Quick recap: Ramus encountered his first match inside an ancient theater deep within GH. It was a young kafra who wanted to destroy the Kafra Corp using the tournaments wishes. The fight did not go well for Ramus as he was simply overpowered by the young lady with her unearthly strength. The fight was all ready to end when another kafra in the form of Sampaguita who had assisted his escape earlier interrupted the match. The two kafras fought and the younger one fell prey to the blade of the Comodo Kafra.

Chapter 6: Hesitation


It was almost as if the whole theater had stopped breathing all of a sudden. Gone was the grand concerto of ghostly melodies. Even the spotlights were shut off. The candlelights near the front stage one by one flickered out. The opening act was finished, the first murder, committed.

That the theater empathized with the young girl's death was a given. The unmoving Ramus could only stare at the two Kafras a few paces away from him. The frigidity of the atmosphere was eating him up, drops of sweat forming in his forehead. It was the second time that he had seen somebody die right in front of his very eyes, the first being the deaths of his companions. Maybe it was the amalgamation of the death of his friends that buried the wooden stake of shock into his heart even deeper when he saw the young girl stripped of life.

Sampaguita finally got up from her squatted posture. She stood silent, insensate, and without the usual smile. Her hands were stained with blood, one of them still clenching the pendant bearing Vinca's name. Her body was full of traces from the rigors of a fierce battle.

The thief knew what was next in order. He was to now fight the one who had defeated the girl who nearly killed her a few moments back. His back's numbness hasn't even lifted yet. If there was one thing that he could have thought then, it would be the word "out of the league".

The kafra slipped the pendant down her dusty, bloodied apron. She slowly raised her katana and pointed it at the thief.

"Don't you think it's a real pity that we have to meet so early in the game? You look like a good man," said Sampaguita to the unmoving thief, " unfortunately, you're in my way."

Ramus angrily gazed at the emerald stones that sparkled across the face of the Kafra. It was clear that she was not as inhuman as she was boasting outside the castle a while ago. She was, in fact, all too affected. It was only then that it dawned to him. She was the sister Vinca had been talking about all along.

"You're being a fucking idiot. Do you know that?" shouted Ramus in a shaken, almost crying voice.

Sampaguita's battle trance seemed to have been blown away.

"Before you give me your goddamn pity, why don't you look at yourself? You have just killed your sister and you know it. You so goddamn know it! And what do you do? You suck it all up. That's right. You pretend it didn't happen."

For the first time in her life, the Kafra didn't know what to say. No lines in her script, no manual could ever dictate what she had to say. Normally, she wouldn't even take heed into an adversary's words. But they were simply all too true.

"I…" the kafra struggled for words but to no avail.

Ramus tried to walk towards the Kafra. His back injury made this task of extreme painfulness.

"There's only the two of us now. Nobody is watching your every move. Nobody. I too had lost people that I loved not too long ago. I never had the time to grieve. Not even a prayer. You shouldn't let the opportunity pass you."

Sampaguita was staring at the floor now. You could almost feel the tension of the tears trying to well up on a pair of eyes that had been deprived of emotion for so many a year.

The thief took another step. His face changed to that of incredible agony for each step that he tried to make. The green-haired woman stood unmoving for a few seconds, silent as the theater of long ago that surrounded the two.

All of a sudden the kafra assumed a purging stance. She pointed the katana at Ramus, arched back in a dashing position and lunged to strike with godly speed. Dust rose up from the ruined carpets that she passed. Air being split sounded across the empty theater.

It was Ramus' turn to stand still this time, as Vinca had done to him a while ago. Somehow he already knew that it was not up to him on who would emerge victorious. Heck, it wasn't even a match anymore. But he knew that it wasn't his moment yet. He put a fixed stare at the Kafra's he was looking for something. And he found it.

The blade went through but did not pierce. It touched his neck but did not cut. Sampaguita missed. And deliberately. The face of the broken thief and the shaken servant finally met up close. No words were spoken but an understanding had been reached.

The long overdue tears finally rolled out. Ramus put on a little smile of relief. And for the first time, the Kafra did too. This time the toothed smile was hers and not of the corporation.

But a game is a game.

Samaguita launched a knee up to Ramus' midrib, causing him to drop on the dusty floor. Nothing other attacks followed, 'twas to be an undecided match.

The Kafra opened the theater exit and simply ran off. Their match was cut short but it was not the last time that they met for the duration of Glastheimspiel.

Quick Recap: Ramus finally let out his anger over Sampaguita's action against her sister. The Kafra finally got in touch with her emotions and was unable to continue the match. Ramus however, was still left in a most battered condition.