokémon. When they were a far distance away from Team Rocket's headquarters, he removed the Emerald of Hate and chucked it into the ocean. He then called on Emi, and asked if she could fly the emeralds back towards Jeff in Emerald Town. He also let Ray go with her, to protect her from any of the wild Pokémon or any poachers. He let out Pidgeotto, and asked if he could fly them back towards Altimar.


Misty kept looking for Ash, but when she couldn't find him, she went to Giovanni's office and asked for the video cameras of her room. When she had found the one she wanted, she put it into the VCR that was there, and saw that Ash had found out about Latias, and had stolen the emerald. He had also left one of the Dragon Arrows in her wall, symbolizing that if she went after him, then he would kill her. He had also tied a note to the arrow. It said that you should move on with your life as I did with mine. Please forgive me.

Misty was furious, but she knew that Ash would definitely go through on his death wish if she ever tried anything again. She knew though that he was out of reach, so she resigned from Team Rocket and gave her promise that she would never say anything about Team Rocket afterwards.


Ash and Latias went back to their home in Altimar and resumed their life, explaining what had happened to the both of them to reporters. That was all that they did, making sure that nothing happened to Misty since she had quit Team Rocket.


Sword Master Jeff: Just to let you know, Emi means blessed with beauty in Japanese. This week's fic of the week is none other than New Beginnings. Summary: Second installment to Poke Quest. Misty meets her old friend Necroku, finds out she has strong feelings for him, discovers her new powers and other stuff. That's the jist of it. RR

Well, this is the sequel to his good Poke Quest. I've been waiting for a long time for this sequel, and what happened. If you haven't read Poke Quest, read that first, and then read this wonderful story!

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