~Shattered Swordsmen I : Tainted Sigil

by Juan Sloan.

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Characters this Chapter

Alice, Doppelganger [1] , Doppelganger [2], Dustin, Nightmares, Whispers.

Chapter I Part II:

*Note: This chapter takes place before the "Prologue" chapter.

*Note: ~~~= Schenario Transition

"So the authories want to "straighten" up my behaviour? Huh? I'll take on every single one of you!" Espe threatened.

"You have the right to remain silent anything you say can or will be -"

Espe struck his Jur in the Geffenian Guard's stomach wounding him.

"YOU BASTARD!" the Guard screamed in pain.

"Calm down ?! CALM DOWN?! How in the hell am I supposed to calm down when the whole (censor)ing governments hiding the truth from us?!" Espe whispered in the Guard's ears.

"What?" Dustin asked.

Espe took his left handed Jur and with one strike of desperation he stabbed the Guard in his heart killing him.

"Holy shit!"

Dustin slowly backed away from Espe.

Espe looked over the crowd,

"What the hell are you looking at!? Haven't you ever seen somebody (censor)ing die!?"

Silence drew over the crowd as two Pronterian Guards wielding Pikes slowly walked over to Espe.

"Your coming with me!" one Guard said facing his pike in the direction of Espe.

Dustin slowly pissed himself as the two warriors argued without end.

Hours after the argueing finally ended as the Guards impaled Espe with both their Pikes at the same time causing unbarable pain to him.

"Damn..." Espe whispered in a cracked voice.

"Meet me in Geffenia Dustin... Midgard depends on you..."

Dustin stood in Geffenia leaning against a damp wall waitiing for Espe.

"This is pointless... Theres no way in hell Espe's going to escape from the Pronterian Royal Constable, rumour goes they feed vigilantes and anarchists to the Maya Puples in the Prontera Guild Dungeons..."

A ghostly looking creature known as Whisper approached Dustin with the face resembling Scream©'s.

"Stay away..." the Whisper said in a slightly distorted high pitched voice.

Dustin slowly crawled back as two more Whispers strolled close.

"The screams of a thousand victoms will feel your soul as his blade rips through not only your skin... but your soul..." " the three ghosts spoke at the same time.

Dustin swung his Rapier at one of the Whispers but it just passed through.

"What in the ..."

Before Dustin finished his awkward comment the three Whispers slowly faded away.

Frightened by their comments Dustin sat sideways on the damp floor in the fetal position, horrified to look beyond him. Just as Dustin was about to finally lift his head up he felt a poke on his shoulder and screamed.

"Calm down Dustin... Its just me... Espe..."

Something felt disturbing about Espe, his skin had turn a paleish white colour and the skin under his eyes were incredibly dark.

"Dustin...? Dustin...?" Espe asked in a slow deep voice.

"... Oh! What?"

"Look over there... Look at that Swordsmen grasping the pendant closely..."

"Theres a sigil in the pendant... Rather horrific looking if you ask me..."



Author Notes

1. I totally forgot about the "Characters in this Chapter" area in Chapter 1 and noticed how it was missing a horrible ammount of characters in that section, so instead of this being Chapter 2 I had to make it Chapter 1 Part

2. This is probably the only Chapter without any honest cuts, mostly only edits.

3. Notice how Espe's not in the "Characters in this Chapter" area yet "Doppelganger [2]" is, and how there is no character named Doppelganger [2].

4. Broke 1000 words today, as a celebration I'm releasing a special Chapter 2 unedited/uncut edition as a seperate story, and this is a Chapter your going to want unedited... this is where the sexual innuendo comes into question...

5. By the way.. I made Dustin pee himself just for kicks.

6. Yes Espe is undead at the end of this Chapter.

7. Whooh stories ironing out now! Go me!