Academy Days

Kim and Ron stared in stared in awe at the gigantic city-planet of Coruscant as the Firefox drew ever nearer to her destination. They both took a step backwards and looked at each other. They almost couldn't believe this was happening, but there they were entering the atmosphere of Coruscant, standing behind Sara and Aaron, the two Jedi who had exposed them to the situation that the universe was in. The words that they spoke that night still rung as loudly as ever in Kim's mind; '. . . we believe that you two will be the ones to bring the Force its needed balance.'

"KP?" Ron asked, looking in the eyes of his mesmerized best friend, "You okay?"

"Yeah." Kim said, shaking herself out of her daze. "It's just . . . It's so weird how at peace I am about everything. You know?"

Ron smiled softly, "Yeah, Kim. I do."

"It is the mark of fate, Kimberly" Sara interjected. "Such tranquility could only come from the Force. It obviously has a great destiny for you, for both of you. You are at peace because it is the will of the Force for you to be at peace."

Kim sat down behind Sara who was in the co-pilot seat, "And you know the funny thing is, that makes sense to me."

"Aaron. If you don't mind me asking; I know I don't nearly understand enough about the Republic and all, but you said the Firefox was yours. How did you get it? Ron asked.

"You like her." Aaron asked with a proud chuckle.

"Yeah" Ron replied

"Well," he said, not looking up from the control console, "Sara had her custom made for me when I left the Academy. Remember me telling you about Han Solo on the way here? She's an exact model of his ship, the Millennium Falcon, with Tetraspace engines, cloaking device, and better armament of course. He being my hero, and all, I would have to say this is the best gift I ever got." He finished, looking up for a moment to smile at Sara.

A voice came on the com in the cockpit, "Firefox, you are cleared for landing on platform 24-alpha-4. Good to see you again, Aaron."

"Copy that, command. And it's good to be home, Strafford." Aaron replied.

The Firefox flew through Coruscant traffic and made its way to a large docking platform. It slowed until it was hovering over the platform; it turned to face the main docking complex and slowly lowered to the ground. It landed and the boarding ramp opened. As the Jedi and the two teens exited the Firefox, a procession of six people and several armored troops walked towards them. One man in particular, who looked like a younger version of Aaron, swiftly made his way up to the group and stopped, staring firmly at his near twin.

"Well, look who decided to grace us with his presence" the man said a bit spitefully.

Aaron cracked an amused smile and gave the man a goofy hug, causing the man to start laughing and hug him back. After about 5 seconds, Aaron set the man down laughing.

"I thought you were in the landing command tower." Aaron said, still chuckling.

"What, you think I'd miss my big brother's first return to Coruscant in seven years. Dad would've been here, but the Senate had a big dispute to settle between Mimban Trade Corp. and Chad Mining Coalition over the Athega trade routes, and unfortunately, the Chancellor has to be there." The man said.

"Well, Straff, I'm glad you're here. So, how's the married life." He started as the two men walked off.

"Wait, where's he going? I thought you said you were both to present us to the Council." Kim asked.

Sara sighed and shook her head. "I don't know Kimberly, but he'll be there." As she said this, five uniformed officers approached the trio.

"Grand Admiral Skywalker. Welcome back to Coruscant." one of the officers said. "We have prepared special accommodations for you and your guests."

"Excellent. You have separate rooms for the two?" Sara asked.

"Yes, Admiral, as you requested." The officer replied.

"Wonderful, Lieutenant. We have an appointment with the Council. Place their belongings in their respective quarters." Sara said, turning to Kim and Ron. "Now, let's go talk to the Jedi Council."

The large convoy of troops escorted the three into the command building and off in the direction of the Jedi Consulate building.

Kim and Ron stood outside a gigantic door, trying to hear what was being said on the other side, but also trying not to be too conspicuous, there being a few Jedi passing by every now and again. They turned around when they heard footsteps behind them and acted as innocent as possible as a Twi'lek in Jedi robes walked by and through a near-by doorway.

"Man, KP. Can you believe how massive this place is?" Ron asked, again awed by the size of the room they were in, not to mention the nearly 200 foot tall pillars it was lined with. "And this is just a hallway." He finished with a chuckle.

"I know. And Sara said the Jedi building before the last war was even more amazing." Kim responded.

As they were gazing around the room, the large doors behind them slowly opened. Aaron walked out, in his ceremonial Jedi robe, and was noticeably clean shaven. "The Council is ready." He said very reverently.

Kim and Ron followed him though the doorway and into a large circular chamber with many windows. All around the room were very comfortable looking pillow-like seats, and on each seat sat a Jedi Master. Kim and Ron were unfazed by the seemingly overwhelming setting, and walked into the center of the room to stand next to Sara, who was waiting patiently for the three to join here.

"Jedi Masters, may I present Kimberly Possible and Ronald Stoppable, of the recently discovered planet of Earth." Sara said as the two teens stopped at her side, and Aaron removed himself from the room with a respectful bow.

Ron and Kim hadn't noticed it when they came in, but several of the Masters in the room were staring with looks of awe, seemingly feeling the resonance of the Force within the two. A small green skinned Jedi with large ears broke the silence.

"Kimberly, Ronald. Welcome to Coruscant." He said.

"Thank you, Master Gowda." Kim and Ron said in unison, being courteous as Sara and Aaron had briefed them beforehand.

"Master Skywalker has brought you before us. Considered for training in the Jedi ways she wishes for you. Is this wish shared by you?" He asked.

Kim and Ron again answered in unison, "We do."

