~Shattered Swordsmen I : Tainted Sigil

by Juan Sloan.

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Warning :

This specific piece of writing contains some contain that may be innapropriate for children under the age of 11,

according the standards I have to rate it PG-13 however most 11~+ year olds can handle whats

in this story; Violent Content, Excessive Swearing, Sexual Driven Inside Jokes, Sexual Innuendo.

Characters this Chapter:

Dustin, Alice, Rashu.

Prologue :

"Is your leg still bleeding?"

"I'm fine Alice...Ugh!"

Dustin was a young blonde Swordsmen around the age of 16, although warned, Dustin partook in many great


"Damnit Dustin, you need to be more careful. Your not always going to have an Acolyte by your side to be your bi.."

Dustin rubbed his leg bruise.

"Calm down Alice, calm down!" said Dustin jokingly

Alice smashed Dustin's leg with her Swordmace.

"What was that for!?"

"Don' tell me to calmdown! You nearly got us killed! Death isn't a joking matter!"

"So, Glastheim next?"

"God your such a prick Dustin!" said Alice walking out the cot.

"Meh, shes probably just having her period." Dustin whispered to himself.

"I'm not death!" Alice yelled at Dustin as she slammed the door closed nearly breaking a vase on a shelve.

"Someone took one too many Berserk Potions..." said Dustin confused.

Dustin then felt a cold finger upon his shoulder.

"Who the bloody hell are you?" asked Dustin afraid to look behind him.

"My name is... just call me Rashu."

"The point is I heard yesterday in Geffen floor 3 you encountered a transparent figure of a warrior."

"Whats it to you?"

Rashu grabbed Dustin and held him by the neck against the wooden wall making the vase on the shelve

fall and break.

"Did you or did you not damnit!"

"I did, I did, Don't hurt me!"

"Well then ... your not alone..." said Rashu in a cold voice.

"We call him The Doppelganger."

"The Doppelganger?"

"Are you a recorder or something? Just shut the hell up and listen."

"A story goes that 1200 years ago there was a blonde swordsmen hunting Jakks in Geffen Tower-"


"I said shut the hell up and listen!"

To be continued...

Author Notes:

1. The story was originally intended to end at "My name is... just call me Rashu.", however due to plot points and

longitivity (Is that even spelt right?) I couldn't of.

2. When Rashu says "I said shut the hell up and listen!" he originally said "What did I just say?! Shut the

(censored) up and listen!" but removed for sentance fluency.

3. This section was solely influenced on the fact in the story Ragnarocum

() by Kriim there was intended to be a chapter where Starfire

and an another char were in a box nude fondling eachother and when I mentioned this removed chapter in a

review and he deleted the entire story, remade it (Note the sorrysorrysorry etc. etc. summary) and restricted my

reviewing abilities in the new version. I goto school with him so meh, I'll straighten his arse up.