Harry Potter Fear Factor

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Well, enter in Joe Rogan...

Joe Rogan: Welcome to a super-special edition of Celebrity Fear Factor, where today we welcome some of the characters of the very famous Harry Potter books.

In enter Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom, and Sibyl Trelawney.

Harry: Um, why is Trelawney here?

Hermione: Uhg! I don't know, but I hope that awful woman gets out on the first round!

Ron: I sure hope there isn't anything with spiders...

Sibyl: I see... I see that you will face your greatest fears here...

Ginny: *Sarcastically* Wow, what an amazing prediction. No one ever could have guessed.

Neville: Oh, why did I agree to come here?!

Joe: Okay, everyone. For your first stunt, you will have to battle a Boggart.

Hermione: Come on, guys. This is easy! Just remember Ridikulus!

Joe: Without wands!

Everone: *Groans as Joe goes around and collects all of the wands*

Joe: And you won't be able to use your wands on any of the stunts.

Sybil: I see that someone will fail their task... for it is written in the stars.

Harry: *Groans* How long are we going to be stuck with that woman?

Ron: At least she hasn't predicted your death ye-

Sybil: I see that someone will die before this is through...

Ron: I spoke to soon.

Hermione: Well, she hasn't specifically predicted Harry's death-

Sybil: I predict a horrible death for you, Harry Potter...

Ron: Okay. Now you spoke to soon.

Joe: Okay, we have randomly selected who is going first, and it is... Neville!

Neville: Oh, no! I never should have come here!

Ginny: Don't worry, Neville. Just go ahead and try it.

Neville: Okay...

Neville steps forward, and the Boggart is released. It immediately turns into a horrible, menacing Snape, black cape swirling around him, who quickly closes in on Neville, who is cowering in fear. Snape raises his hand, narrowed eyes staring evilly at a vial of vile looking potion bubbling away in it. Neville runs away screaming, is stopped by a team of trained professionals, and is escorted to the recovery rooms for people frightened beyond belief.

Joe: Well, Neville's out. Ron's turn!

Ron steps forward, and the Boggart shape-shifts into a giant, six-foot, hairy spider, poisoned saliva dripping from its sinister jaws. Ron begins to whimper as the spider nears him, jaws clicking, eyes blinking, and thick and hairy, yet spindly legs moving in the erratic and freakish way that spiders move. Ron, being too scared to run away screaming, curls up into a tiny ball, and lays there, shivering, until someone comes to drag him away.

Hermione: Poor Ron...

Joe: Hey, it's Fear Factor. What do you expect? Well, Hermione, you're up!

Hermione steps forward to face the Boggart, which transforms into a stack of papers in Hermione's arms. She looks at them and screams in horror. "No! It can't be! I have- no... O.W.L.S... No... N.E.W.T.S... I failed all of my classes... I got a TROLL on all of my papers! I'm failing Hogwarts! I'm being expelled! I lose my wand, I can't use magic anymore... I'VE FAILED! AAAAAUUUUG! Hermione runs around in circles, shrieking, until someone comes over, sticks a gag in her mouth, and hauls her away, but does not get Hermione to shut up until she is shown the real, official school records, telling Hermione that she has aced every class, gotten plenty of OWLs, and had not even taken her NEWTs yet, so there was no need to worry about them at all.

Ginny: I've never seen Hermione lose her cool like that.

Harry: Yeah, well there's a first time for everything.

Sibyl: I see fear in your future...

Joe: Okay, everyone. Harry is next!

Ginny: Good luck!

Sibyl: Look! A puddle upon the ground shaped like an ugly man with a big nose! This is a bad omen...

Harry: Oh, shut it.

Harry steps up to the Boggart, which morphs into a Dementor, black cloak swishing upon the ground around it, scaly, skeleton-like hands reaching for Harry, it's rancid, terrorizing breath fogging Harry's mind with voices... his parents... dying... Harry shivered violently, shaking like someone having a seizure. The voices got louder, and louder, yet only he could hear them. The scene replayed in his brain, over, and over again. The Dementor got closer, and closer, it's ominous figure looming in front of him, though Harry could barely see. Harry collapsed onto the ground as the Dementor reached his hand out to touch Harry's face. Once again, someone came to carry him away, and gave him some chocolate to eat.

Joe: Well, this is a very interesting day on Celebrity Fear Factor, Special Edition. Next up is... Ginny!

Ginny steps up to the Boggart, which transfigures into none other than Tom Marvolo Riddle. He steps menacingly toward her, a small diary in one hand, and hisses of Parsletongue sliding from his lips. "Get away from me," Ginny commands, but Tom holds his ground, more hisses escaping his throat. A thick snake slithers up, wrapping itself around Ginny's legs. "Get away!" Ginny screams, tearing at the thick body of the snake, trying to pry it from her legs.

"You trusted me once," Tom said, "Why don't you trust me now?"

"You tried to kill me!"

"Trivial matters," Tom laughed in his cold, cruel voice. Suddenly, before everyone's eyes, Tom slowly changed into the form of a fully formed and powerful Lord Voldemort. Everyone around screamed, and ran for the nearest hiding place they could find. A trained wizard, present at the taping of the show in case of an emergency, cast a strong Ridikulus spell at the Boggart/Voldemort, causing it and the snake to disappear, leaving Ginny to lay in a crumpled pile on the ground before a handful of people who had finally gotten the courage to come out of hiding transported her back to the recovery room, where the other guests were also staying. Joe also finally comes out of hiding.

Sibyl: Is it my turn now?

Joe: Well, seeing as we don't have a Boggart, and you're the only person left, no. Everyone will be back when they have recovered to compete in the second competition. See you there! *Leaves, and Sibyl is pointed back to her hotel room, where she will be stuck with just her crystal ball and lots of tea until the others recover and are ready to compete again.*


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