"Mmmm. Almost too old for training, you both are. But great calm I sense in you. A trait not common among those considered for training at such late age. A Jedi's walk is not, however, as simple as it may seem. Many challenges ahead of you lie. How feel you of these obstacles and trials?" the tiny Jedi said, wisdom thick in his voice.

"I am ready and willing to face whatever may be ahead." Kim said with humility.

"As am I" Ron said, sharing Kim's humble resolve.

"Deception, fear, hate, even passion; great are these in all too many in the universe." Keeran Lezack, the terran Jedi sitting near Master Gowda said, "And yet, in you, I sense calm and genuineness. Obviously the Force is exceptionally strong in you, and has prepared your minds and hearts for this circumstance. A factor that will not be overlooked in our deliberations."

"Master Lezack is correct." The tiny green Master agreed. "The affinity of the Force in you is too strong to ignore. Discuss this matter more thoroughly we must. Master Aaron will see you to your chambers; Master Skywalker will join the Council in deliberation of this subject. Summoned, you will be, when our decision we have reached."

"Thank you." Kim said as she and Ron bowed reverently, then the two turned and walked out of the room, the large doors closing behind them as they left.

Aaron was waiting with his back to the two in the large column-filled room. He and Rufus, who was standing on his shoulder, turned when they heard the doors shut. Kim and Ron walked up to them, and Ron opened his mouth to tell what was going on, but Aaron stopped him.

"Eh, I probably already know. But they're gonna be in there for a while, couple o' days usually. So in the mean time, let's head back to parents' place. We'll eat there and then I'll get you back to you apartments." Aaron said, waving his hand.

Ron rubbed his belly, "Excellent. I haven't eaten since we got here."

Rufus who had been standing on Aaron till now, started leaping and squeaking happily. He jumped from Aaron shoulder to Ron's shirt, and then scurried to Ron's shoulder.

"Naco, Naco, Naco, Naco" Rufus squeaked enthusiastically.

Ron patted his naked pet's head, "Sorry, buddy" Ron said, "I don't think they have Bueno Nacho here."

"But I'm sure my mother can cook up something just as good." Aaron said, which cheered the tiny rodent up quickly. "C'mon lets go."

With that, the three walked out the main doors in the gigantic room, heading to the Katarn's home, leaving the council to their deliberations.

Kim and Ron stood before the Jedi council yet again. It had been five days since they had been in the Jedi building, but being there was welcome to the two earth heroes. They had spent the last several days pretty much in their rooms, awaiting the Council's summons. They had been standing in silence in the center of the room for almost five minutes as the Council discussed things to themselves. When they had finished, Sara stood from her pillow and walked to stand next to the two teams.

"Are you prepared for the Council's decision?" she asked.

Kim answered for herself and Ron, the same mind-boggling calm being present that had been there since their arrival at Coruscant, "We are."

A taller blue-skinned man began, "We, the Masters of the Jedi Order have carefully discussed the situation. We took into consideration many factors, and have reached a difficult, but unanimously welcomed decision. Master Gowda."

"The mind of a child, excessively open it is. More readily accepted, the ways of the Jedi are. However, the Force in you is stronger than any we have seen. A fact that cannot be ignored, it is. It is the ruling of this council that you Kimberly Possible and you Ronald Stoppable will be taken on as apprentices." The small, large-eared Jedi spoke.

Right then, the doors opened and Aaron walked in, stopping next to Kim, Ron, and Sara.

"Master Skywalker, your apprentice, Kimberly will be. Master Aaron, Ronald, your apprentice will be. Receive them as understudies, do you?"

Sara bowed and spoke, "I will relinquish my title of Grand Admiral of the Republic Navy for the term of Kimberly's training."

"I accept Ronald as apprentice. I will teach him all that I can." Aaron said, bowing the same as Sara.

"Very Well." Master Gowda said as the entire Council rose to its feet. "Then the training of Kimberly Possible and Ronald Stoppable will immediately begin. The blessings of the Jedi Council you have. May the Force be with you."

With that, the Council bowed, Sara and Aaron bowed, and then Kim and Ron bowed. Then the pair of students and Masters turned and left the room.

As the doors closed behind them, Sara stopped the excited teens. "This is where you tow part ways, if only for a time. The training of an apprentice is solely student/master."

Kim and Ron looked at each other sadly.

"Aw, man." Ron said.

"It will only be until you are ready to take the tests to become Padawans. Then you will be allowed to undertake missions as a team, if that is your desire." Sara said. "Do not let emotion become a factor. It will distract your studies."

"Well, Ron." Kim said, looking at her lifetime best friend, "Then I'll see ya in no time at all."

"Until then" Ron said, bowing to Kim, who bowed back.

"May the Force be with you" Kim said as she and Sara turned and headed off to begin her training.

"Don't worry, kid" Aaron said as he and his apprentice began toward the Jedi Library, "With the way the Force flows through you two, I doubt it will take either of you more than a few months to be ready for the Padawan trials."

"Hey, it's no prob." Ron said, "I'm ready to train."

"Great. Hope you enjoy reading, because were gonna start with the history of the Jedi." Aaron chuckled, earning a laugh from Ron.

Kim and Ron trained hard. They studied the history of the Jedi Order and the Republic and the rites of the Jedi. They trained to focus the Force, ship maintenance and such, alien languages and diplomacy. And Aaron was right. It was in little under twenty-one weeks that they were both prepared to take the Padawan trials.

Kim and Ron stood before an impressed Jedi Council. The Council whispered among themselves until Master Gowda stood and raised his hand, signifying all noise to cease.

"Even I am surprised at the progress the two have made. The rites trial, with ease accomplished and understood in the first week of training. Amazing that both, a lightsaber constructed upon the first attempt. And even more amazing, the control of the Force accomplished in such a short amount of time. Young apprentices, all expectation have you surpassed. Yet a single trial for each remains." He spoke.

"Apprentice Stoppable, a tainted aura in the Force has been detected by Master Lezack far away, in the Sluis sector. You job is to locate the source of the disturbance and deal with it in the most appropriate manner. Do you understand this task?" the red-skinned female Twi'lek, Master Mandde, asked.

"I do" Ron said respectfully.

"Then this trail shall begin now. Master Katarn shall escort you to Bpfassh and shall await the completion of you trial." Mandde finished.

"May I ask one question?" Ron said before leaving.

"You may." Master Gowda replied.

"What of the Imperial situation in our galaxy?" Ron asked calmly.

"There is no knowledge of any remnant of the Sovereignty after the Republic's last purge. You should have no encounter with the Imperials on this mission."

Ron bowed, "Thank you, Master Gowda."

"May the Force be with you, apprentice." Gowda said.

With that, Ron and Aaron turned and left to head to Bpfassh. This left Sara and Kim standing there, awaiting her trial.

"Apprentice Possible," Master Lezack said, "a dispute over space dumping policy between the planets of Bpfassh and Sluis Van are in discussion at the Republic Consolate on the planet of Sluis Van. Both governments have requested that a Jedi be sent to intercede the hearings and help come to a reasonable conclusion before more violence between the two systems ensues. Your role will be that of diplomat, and any other role that may be required of you. Do you understand this task?"

Kim replied without a second thought, "Yes, I do."

"Master Skywalker will accompany you, but this task belongs to you. Your judgment is what will be essential, not hers." He finished.

"I understand. I will do my best." Kim responded.

"Then your task has begun. May the Force be with you both." Master Gowda said, sitting back on his pillow-seat.

The two left the Council and returned to the landing pad where the Firefox had been. Ron and Aaron had already taken off, but a Tyderian shuttle was waiting to take them to Sluis Van. The two boarded, and the shuttle left.

The Firefox landed in a forest clearing on the surface of Bpfassh quickly and silently. The boarding ramp lowered and Ron quickly exited. Ron held his wrist to his mouth and spoke into a tiny com unit.

"So, what exactly is this 'disturbance' I'm looking for?" He asked.

Aaron replied over his com, "That's what the Council sent you here to find out. You will know when you find it. Remember, trust your feelings. The Force will lead you to your objective."

"Right" Ron said, "Well I do feel it in the Force, but it' feels a ways off, I guess I'll head that way."

"Copy that. I'll dock the Fox at Re'Kfass. If you need me, com me." Aaron replied over com.

"Will do" Ron said, lowering his wrist.

The Firefox lifted off and flew off towards the near-by settlement of Re'Kfass. Ron started walking into the forest in the direction of the disturbance he was feeling in the Force. He walked for about half an hour in the direction the Force was leading. Suddenly he heard a twig snap to the left of him. He quickly hid behind a rock so that whatever/whoever was there couldn't see him. He peered around the rock to see a troop of ten Stormtroopers standing around a few speeder bikes. He sat down against his rock, scratching his head.

'OK, Ron. How are you gonna get past these goons?'

Kim and Sara walked into a room full of aliens and humanoids who were yelling at each other across a oval-shaped conference table, but they stopped when the two Jedi entered. A short, large-foreheaded female humanoid approached the two.

"N' ka chikyta nah Jedi kru pa atta kyra," she said.

(Thank you for your quick arrival master Jedi, welcome.)

"Hra ka senatak tre kura no Synata Untioo?" Sara asked the person.

(Can you speak Universal Basic?)

"Yes, we can. But you understand us." She said.

"But my apprentice who will be advocating is still learning the language." Sara replied.

"Ah, very well. We will proceed in Basic for your apprentice's sake. As for introductions, I am Makyras, Head Praetor of Sluis Van, and these are the

delegates of our planet" She said, signaling at four similar-looking humanoids.

"I am Kimberly Possible and this is Master Jedi Sara Skywalker" Kim said as she and Sara bowed.

A human male across the table from them stood and bowed courteously. "I am President Jordan Kyrtas of Bpfassh with respected delegates of our homeworld."

Sara took a step back as Kim walked to the head of the conference table and asked each of the delegates to present their cases, which they each did. Argument occasionally broke out, but for the most part, Kim kept the peace, taking into consideration every piece of information as charts, logs and other evidences were presented. After three hours of debate, accusations, and yelling, the committees of the two planets adjourned the meeting, which was to be resumed early the next morning. As soon as all the delegates had been escorted back to their respective living chambers, Kim and Sara walked through the city discussing the days' events.

"I don't know, Master Skywalker" Kim said, "I have a strange feeling, as if neither party is at fault."

Sara said calmly, "What brings you to that conclusion?"

"I'm not sure" She responded, "But from everything I could see, including what I gathered from the protocol droid that had compiled all the information, they were both following their agreement. I feel . . . I feel like something else is at work here, something that is not of either race."

"You feel a quiver in the Force?" Sara asked.

"Yes, master." Kim replied.

"As have I, but I was unsure if you were willing to believe it was the source of this dispute." Sara said, "Kimberly, you must get to the bottom of this. Seek out the disturbance."

"I will, master" Kim said, and with that the two parted ways. Sara returned to the apartment that the Sluis government had prepared for them, and Kim headed out of the city, unbeknownst to her in the direction of a hidden docking bay.

Ron looked over his rock again and waved his hand at an area behind the squad of troopers, causing twigs to snap and leaves to rustle loudly. They all turned, and eight of the ten went off to investigate. Ron used the Force again; this time to draw to two remaining Stormtroopers to himself. As they started to walk around the large rock Ron was behind, Ron smashed their heads against the rock using the Force, knocking the two unconscious. Having disposed of the entire platoon, he quickly confiscated a speeder bike and took off into the forest until he found a safe stopping point. He examined the onboard computer and discovered a hidden base in the forest. Ron activated his wrist-com.

"Master Katarn"

"I told you kid, when were not at the academy, you can skip the formalities with me. It's Aaron"

"Sorry. Aaron, we got a problem. There's a hidden Imperial outpost at coordinates 1014.5, -2345.2. I'm gonna go check it out."

"Right, kid. If ya need backup or anything, don't think twice to contact me."

"Copy that, Ron out." He said, deactivating his wrist-com. He hopped back on his speeder bike and took off toward the Imperial base.

Kim snuck into the hidden docking bay through a closing freight door. There was a Tyderian shuttle docked, but it looked like it was being prepped for departure. Kim knew this might be her only chance to discover who was behind the rogue dumping that was nearing Bpfassh and Sluis Van to a petty war that could disrupt the Republic's galactic security. Using the Force and some well timed evasion tactics, she made it onboard and into the back storage bay. She had just found a perfectly safe spot as the shuttle took off. She grabbed her lightsaber so as to be ready for anything..

'I hope I don't have to use this' She thought to herself, 'but I'm going to find out what exactly is going on.'

Ron leapt down from on top of the imperial base, dropping almost twenty feet, and rolled out of the fall safely. He ran to his speeder bike as several Stormtroopers came pouring out of the base's main entrance and opened fire on him. Without second thought, Ron reacted to the Force, using it to speed up his movements. He dodged the laser fire and quickly hopped on his speeder bike and took off. Ron held his wrist to his mouth as he weaved through the trees towards the Re'Kfass settlement.

"Aaron, there's an Imperial freighter in hidden orbit behind the third moon, I want to go check it out. The base down here was heavily guarded; I think the Sovereignty might be up to something very serious. Prep the ship for a quick take off, I want to make a cloaked run at the freighter and sneak in." Ron yelled over the bike engine.

"Are you sure, kid?" Aaron asked back.

"I'm sure, I got the coordinates in a datacube." He said.

As Ron finished his sentence, a heavy laser nearly shot out his bike's stabilizer.

'Damn, just what I need. An armed escort.' he thought. He started weaving and bobbing around and under fallen and standing trees, he yelled over his com, "Just have the 'Fox ready for when I get there, I've got company. I'll be there in a few."

"Copy" Aaron responded.

Ron grabbed his saber off his belt and activated it, revealing its green beam of energy. He fired the bike's turbo booster and cut down several trees still weaving gracefully around a seemingly endless obstacle course, which all but one of the pursuing troopers crashed into. He fired another boost and got a good distance in front of his pursuer. He did a quick double back and charged the Stormtrooper head on. Ron dodged all of his opponent's heavy laser shots and at the last second angled his bike to go over the other bike. Using the Force to again focus his heightened reflexes, he dismounted his bike quickly and flipped backwards as his bike nailed the riding trooper off of his own bike. As the opposing bike flew under him in seemingly slow-motion, he hammered the brake with his fist while still in backflip, which slowed its speed immensely. Ron landed and turned, used the Force to finish the bike's deceleration into a complete stop, then ran up and mounted it as he heard his previous bike crash into a tree, exploding on impact. Without hesitation, he sped off to Re'Kfass. Aaron was ready when he arrived, and they promptly took off to the hidden freighter Ron had found.

As the Firefox exited Bpfassh's atmosphere, Aaron activated it cloak.

"So, kid. I can't necessarily aid you in this mission, but with those Kamarian scum involved, I'll do what I can without interfereing." Aaron said as they rapidly approached and passed Bpfassh's second moon enroute to its third.

"Can you shut down the main reactor core and their weapon systems" Ron asked, though still edgy from his speeder ride.

"Now that I can do." Aaron said, "We'll go in through the escape pods then , that'll put me close to the reactor and you'll be close to the main computer room."

Ron sat back in his seat and let out a semi-relaxed sigh, "I still don't know how I pulled all that off back there."

"You trusted your feelings, and the Force guided you through safely." Aaron said, "But right now we got bigger fish to fry."

They looked through the cockpit at the Imperial ship they were approaching. It wasn't just any freighter, it was the Sovereignty's new Mammoth Class Dreadnaught. Ron noticed a shuttle entering the ship's hangar bay as Aaron unnervingly flew past a TIE patrol.

'Man' he thought, 'If only it were that easy to get on board.'

"Okay, I have a general Idea where the pods are, but I think we'll only get one shot at docking on one. You ready Ron?" Aaron asked as they drew ever closer to their destination.

Determination covered Ron's face, "Let's do this"

Kim found herself darting from hiding place to hiding place trying to get to the main data complex. A squad of troopers here, an officer's conversation there, though it was becoming tiresome to avoid detection, she knew that her efforts would reveal the truth behind the dispute between the two planets. She could see her objective from behind the blast door she was hiding behind. Suddenly she felt a wave of darkness overwhelm her.

'Whoa' she said to herself, 'What was that? Could it have been . . . no, Sara would have felt it if it were."

She dismissed the darkness from her mind and silently made her way to the computer room. She pulled her data recorder into the allotted access terminal and looked through the system until she found what she was looking for.

"I knew it," she whispered, "The Imperials have been dumping here trying to get a chance for their fleet to pass through and get a foot in the door."

She finished downloading her evidence and retrieved her recorder.

'Now to get out of here'

Ron could feel it, the source of the taint that was darkening the area. He knocked out a few guards and hid their bodies as he made his way. He looked through a bay window into the main hangar where a man in a black, hooded robe. He could feel the presence of evil radiating form this person.

"How'm I supposed to confront this guy with all these guards?" He whispered to himself.

Suddenly, the figure waved his hand signaling his attendants and guards to leave. Within a minute, all personnel except this man were gone.

'That was weird' he thought, 'but there's my chance. I've gotta take it'

Ron quickly and silently made his way down to the floor as the figure turned walked up the docked ship's boarding ramp. He approached the shuttle cautiously when the figure slowly came back down the ramp mockingly clapping his hands.

"Impressive, Jedi. I did not expect that the Order would find me here so swiftly. Oh, and bravo on getting here almost undetected. If you had used the garbage dump to enter, it is possible I might not have even known you were here." He said menacingly.

"Who are you?" Ron asked, determination saturating his facial expression.

"Oh, you don't know. Ha!" the figure cackled. "Then perhaps the Council is not as discerning as I thought it." He said, removing his hood, revealing his blue head tails. "My mother is a fool, to have sent one as seemingly inexperienced as you to find me. Perhaps the Council has grown soft."

"You're . . .Mandde's son?" Ron said, a tad surprised.

"Ah, but aren't you perceptive. I am Krys Mandde, but who I am doesn't matter any more, all you should be concerned about is that I will be your doom."

Suddenly the ships alarms went off as some lights dimmed and went out as well as the hangar's defense turrets hummed into inactivity. Mandde closed his eyes, and opened them with a surprised look on his face.

"Your not a Jedi . . . you are nothing but Katarn's brat apprentice." He said, smiling evilly. "I am going to enjoy destroying you"

Without another word, he drew his lightsaber and activated a single blade, but Ron noticed the hilt was longer than normal.

'A saber staff!?' He thought as he drew his own saber and activated it.. 'I'd better be careful or this could get ugly real fast.'

From the same bay window Ron had been in just minutes before, Kim looked down into the main hanger and saw the two Jedi preparing to duel.

"Ron!?" She exclaimed. As she did she felt a gun barrel stick her in the back.

"Don't move" a Stormtrooper's voice commanded her.

Before he could give another command however, she drew her lightsaber and spun around, her blue blade slicing the trooper's blaster rifle in two, and she pushed him into the three Stormtroopers behind him using the Force, knocking them all down. She then waved her hand at her four opponents, slamming them into the wall hard, and they collapsed onto the ground unconscious.

She looked back into the hangar to see that the Mandde and Ron had already begun fighting, seemingly matching each other's blows perfectly.

"I've got to help him' she thought, and with that she bolted through the hanger rafter door and began making her way down to the floor.

A strong blow from Ron forced Mandde back a few feet, though still standing.

"Katarn is not as incompetent as I had believed. He has trained you well" He said as he and Ron circled each other, each taking the time to study his opponent.

"Look, Krys. You don't have to take this path. Come back to the light side, there's always forgiveness." Ron said.

Mandde shook his head as if slightly swayed, "I . . . NO! I cannot, there is no redemption for me, not after my actions on Rune and Morovia. I have chosen this path, because it offers freedom, because I have no other choice."

"That's not true. You know it's not true. Look into your heart, ya don't wanna travel this road, and you don't have to."

Mandde snarled, "Spoken like a lap dog of the Council, heh, and you're not even a Jedi yet." His words filled with fluxuating emotions. "Katarn has trained you well . . ."

Kim had reached the floor and began to run towards the two when Ron felt her presence.

"Kim?" he said, looking over at her as she approached.

"But not well enough!" Mandde shouted as he attacked Ron, who focus was now averted.

Ron saber was knocked into the air by his first attack and he was now unarmed. Mandde activated his other blade and and spun to deliver a backward stab to finish Ron off. Ron only had time to do was close his eyes, but all he heard was the sound of two sabers clashing together. He opened his eyes to see that Kim had blocked the attack. He unhesitantly pulled his saber back to himself. The Dark Jedi took a step back to analyze the situation he was in, and then he smirked threateningly.

No words were spoken, but the three Jedi began to battle with great intensity. Mannde kept the two in front of him, but was still barely able to block both their attacks. Ron swung at his head, and as Mandde blocked, Kim swept kicked at him. He foresaw this move and kept over it, and continued to fight with fierce tenacity. They unrelentingly battled as flashes of red, blue and green light filled the half-lit room. Kim leapt over her opponent and made an overhead strike, which was blocked, and the Ron followed with a low attack, which was also blocked but left his back vulnerable. Kim attacked and her saber made a huge gash in Mannde's side, which he clutched and fell to the ground with a single scream. Kim then put her saber blade to the felled Jedi's throat.

"We don't want to have to hurt you" Kim said through scattered breaths.

"How . . . how disgraceful. Defeated by those who have yet to taste the true life of a Jedi, and I . . . in my prime . . . so easily vanquished." He said.

"Look, I can't say that there won't be consequences for your actions. But I do know this; at least you won't have to live on the run. Come back to Coruscant with us, talk to the Council, talk to your mom." Ron said.

"Do you . . . Do you really think they'll take me back?"

". . . I don't know, but I don't see why they wouldn't if you showed that you were truly turned to the Light. At the very least it would be worth it just to return to your mom. I don't think she would object." Ron replied calmly.

Krys hung his head shamefully, "OK. I . . . I'll go back. I'm not sure what caused my fall, but I want to find out for sure, and I want to make it right."

As he said this, Aaron landed next to the three, having jumped from the docking catwalks.

"That, Krys, is why you must always guard your feelings. If you do not understand and realize how to control them, they can very easily become your master. That is why I pushed you the way I did back on Rune; I believed you needed to confront these feelings, and then, and only then, would you be ready to take the next step to becoming a great Jedi." Aaron said.

"I . . . sigh Thank you master Katarn. If only I hadn't-" Mandde started.

"The past is the past, it cannot be changed. There was almost nothing left that I could teach you, what you needed was to let the Force guide you on the path of the Light. Now, c'mon, let's get out of here. Sara called in a small fleet from Coruscant, and between you guys and myself, I don't want to be onboard if there're any fireworks." Aaron said.

The four Jedi made their way back to the Firefox and left the Imperial freighter. They first took Kim back to Sluis Van where Kim finished the dealings between the Bpfasshi and the Sluis people. Sara joined the four Jedi on the Firefox, and they immediately went back to Coruscant.

Kim and Ron stood before the Jedi Council next to Aaron and Sara.

"Apprentices Possible and Stoppable, you have proven yourselves worthy of the title Jedi." Master Mannde spoke, "You have completed the tasks appointed to you with skill, calm, and most importantly, wisdom. These tasks were unusually difficult tasks, and the Force again has shown its desires for the two of you as a team."

Master Gowda stood and approached the two apprentices, "Great expectations upon your shoulders were placed. Expectations that were not unfounded. You have performed as Master Mannde said, with honor and wisdom. You have proven yourselves worthy of the titles of Padawan." He said with what almost appeared to be a small grin.

Aaron and Sara moved in front of the two Jedi and handed them their Padawan robes. As they did this, the entire council stood. Kim and Ron bowed, as did the Council.

The rest of the day went by in a blur. Kim and Ron could barely believe what they had accomplished in the last few weeks. And on top of it all, they were already being sent on their first mission as Padawans. As Aaron set in the final coordinates for tetraspace into the Fox's console, the two Padawans looked into each others eyes. Ron was the first to smile; it was small, but it was a smile.

'So, this is going to be our new life. Ha' Kim thought to herself. She smiled back at Ron, 'and it's gonna be great.'

The Firefox's engines blazed blue and it shot off into space, taking Kim and Ron to their first mission and more than likely the beginning of an amazing adventure. And as far as they were concerned, it was more than welcome.

A door opened and a light shined in on the bed that Ron was sleeping on. Ron could sense someone in the room, but he was still half asleep and he didn't care. Suddenly the lights cam on and someone landed on his chest and pinned his shoulders so that he couldn't roll over. He slowly opened his eyes, and as he suspected, there was Kim's cute green eyes staring into his, her beautiful red hair in a pony-tail hanging over her shoulder onto his chest, and she was smiling as big as ever.

He yawned, "Hey KP. It's not morning yet is it." He said, a playful smile escaping his calm.

She leaned down and kissed his forehead, "Morning was two hours ago. Time to get up." She said, hopping off of his chest.

Ron rolled over, "C'mon KP, we don't have to be anywhere for another three hours." He said, earning a frown from Kim. She lifted her hand and Ron suddenly felt himself rising off his bed. He grabbed his sheet and kept himself covered as he floated in the air over his bed.

"Are ya gonna get up" Kim said smiling, "Or am I gonna have to wake ya?"

He wrapped the sheet around his waist, "OK, OK, I'm up. Let me down, will ya." She complied, and Ron landed safely on the floor. As soon as he hit the ground he used the Force to pull Kim to him and he put free arm around her and kissed her on the lips and then quickly on her cheek.

"Can you believe it's been three years, Kim?" He asked as she rested her head on his chest. "It almost seems like it was yesterday that we were Padawans heading off to our first mission, nervous and calm, excited and scared, and the worst part," he said, lifting her chin to look into her eyes, "there was no us."

Kim smiled, "Yeah. Those were the days." She said, now grinning playfully at the shocked look on Ron's face.

Ron gently pushed her away, "Fine, you know what? I'm just gonna get dressed." Kim playfully gave him her patented puppy dog eyes. He smirked, "go on, I'll be ready in one quick min' alright." He said as he grabbed his Knight robes off the side of his bed.

Kim turned to walk away and got slapped on the backside, causing her to squeak and scurry out of the room laughing. Ron quickly got dressed and left to meet Kim at Skywalker Hall.

Ron walked into the large meditation hall named after Sara's ancestor Luke Skywalker. He spotted Kim walking with Sara discussing things. He walked up.

"Hello, Ron. Enjoy your rest?" Sara said as she and Kim smiled at each other.

"Well, considering it was the first time I got more than three hours of sleep in the last month; Yeah, I guess you could say I did."

"That is excellent. And now that both of you are well rested, you are ready to begin the next level of Knight training." Sara said.

"OK!" the two Knights responded in unison.

"We will begin with intense Force focus and saber training and when you are prepared, the Council will finish the training with meditation sessions." Sara continued, "Ron, Aaron is waiting for you in the droid training hall, area four I believe."

"Cool" Ron said, and took off to the meet Aaron.

"We, on the other hand are going to begin focusing your new found Force abilities. And the course is on the other side of the Academy, so that'll give us time to talk, seeing as you have something on your mind." Sara said, smiling gently.

"Ask your question, Kimberly." Sara said as she waved her hand opening the door in front of them, leading to a new corridor.

"Well, I was brushing up on my history, and I was going over the rebirth of the Jedi Order; Luke and Kyle's era. I still don't see how Luke and Mara Jade made it work if emotion is such a strong pull to the dark side." Kim said, "How'd they make it work?"

Sara smiled and even chuckled a bit, "Kimberly, They were THE forerunners of Jedi relationships. They controlled their emotions to the point that they were infallible by the dark side. It all lay in control of emotion. Raw emotion is the path to the dark side, but Luke and Mara Jade refined their emotion, their love, into what they wanted it to be. Pure, and therefore, no longer threatening."

"So, what about – "

"You and Ron" Sara smiled, "You two have already made great progress towards that emotional purity. You must always be aware of the lures of the Dark Side, and once you fully understand them, I believe that the council will consider your relationship for the next step."

"Thanks Sara." Kim said.

Sara just smiled as they entered a huge room that was filled with many large boulders and a platform in the center for meditation. Without a word Kim and Sara sat down across from each other near the center of the platform and within seconds they and several of the largest boulders in the room were floating off the ground.

Kim looked around. Everything was cloudy and white. Suddenly everything became pitch black and she saw Shego and Reignos staring each other down. Shego produced two green lightsabers as she took stance preparing to attack. Reignos, who was dressed completely in black, began glowing faintly. His cape fluttered as if in a strong wind and six red sabers began floating around him. Shego leapt into action, dodging and blocking the sabers that were attacking her, Shego made her way at Reignos. Shego's eyes began glowing green and her movements and attacks became almost perfectly fluid. Within seconds, three of the six sabers had been cut in two, and she advanced toward Reignos with unquenchable ferocity. She swung hard, destroying two more sabers as the final one was grabbed by the Dark Master, who used it to block Shego's attacks. After severa clashing blows, Reignos made a move, which Shego blocked by crossing her sabers. As if on cue, the two withdrew their sabers simultaneously. Reignos laughed menacingly and placed his hand on Shego's forehead. Shego fell to her knees as she began to radiate green energy. Then everything returned to black.


Kim watched as SHE fought Shego. She didn't know where she was, but she was sure it wasn't a past battle, as she and Shego collided lightsabers. She saw only pieces of her bout, but the finale was unmistakable.


She watched as Shego caught her off guard with a block, and in one quick move, ran her through with her second saber. Kim screamed when she saw this, but instead of waking up from the proverbial nightmare, she watched as Shego withdrew her saber and the previously battling Kim collapsed onto the ground gasping for air and weakly crawling backward. Shego stomped on the dying Kim's chest, pinning her in place.

"Goodbye, Kimmy-kims. Too bad you didn't last to see MY empire rise." Shego said evilly.

Shego swung her saber at Kim's throat when . . .

Kim suddenly awoke to Ron, who was sitting on the side of her bed next to her, his deep, brown eyes looking worriedly into hers. He soothingly stroked her soft, red hair and kissed her forehead.

"You ok, KP?" Ron asked

"I . . ." Kim said, "I don't know. I think I had a vision"

"Well you had a 'something', the Force was really swelling in here." Ron said with a light chuckle.

Kim smiled, "Well, it was sweet of you to check on me"

"Hey, what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn't" Ron said.

Kim shifted in bed and laid her head in Ron's lap as he continued to stroke her hair.

"You sure you're ok?" Ron asked.

Kim ran through what she had seen. She didn't know what to think, but she didn't want to worry Ron.

"Yeah," Kim said, smiling softly, "I'm good."

Ron took Kim's hand in his, "I love you, Kim"

Kim whispered, "I love you, Ron" and drifted back to sleep.

He laid her head back on her pillow and gently kissed her lips.

"Goodnight, KP"

Ron stood and walked out of the room, glancing back at the love of his life. He let out an elated sigh and quietly closed the door.

Ron awoke to find himself hovering above his bed.

"Kim?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

Before Ron knew what hit him, the Force was holding him against the wall, but he still could not see its manipulator. Suddenly, Kim came through the door, leapt over his bed and right as the Force released him she pinned his shoulders to the wall with her hands.

"I knew it. Kim, what're you do-. ."

Kim cut him off with a deep kiss. Her arms slid from his shoulders to around his neck. When Kim finally broke the kiss, Ron had to catch a breath.

"Wow" he said with a satisfied smile, "What'd I do to deserve that?"

Kim smiled and kissed him again, "Happy birthday."

"Kim, uh, you do realize that I'm naked" Ron said.

Kim just held herself closer to him, her eyes fixed on his. "And?"

Ron smiled, "Just thought you might like to know."

Kim released him and sat down on his bed, allowing him to wrap his bed sheet around his waist. As soon as he did, she straddled his lap and kissed him again.

"Can you believe it's been four years since we left Earth, and we've been 'us' for almost three of those years." Kim said with a big smile.

"And all we've been through. Remember your last birthday?" Ron said as he lay back on his bed and Kim lay next to him, "Heh, we spent that entire week rescuing those miners from Kalad IV. Then we got sent to different galaxies and we didn't see each other for a month. I didn't even get your present to ya til we got back."

"Speaking of presents, have I got a birthday gift for you. Get dressed and meet me in the main hall outside the High Council chamber." Kim said.

With that, Kim ran out of the door as fast as she could, letting out an excited squeal as she left. Ron quickly got dressed and and ran to meet Kim. When he arrived in the main hall, Kim was waiting for him. She ran up to him and without a word, grabbed his wrist and speedily walked him into the High Council chamber. As they walked in, Master Gowda, being the only person in the chamber, greeted them.

"Ah, young knights. You have been summoned here for a very special reason, one that Kimberly has informed me that you are not aware of, correct, Jedi Stoppable?"

"Uh, yeah. Kim said it was a surprise."

"Indeed. Well then, let us cut to the chase. Young Kimberly, six months ago, a petition filed with the Council. Both of you, we have been watching. So young you are, yet how much mature you have proven yourselves to be." Gowda said, walking back to his Council seat. "We the Jedi High Council have conferred on the issue presented of Jedi Knight Kimberly Possible and Jedi Knight Ronald Stoppable. Observations of and actions of the aforementioned Jedi have given the Council enough evidence to make a decision in the issue young Possible came to us about."

Suddenly it dawned on Ron what Master Gowda was talking about. He and Kim had talked about it a few times, but he didn't think that the Council would approve them at so quickly, much less that Kim had even mentioned it. But Kim's smile was so bright that it was obvious. A shocked smile crossed Ron's lips as the Master finished his speech, still looking out the window overlooking Coruscant.

"It is, therefore, the decision of the Council to offer permission, approval, and blessing on the marriage of Kimberly Possible and Ronald Stoppable."

Kim squealed and hugged Ron tightly. Ron was elated but was calm as he put his arm around Kim.

"Thank you Master Gowda." Ron said with a deceptively calm smile.

The small green Jedi turned to face them, "Young Jedi, happy I am to give you this report. However, foolish I would be not to offer warning. Though you have shown great understanding, wisdom, and resistance to the dark side, beyond your years, must I add. Much meditation have I spent upon the two of you. Clouded your future together is. Many choices to be made, but your bond, in the Force, is of a nature that any other course of action would be ludicrous. Many Jedi have walked the path now before you open, and have conquered the dark side's lures. However, just as many have fallen into its temptations. Some redeemed, some not. The dark side is very deceptive. Be always on your guard."

Kim and Ron bowed. "We will." they said in unison.

"Very well." Master Gowda said.

Kim and Ron turned to leave, but stopped when the Jedi master continued speaking.

"Also, concerning this issue, tradition it has become to grant furlough. A standard universal month have you, released of your Council issued duties as Jedi. Now, I think Master Katarn is waiting for you both. A gift he has for you, I believe. May the Force be with you, young knights."

Having finished speaking, Master Gowda turned and walked back to looking out over the city . Kim and Ron bowed again, and then turned to walk out. As they approached the threshold of the Council chamber entryway, Aaron was there waiting for them, an excited smile on his face. He was dressed not in his Jedi attire, but in the ragged clothing he was wearing when they first came to Coruscant.

"Where are you headed?" Ron asked with a smirk as the two approached the smiling Jedi master.

"Ron, I think the appropriate question is not where I'm going, but where we're going." Aaron said, his beaming smile still on his face.

"What do you mean?" Kim asked.

Kim and Ron were helping Aaron load equipment and supplies onto the Firefox. The two Jedi had just moved spare reactor part crates down into the engine storage space. They walked into the cockpit where Aaron was mapping out the route to their destination. Ron sat down in the co-pilot's seat and Kim sat on his lap.

"So where's Sara." Kim asked, "I'm sure she would have wanted to come. You guys aren't . ."

Aaron laughed as he finished punching in the final Tetraspace coordinates, "No, no. The Republic needed her to head up an offensive against a small Imperial fleet near New Kashyyyk. I don't know why they needed her, but they took nearly twenty Reikien Supercruisers, not to mention the Phoenix. Heh, those supercruisers in themselves have enough firepower to blast New Kashyyyk itself into oblivion along WITH whatever small fleet the Imperials could possibly have there."

"Oh." Kim said with a disappointed sigh.

"Well, I think everything's loaded." Ron said, "When are we leaving?"

"I just finished entering our Tetraspace route, so if you guys are ready, we can leave now." Aaron responded.

Kim laid her head back, resting it on Ron's shoulder. "I can't believe it. It's been so long. Mom said the tweebs got a hold of an old Mon Calamari blockade runner that had been abandoned near Mars and have been customizing it so well that the Republic has actually offered them full engineer training."

Ron smiled and leaned his head against Kim's, "Well, that shouldn't surprise you. They've been makin all kinds of crazy things since the day they were born. I'm really excited to see my parents. You know my dad negotiated the Xhar-Morvia treaty."

Aaron tilted his head, and in a mock sympathetic voice said, "Awww. Ain't that cute." He laughed as Kim shot him a look, "But seriously, are we ready to go or what?"

"Yeah, let's go." Ron said as Kim got up and sat in the seat behind him.

Aaron fired up the Firefox's engines. As he did, Ron ran diagnostic from the co-pilot's console, " All green, Aaron"

"Then we're outta here." Katarn said.

The Firefox lifted off from it's docking platform, turned, and quickly took off into space. It cleared Coruscant's atmosphere and within a few secondsthe ship lightly glowed blue and shot off on its way to Earth.

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